Do you like fish?

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    • I am watching this

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  • You are pagle

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  • Why does this have 1m likes, like bruh

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  • He's not even actually eating them what are the

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  • AIS

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  • Can I touch his lungs now

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  • Wasted

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  • What

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  • 🛡️crige people be like🛡️

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  • Now i see why thanos wanted to snap away half of existence

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  • Ahi no me gusto el video

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  • Tagts fucking Animation

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  • Fish = good health food, but this man try to eat these fish even with BONES, what a super. Rose = it… bot supposed to do but he eat it with the THORN Spider = what the..

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  • No 😧

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  • No laek

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  • I don't like fish

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  • Imagine being that guy and getting told to do that 😂

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  • What

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  • 😊🤜🔪🍿 Why do I have a knive? To just ☠️ Y popcorn Drama

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  • I like to eat roses

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  • ؤتسزيظ🤩

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  • He doesnt even know what he's doing poor man

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  • Loser

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  • I bet I can do that

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  • LoL 😆😂🤣

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  • GSJSH...

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  • These are the videos everybody's neice or cousin watches

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    • I'm a neice

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    • Esa mentira eso es mentira no crean

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  • Pareses p e n d e j o

  • Horror

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  • No me gusta gas ese señor no me gustó esos jestos que hace

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  • Mere taraf se tu tutty kha

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  • I super like all fish to eat

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  • very weirdo

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  • Me: hey mom can we do some acting? Mom: there is already a acting here! The acting at home:

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    • @Maria Ines Zelaya what?

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    • Vg

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  • The video just got weirder

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  • У тебя некрасивое

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  • Best

  • I dont like fish

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  • When your dad joins tiktok be like

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  • Im love fish!

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  • Yuck

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  • what the hell is this make a good one

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  • I do not like that

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  • 0:03

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  • Да вкусно называется похуй что сел цвиты пох точто сел паука

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  • Бля на чо я трачу секунды своего времени

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