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Best moments is the video where you find the best plays of the game with the best clips, best frags, csgo pro highlights, twitch highlights, with the best players in the world like coldzera, s1mple, device, stewie2k,kennys, niko, scream, fallen, симпл, zywoo, trk and much more.
лучшие клипы, лучшие моменты csgo, яркие моменты, все здесь в одном видео.
parhaat leikkeet, csgo pro -kohokohdat, nykytilan kohokohdat, kaikki täällä yhdessä videossa.
moments forts de csgo pro, moments forts de twitch, le tout ici dans une seule vidéo.
The best tier 1 and tier 2 teams in the world such as MIBR, G2, Astralis, FURIA, NaVi, mousesports, fnatic, Vitality, NiP, Dignitas, EG, OG, 100 Thieves, Faze Clan, ENCE.




  • NaVi vs FURIA:

    Matz - CSGO ChannelMatz - CSGO ChannelPred mesiacom
    • 😀

      杨杨海杨杨海Pred mesiacom
    • Kickout Karrigan and bring Back OlofMaster

      Sealof TheLivingSealof TheLivingPred mesiacom
    • NERD ! Nerf This Team FAZE ! +1 ? !

      C.A. oldC.A. oldPred mesiacom
    • Really great game!

      Daniel C.Daniel C.Pred mesiacom
  • omg fazeclown

    Andyy ChikaAndyy ChikaPred mesiacom
  • Twistzzzzzzzzzz

    Susan JerysjamesSusan JerysjamesPred mesiacom
  • Just ban Train against brazilians

    XsigniaXsigniaPred mesiacom
  • what is the name of junior's p250 skin? at 15:35

    Ackerm4n GGWPAckerm4n GGWPPred mesiacom
  • 牛逼

    杨杨海杨杨海Pred mesiacom
  • 28:20 primer humano sincronizado con el juego, la tecnologia avanza a pasos gigantes!!!

    Tecno EmergenciasTecno EmergenciasPred mesiacom
    • Nmms no es el primero, ya han habido como 25 veces de que el pro baja tambien en la vida real

      GuilantonioGuilantonioPred mesiacom
  • here is honda?

    Manuel LopesManuel LopesPred mesiacom
  • 28:20 coldzera dodging those shots irl

    MattMattPred mesiacom
  • Bring honda or lucas in the team.

    JohnnY JakeRJohnnY JakeRPred mesiacom
  • Im fucking laughing about thos monket who say ,,Omg ,Faze you're so fucking bad ,wtf,, Here i got for you ,it's a new Faze ,karrigan juat started to play with them , canadian guy doesn't play for faze too long ,so what you fucking want? It's a team game and when they will start to play more and more ,they all will feel as one big family. So you negative dick faces just stfu and let the things go trought.

    bruno bobrovskisbruno bobrovskisPred mesiacom
  • faze need the chemistry between members

    wan amerwan amerPred mesiacom
  • Hate to say this.. But faze really have no future 😭😭😭

    Blue & Green CraftsBlue & Green CraftsPred mesiacom
  • FC getting old..built-up new player..

    Freedom AnglerFreedom AnglerPred mesiacom
  • Twistzz pick the wrong team. :(

    HeriHeriPred mesiacom
  • 35:07 Junior's project of beard.

    Mac MainMac MainPred mesiacom
  • Everybody calm the fuck down they only had karrigan for like a week let them practice more

    EEPred mesiacom
  • Im so surprised junior in furia? Dude coach 2 primary awper?

    Mohammad Nazrul Abdul GhaniMohammad Nazrul Abdul GhaniPred mesiacom
  • so glad mouz got rid of karrigan but man he looks aweful just like dexter in mouz what a way to build teams

    expres5iveating channelexpres5iveating channelPred mesiacom
  • faze only need bring ropz for rain and zywoo for broky XD hahaha

    manuel torneromanuel torneroPred mesiacom
  • Karrigan's calls seems real slow sometimes. It's almost like the clock has 30 seconds and they are still rotating.

    Piyush GargPiyush GargPred mesiacom
  • Oh god Broky is just so bad in this match.

    Precurefan CureblackPrecurefan CureblackPred mesiacom
  • Lucky win

    zafer gökçe'mFzafer gökçe'mFPred mesiacom
  • Y’all talking shit about them. The fact that they could bring furia to 3 maps is good enough for a team with 3 days of practice, give them a couple of months then we’ll talk.

    Yehezkiel ChristianYehezkiel ChristianPred mesiacom
  • The Furia squeezed the Faze to death with junior's hard-carry, KSCERATO's sub-dealing & nice-cutting, arT's dynamaic cutting.... By the way, the Faze showed that DE play, karrigan & broky's breaching the difficulties were interesting.... If these & twistzz, coldzera, rain's soldified cooperation & shots are temperd, it will be the hard & sharp claws that were unassailable.... That's all...

    이완주이완주Pred mesiacom
  • 40:12 40:35 Same Works :p

    Kentasdiss ealKentasdiss ealPred mesiacom
  • Poor faze boys fans. Hope you all have a great time later.

    SandyNyeSandyNyePred mesiacom
  • Still better love story than Twilight

    Eano SprigganEano SprigganPred mesiacom
  • Kickout Karrigan and bring Back OlofMaster

    Sealof TheLivingSealof TheLivingPred mesiacom
  • karrigan 34-63

    Hernan OrtizHernan OrtizPred mesiacom
  • FaZe -- good on paper, but trash when it comes to playing

    Grandpa CerealGrandpa CerealPred mesiacom
  • Karrigan... all maps his

    BreivikIsOurHeroBreivikIsOurHeroPred mesiacom
  • Furia is so bad🤣

    Jordan LanouetteJordan LanouettePred mesiacom
    • @Siix Absurdo there was evidence lmfao their coach got banned, same with about 5 other EU coach's

      Jordan LanouetteJordan LanouettePred mesiacom
    • @Jordan Lanouette and they were only accused if there is no evidence automatically their argument becomes invalid

      Siix AbsurdoSiix AbsurdoPred mesiacom
    • @Jordan Lanouette envy kills care

      Siix AbsurdoSiix AbsurdoPred mesiacom
    • @Siix Absurdo uh furia was accused of cheating twice lol that's probably how they had 3 players in top 20🤣

      Jordan LanouetteJordan LanouettePred mesiacom
    • @Jordan Lanouette and yes, furia is better than faze ;)

      Siix AbsurdoSiix AbsurdoPred mesiacom
  • Lmao why was twistzz using the scout at the end of maps. Dude knows he's at a loss and just fucks around with a scout

    alpang6161alpang6161Pred mesiacom
  • FaZe is like the Worst Team ever now SMH

    zack fishermenzack fishermenPred mesiacom
  • Broky is the reason for the L on mirage

    MrW1ldHDMrW1ldHDPred mesiacom
  • this wouldnt happen if Olof stayed.

    Dee LaguraDee LaguraPred mesiacom
  • Are faze out now

    Killian HessKillian HessPred mesiacom
    • Yes

      Dixon MathewDixon MathewPred mesiacom
  • 25:55 rain omfg -_-

    Utsav SenUtsav SenPred mesiacom
  • Furia vs NaVi could be the new Astralis vs Liquid rivalry?

    Enzo Kilu TassaraEnzo Kilu TassaraPred mesiacom
  • Karrigan was the problem

    Neon colour marker • 8 years agoNeon colour marker • 8 years agoPred mesiacom
  • Where is carry gun camera?

    The Eye OF HusKyThe Eye OF HusKyPred mesiacom
  • Karrigan is the problem.

    Big DODdeeeBig DODdeeePred mesiacom
    • @Big DODdeee You Is ? 😂😂😂😂

      Vibhav ParekhVibhav ParekhPred mesiacom
    • @Vibhav Parekh no you is

      Big DODdeeeBig DODdeeePred mesiacom
    • You stupid fans are the PROBLEM

      Vibhav ParekhVibhav ParekhPred mesiacom
  • 10:46 one shot rain, just one

    Gabriel ZalafGabriel ZalafPred mesiacom
    • @TenMinutes he had like 2 seconds to land one bullet, its ez throw

      Nazi IbroNazi IbroPred 14 dňami
    • No excuse for that he threw, ibuypower vibes

      Nazi IbroNazi IbroPred 14 dňami
    • @esau817 Bad calls, he was looking at cat/short when he started shooting. Rewatch the demo.

      TenMinutesTenMinutesPred mesiacom
    • He went bot mode and I dare to say that they lost the map because of that.

      esau817esau817Pred mesiacom
  • map train + furia = rats

    Matias TomboyMatias TomboyPred mesiacom
  • 10:45 commentator: no hope for yuurich yuurich: hold my bear

    Muhammad RosaideeMuhammad RosaideePred mesiacom
  • 28:21 did coldzera just dodged the flash irl ?

    SkuboiSkuboiPred mesiacom
    • n1

      Amit Kumar PandeyAmit Kumar PandeyPred mesiacom
    • It tells that Coldzera is concentrating.

      EllieElliePred mesiacom
    • Well a sudden full white screen does mess with your vision

      rexile1986rexile1986Pred mesiacom
    • omg haha

      HAI2YEWHAI2YEWPred mesiacom
    • He did dodge it

      SchwiSchwiPred mesiacom
  • Seems Faze will kick sb pretty soon..... As they usually do

    George GramGeorge GramPred mesiacom
  • 12:11

    MS21MS21Pred mesiacom
  • need more rain game

    Fear CriseFear CrisePred mesiacom
  • Man junior was on fire today

    Joshua NecesarioJoshua NecesarioPred mesiacom
  • faze on train like noobs karrigan need fix that asap yuurih so on point

    Rafi QulRafi QulPred mesiacom
    • I RATHER olof to be back

      Hello DetectiveHello DetectivePred mesiacom
  • olof>karrigan

    Fear CriseFear CrisePred mesiacom
    • Exactly

      Hello DetectiveHello DetectivePred mesiacom
  • Where are honda?

    KOBYLAKOBYLAPred mesiacom
  • lost to tier 3 trash team XD. RIP faze

    Gwnb LdGwnb LdPred mesiacom
    • @Cristian M. You forgot it's online cupcake.

      GuiltyKing27GuiltyKing27Pred mesiacom
    • Tier 3 trash team xd with 4 players in hltv top 20 last year, ok dood

      Cristian M.Cristian M.Pred mesiacom
  • art's agression caught coldzera off guard many times this game.

    Mat EVO7Mat EVO7Pred mesiacom
  • 10:04 cheater aim and vh

    Евгений ЕпифановЕвгений ЕпифановPred mesiacom
  • 6:11

    Евгений ЕпифановЕвгений ЕпифановPred mesiacom
  • This show how better Na Vi really is.

    Flavio KacosFlavio KacosPred mesiacom
  • Watching karrigan is so painful

    M Ilham FarrohiM Ilham FarrohiPred mesiacom
    • Kids like you are new to cs. They have already played with olof for the past 2 years with niko and haven’t won any major tournaments lol. And not to mention this faze roster had only 3 days to practice with new map pools and roles. You kids just stay in mm please

      Dixon MathewDixon MathewPred mesiacom
    • Yes, olof should come back

      Hello DetectiveHello DetectivePred mesiacom
  • Ngl, furia with junior looking good tho

    Aryo PanutanAryo PanutanPred mesiacom
  • NERD ! Nerf This Team FAZE ! +1 ? !

    C.A. oldC.A. oldPred mesiacom
  • Faze need a good awper now

    Aakash MhasvekarAakash MhasvekarPred mesiacom
    • they already have kjaerbye

      NiperHBKNiperHBKPred mesiacom
  • 17:58 this is actually my first time i hear Machine pronounces KSCERATO with a t

    YahyaYahyaPred mesiacom
  • They played good against NAVI so I expected something like this.

    Cosmin IonutzCosmin IonutzPred mesiacom
  • 10:10 Word.exe

    PhickicPhickicPred mesiacom
    • More like Kukli/Kqlystyle.exe been activated 😂🤣

      YTGC-RoyaleWareX51YTGC-RoyaleWareX51Pred mesiacom
  • ColdyBrooky vs 5

    EliZeUssEliZeUssPred mesiacom
  • Faze was made to look like an FPL stack on Train.

    SahilSahilPred mesiacom
    • not even fpl bro, random 5 que on MM lmfao

      Wra1th _csWra1th _csPred mesiacom
  • Karrigan noob skill

    WJ WongWJ WongPred mesiacom
    • @Hafidz Al farizi Wong is cinababi

      Jamil MJamil MPred mesiacom
    • @WJ Wong he led mousesports to defeat astralis back in astralis' prime and you say his noob lol

      Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerPred mesiacom
    • @Hafidz Al farizi he stay mousesport. 1 year already....skill noob....

      WJ WongWJ WongPred mesiacom
    • @Jamil M shut up ... if he pro -26???

      WJ WongWJ WongPred mesiacom
    • @Hafidz Al farizi karrigan is noob and u are dumb

      Jamil MJamil MPred mesiacom
  • KSCERATO .....what an idiot name ahahahhahaah

    HauntedHauntedPred mesiacom
  • Things I noticed in this game 1. Furia’s ct side is really strong coz of their double awp setup. Faze literally couldn’t do anything against them in their T side. 2. Coldzera looks like his taken olof’s role as an anchor/lurker role. I don’t really know if this is a good idea as i want to see cold play more as a fragger but since Twistzz and rain are doing a pretty good job at it will see how it goes. 3. Broky has been a little inconsistent since Niko left, am not really sure why but it does look like his bouncing back into form. 4. This is probably just me but it looks like Twistzz isn’t given the freedom to do what he wants. When cold was the igl he pretty much made Twistzz play whatever role he wanted and he was able to frag. 5. With enough time, they should be able to be on top again.

    GabeTAGabeTAPred mesiacom
    • Wasn’t cold the lurker back in sk days? Then, this team has only been together for a few days and I’m pretty sure Karrigan will change their roles if it’s necessary

      Yehezkiel ChristianYehezkiel ChristianPred mesiacom
    • Twistzz and rain are much more aggro players than cold is, it makes sense that he'd become an anchor/lurker

      ViníciusViníciusPred mesiacom
    • Agreed, Karrigan is a very good igl and i am sure they'll be the best team in some time

      Wissem BellaraWissem BellaraPred mesiacom
  • Broke is the problem, he can’t play that well as when Niko in squad.

    Evan ZhangEvan ZhangPred mesiacom
  • U uploading faster than my internet

    Nino HenryNino HenryPred mesiacom
  • Astralis are kings of Mirage !!!

    Abhishek GaudAbhishek GaudPred mesiacom
    • Wrong video mate.

      ojas51ojas51Pred mesiacom
  • 10:40 yuurih: lemme fix your comment

    ThangwsThangwsPred mesiacom
  • Something happened: Commentator: oh

    AnuB1S GOODAnuB1S GOODPred mesiacom
    • spunj: OH!! machine: ooffffffffffffffffff

      King SisyphusKing SisyphusPred mesiacom
  • Now i missing Olof...

    Ling Ji LihLing Ji LihPred mesiacom
    • @Sealof TheLiving and then when things arent working out again, kick out olof and bring back karrigan

      Dhana JonDhana JonPred mesiacom
    • Kickout Karrigan and bring Back OlofMaster

      Sealof TheLivingSealof TheLivingPred mesiacom
    • Fr fr

      JadJadPred mesiacom
    • Yes, Olof is definitely a key player for Faze

      Hello DetectiveHello DetectivePred mesiacom
  • still wondering how can twistzz play this close to the monitor..

    arber nukaarber nukaPred mesiacom
    • He mentioned that he is moving into VR for better crisp of the graphics

      Raydon TanRaydon TanPred mesiacom
  • Karrigan has made such a great impact on this team and really unleash every others players potential

    MystxryMystxryPred mesiacom
    • @KONG ARMY everyone have diff opinion

      Pankaj JagtapPankaj JagtapPred mesiacom
    • @Mosuke Horoshi Not hating faze. We wanted faze good, olof shall back

      Hello DetectiveHello DetectivePred mesiacom
    • @KONG ARMY they have only played a few games. what do u expect? you hate faze, don't you?

      Mosuke HoroshiMosuke HoroshiPred mesiacom
    • @Pankaj Jagtap They almost choked in overpass lol. Good old days are back for choke clan and i pity those people who think karrigan will make a difference

      KONG ARMYKONG ARMYPred mesiacom
    • yeah the way they recovered in overpass was impressive ..need more time to utilise everyone and play with good synergy

      Pankaj JagtapPankaj JagtapPred mesiacom
  • Furia looked so good on mirage dayumm

    Renabor AlihRenabor AlihPred mesiacom
  • furia overpass have only b bomb

    PM - NetoPM - NetoPred mesiacom
  • Karrigan is the problem

    KONG ARMYKONG ARMYPred mesiacom
    • You could also say that to twistzz for his first match with faze. jeez

      Harvest a guyHarvest a guyPred mesiacom
    • Brand new roster jesus christ people are quick to decide about something that they have zero insight about

      plateplatePred mesiacom
  • 7:26 arT got damaged and takes ak

    Harvest a guyHarvest a guyPred mesiacom
    • 2 rounds left and they have enough money for buying another awp if they want,, but you can't buy an AK :) that's why AK > awp (in that specific moment, 2 rounds left and Yurih had an awp)

    • He got damaged from his own molotov (he threw it a couple seconds before Yuurih's double to end the round). They wanted the ak since its better than the m4 and they had enough money to rebuy an awp (no need to save since theres only a couple rounds left in the half). As if to state the solid economy they were in, arT even throws his own smoke to put out his molly despite being full health (maybe the fire would have slowed him enough to not reach the ak, it was kinda close). No blunder here, just some major liberties because of a very healthy CT economy :)

      J TJ TPred mesiacom
    • maybe they prioritized the AK? two rounds left in the half with solid economy: they can buy the AWP without damaging results. and faze where in eco territory next round. maybe they really wanted an AK insted of an M4. they can buy the awp anyway.

      Brian KimBrian KimPred mesiacom
  • Karrigan not good for FaZe

    ZUZUPred mesiacom
    • @plate Keep in mind YT is not like reddit (for example), and dislikes mean nothing. Numbers can only go up

      J TJ TPred mesiacom
    • The fact that this stupid comment actually got likes is incredible

      plateplatePred mesiacom
  • Ggs Furia

    Biswaraj NathBiswaraj NathPred mesiacom
  • gg faze)))

    Snapp PlaySnapp PlayPred mesiacom
  • Furia on train is diff 🤔

    Eljan UtodEljan UtodPred mesiacom
    • Is strong

      iIMarcosPauloIiiIMarcosPauloIiPred mesiacom
  • Man faze looking worse after olof left

    gx 247gx 247Pred mesiacom
    • @Cristian M. I'm glad you stalked my every comments. Faze boy

      Hello DetectiveHello DetectivePred mesiacom
    • @Hello Detective what faze feelings u tarded fr 🤣 Just found hilarious that you replied to every single comment hating on karr without any sense and with an awful english so dont come up saying your an astralis fan now HAHAH which feelings could u hurt being that 1d1.ot please

      Cristian M.Cristian M.Pred mesiacom
    • @Cristian M. I'm astralis. Sorry if hurt you Faze feeling

      Hello DetectiveHello DetectivePred mesiacom
    • Actually no, they were playing a top 10 team in the world and they brought them to map 3 with couple of days of practice. Give them time to improve then we’ll talk

      Yehezkiel ChristianYehezkiel ChristianPred mesiacom
    • @Hello Detective dude just replied to 20 comments saying olof back olof>everyone else, last year faze was washed af and 3 days after the sign of karrygan yall asking to bring olof back when actually he used to get hated last months besides the last 3 matches he did insanely good, then everyone saying with karrygan this team gonna be unstoppable etc etc and now yall just blaming him, really to be a faze supporter you gotta be literally braindead

      Cristian M.Cristian M.Pred mesiacom
  • 1:40 Karrigan looks different

    Lambang WLambang WPred mesiacom
    • ISF CoZmiC r/woooosh

      clorox bleachclorox bleachPred mesiacom
    • @C4PT4IN A its not niko lmao

      ISF CoZmiCISF CoZmiCPred mesiacom
    • I was going to comment it, then I found you did. hahahahaha

      Mac MainMac MainPred mesiacom
    • Hey! Can u tell me your opinion about my last FragMovie plss?

      iambogdiiambogdiPred mesiacom
    • @Sealof TheLiving atleast spell his name right

      Lambang WLambang WPred mesiacom
  • bro g2 vs furia?

    Mr. BloodzMr. BloodzPred mesiacom
  • Only matz gf is unhappy about being this fast xD

    noman ul haq Khannoman ul haq KhanPred mesiacom
    • 😂😂😂

      Ryan Thody FirmansyahRyan Thody FirmansyahPred mesiacom
  • Enemy teams : Leave the position empty for 2 seconds arT : Its free real estate

    Parth BansalParth BansalPred mesiacom
    • arT: mine now

      Marc Angelo ChiapcoMarc Angelo ChiapcoPred mesiacom
    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaa

      Fabio OliveiraFabio OliveiraPred mesiacom
  • 40:12 VAC moment

    Marko ZadroMarko ZadroPred mesiacom
    • Yuurih krl respeita

      Siix AbsurdoSiix AbsurdoPred mesiacom
    • Twistzz had a chance: he fired first and yuurih even missed his first one or two shots (watch it back in x.25). Twistzz got 66 damage unto yurrih, but yurrih got the headshot.

      J TJ TPred mesiacom
    • High IQ moment

      André Medeiros CorrêaAndré Medeiros CorrêaPred mesiacom
    • yuurih né pai

      EliZeUssEliZeUssPred mesiacom
    • Cry

      S4mPles -28S4mPles -28Pred mesiacom
  • is faze out of the tournament now???

    senpaisenpaiPred mesiacom
    • @Tima Nurlanbekov sad i was having high hopes for them

      senpaisenpaiPred mesiacom
    • Yes

      Tima NurlanbekovTima NurlanbekovPred mesiacom
  • Im the 14th!!! :D

    GuilantonioGuilantonioPred mesiacom
  • Furia with junior looks a lot better than I thought. They could still do a lot of damage this year. Really happy for them.

    NeuesTestamentNeuesTestamentPred mesiacom
    • @Blake Garcia nope.. Hen1 will always be better

      Blue & Green CraftsBlue & Green CraftsPred mesiacom
    • @Blue & Green Crafts Hen1 is good but junior is better

      Blake GarciaBlake GarciaPred mesiacom
    • @True Pakistani lol u thought they were speaking brazilian in brazil didnt you xd

      G FalkG FalkPred mesiacom
    • Nope.. Hen1 was god, literal god

      Blue & Green CraftsBlue & Green CraftsPred mesiacom
    • @True Pakistani Ukraine and Russia have similar languages but aren't completely the same.

      shahini1234shahini1234Pred mesiacom
  • Oh you're faster than VLAD!

    kewal bagwekewal bagwePred mesiacom
    • Overall better than vlad.

  • I was about to search a live game of katowice csgo at hltv but Matz decided to give me a highlight of a match that just finished minutes ago. What a FAST lad

    J MawcoJ MawcoPred mesiacom
  • Damn Faze got destroyed !! WP Furia.

    ojas51ojas51Pred mesiacom
    • Kickout Karrigan and bring Back OlofMaster

      Sealof TheLivingSealof TheLivingPred mesiacom
  • nice

    Himanshu Shekhar DasHimanshu Shekhar DasPred mesiacom