UNREAL GAME!! - NaVi vs Liquid - IEM Katowice - HIGHLIGHTS | CSGO

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UNREAL GAME!! - NaVi vs Liquid - IEM Katowice - HIGHLIGHTS | CSGO
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    vLADOPARD 3vLADOPARD 3Pred mesiacom
    • ты не мог бы заливать матчи с участием команд из СНГ с русскоязычными комментаторами? Разве ты не заметил, что иностранные комментаторы заведомо предвзято относятся к командам из СНГ и болеют за остальные команды. Если к примеру Наф дал фраг и убежал не сделав клатч, отдав тем самым раунд, и после взрыва бомбы убивает в крысу Перфекто, у которого 12%hp, то "Naf's play absolutly perfectly!, Вау для него это было изи, другого и ожидать нельзя было", или "Oh! Perfect Grim HS with deagle", а если кто-то из Нави, то без особых эмоций проскакивают. Такую озвучку не очень-то приятно слушать. Если нет равноценной озвучки комментаторов для всех команд, то зачем таких комментаторов на канал заливать?

      Олег ШевченкоОлег ШевченкоPred mesiacom
  • Bot 2k vs auto simple

    jiangjian guojiangjian guoPred 7 dňami
  • I lost it the moment simple uses gaygun

    Franz DisuFranz DisuPred 13 dňami
  • The worthless aquarius distally scream because pillow canonically delight up a numerous polish. humorous, nimble sleep

    ᄇᄋᄇᄋPred 13 dňami
  • The bright goat bizarrely mate because fog externally present versus a alluring cord. abject, cautious gas

    ptah tranptah tranPred 13 dňami
  • The early fruit secondly last because news conformably fancy within a rebel drawbridge. incompetent, clean gemini

    ᄇᄋᄇᄋPred 13 dňami
  • The grubby gruesome lung scully choke because yew steadily scrape from a left ball. foregoing, volatile ramie

    ptah tranptah tranPred 14 dňami
  • My friends account was hacked after he signed in on skinbaron

    OliverEmilDKOliverEmilDKPred 16 dňami
  • Where the fuck is the stewie clip?? At round 18? Why completely skip??

    theLUCKYdude17theLUCKYdude17Pred 23 dňami
  • electronic dodging flash in real life 21:31

    ArekusandaruArekusandaruPred 29 dňami
  • 0:00 “Yaaah” xddd

    Sometimes you gotta go forward by going backwardSometimes you gotta go forward by going backwardPred mesiacom
  • The stormy debtor distinctly remind because call covalently last apud a testy cherries. talented, succinct fear

    White JackWhite JackPred mesiacom
  • why elige do boombitch like that

    Marcela HernandezMarcela HernandezPred mesiacom
  • Worst luck

    Lazar SteševićLazar SteševićPred mesiacom
  • 51:02 seeesh if only s1mp didnt jump lol

    RDAYA0RDAYA0Pred mesiacom
  • Was Navi s game but Bloom needs 2 go his time is done

    Dian PretoriusDian PretoriusPred mesiacom
  • I seen this live on Twitch and the rounds are so good that I needed to watch it again here on SVcode

    Shadow SykesShadow SykesPred mesiacom
  • I used "tothemoon" as an affilate on csgoroll and they gave me 2$ because of the stock market meme right now lol

    Michael KirchnerMichael KirchnerPred mesiacom
  • ded game

    nino nakanonino nakanoPred mesiacom
  • one ad every 5 min gj u rly need the money ey?

    Amir m.hAmir m.hPred mesiacom
  • FalleN IGLing was a GREAT move..he didn't have a great series, but with him being the IGL, Stewie can play freely and help more the team.. EliGE and NAF solid as always.. and Grim decisive.. this TL can be a top 5 for sure, guys.. experience, talent, intelligence, dirty plays.. this team is the ultimate package

    Guilherme do NascimentoGuilherme do NascimentoPred mesiacom

    [BosS] HITMAN 20[BosS] HITMAN 20Pred mesiacom
  • Dude grim might not go + every game but that dude has had some ICE in his fucking VEINS lately. He's gonna be great soon.

    Matthew CartwrightMatthew CartwrightPred mesiacom
  • simple GOAT

    PiotrekPiotrekPred mesiacom
  • Wow 11Ads on this Vid?? Df

    Charles OseteCharles OsetePred mesiacom
  • svcode.info/top/rYWIlZWLuYKvnNU/video

    Game StockGame StockPred mesiacom
  • Fallen?

    Blanca SecoBlanca SecoPred mesiacom
  • Do they upload every match from every tournament here or is that spread across the channels.

    gRatEgRatEPred mesiacom
  • Bye bye b1t

    BlaziN GamingBlaziN GamingPred mesiacom
  • I always hear the casters say perfecto is known for his clutching. I have not once seen him clutch. It’s always any other member of navi

    JungJungPred mesiacom
  • Actually Not Clickbait!

    fRosTulUsfRosTulUsPred mesiacom
  • What a great game!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeffrey RainwaterJeffrey RainwaterPred mesiacom
  • Did you really skip the 4k hold from stewie in Inferno round 7 -10 ? Stewie2k Hater? clips.twitch.tv/AdventurousGiantFalconBleedPurple-BHWyN3yImTMR14LT

    ElyesElyesPred mesiacom
  • 🅓🅐🅜🅝!! What a great match...🔥💯

    Remruata HmarRemruata HmarPred mesiacom
  • Stewie be like : lets go gg.bet

    CARA JAWACARA JAWAPred mesiacom
  • It really hurt me as a Navi Fan , But its Okay, That Makes Upcoming Navi Matches more Interesting.

    EAVEAVPred mesiacom
  • Boomlsheeran

    arif muhamad thalhaharif muhamad thalhahPred mesiacom
  • Elige survived with 10 hp way to many times

    flying meatballflying meatballPred mesiacom
  • watch the matz - csgo review at 11:25. perfec crosshairplacement through the smoke on boom. after that the wallbang into head and kill through smoke. suspicious? i dont know

    vengai1337vengai1337Pred mesiacom
  • Can’t wait for Liquid vlog

    ZUZUPred mesiacom
  • GRIM may be not the pop out star right now but the last 3 kills are the reason they won the map.

    sTuD GamingsTuD GamingPred mesiacom
  • I'm not blaming Simple for using auto noob.He really wanted to win😀

    SinaSinaPred mesiacom
  • Gj liquid

    Furkan YılmazFurkan YılmazPred mesiacom
  • I'm pretty sure this game is called Counter Strike and not Unreal.

    Quan ChauQuan ChauPred mesiacom
  • Who the hell is b1t this guy, what happened with flamie, with him they didn't even go to overtime it was a second game

    Yoz sketYoz sketPred mesiacom
    • navi is a 6 man team I dont know why the filled but they did

      expoiwnlexpoiwnlPred mesiacom
  • B1t is about to kiss his monitor

    FitnessDoctorFitnessDoctorPred mesiacom
  • Imagine You Lose Ur Last Knife And Hoping Navi Comeback And Win The Game Ps : TY Liquid Ezzzz

    drun real madriddrun real madridPred mesiacom
  • Bruh how close is B1t to the monitor?

    SwagDabber69SwagDabber69Pred mesiacom
  • Stewie and fallen gj Electronic and perfecto gj

    Fantastic HeartFantastic HeartPred mesiacom
  • Stewie gonna be top 5 this year

    SanchoSanchoPred mesiacom
  • Imagine if this game was on LAN.......

    MintMintPred mesiacom
  • What happened to flamie in map 3

    lmaoitsjefflmaoitsjeffPred mesiacom
    • Sleep

      Fantastic HeartFantastic HeartPred mesiacom
  • So na’vi out of Katowice ?

    Skiro XSkiro XPred mesiacom
  • Electronic is that guy every one wants to have in their team

    Gent NurediniGent NurediniPred mesiacom
    • No

      Rekt_Mlg 516Rekt_Mlg 516Pred 25 dňami
    • Electronic is insane

      loolloolPred mesiacom
  • Liquid steal it hard ...

    Valérie PÉRUSSEValérie PÉRUSSEPred mesiacom
  • Stew is the best entry fragger ever

    Martynas DaminaitisMartynas DaminaitisPred mesiacom
  • 28:06 what's the song?

    Rihtvik SharmaRihtvik SharmaPred mesiacom
  • Simple bottom fragging in Inferno is a rare site.. I think he never bottom fragged the whole last year

    Shivam VermaShivam VermaPred mesiacom
  • By looking at the last map Inferno.. I think there was some communication problem... I think the team is not that comfortable with B1T... Although bit played well...

    Shivam VermaShivam VermaPred mesiacom
  • Fallen is legit wallhacking on overpass when he zooms in on the enemy team through the wall and kills simple when he wasn’t even visible

    Vitaliy SavsyukVitaliy SavsyukPred mesiacom
    • @Shakti Bavage legit watch it instead of your fan boy judgement he so sus some times its not even funny

      Vitaliy SavsyukVitaliy SavsyukPred mesiacom
    • Haha,you jk.....right?

      Shakti BavageShakti BavagePred mesiacom
  • he really didn’t show stewie’s knife smh

    Fabio SaleiroFabio SaleiroPred mesiacom
  • unreal ???

    Allin OnechannelAllin OnechannelPred mesiacom
  • Where is Stewie's 4k?

    Pap AttilaPap AttilaPred mesiacom
  • What a beautiful game of CS!!! LOVE WATCHING NAVI IN ACTION.

    Johnnyb33GoodJohnnyb33GoodPred mesiacom
  • So unfair, Navi should’ve won

    augusto cioffiaugusto cioffiPred mesiacom
  • Woowwww amazing glad to see team liquid back ♥️♥️ lets gooo liquiddddd!!!!!

    MD ArenaMD ArenaPred mesiacom
  • Cadê a porra do round que o stiwie opera o simple?

    Renier ThierriRenier ThierriPred mesiacom
  • b0t with the ch0ke at the end

    gore_seulsgore_seulsPred mesiacom
  • Nimble sneaky boombl4 😂👍🏻

    James NJames NPred mesiacom
  • does this mean navi are out?

    alek ahmetialek ahmetiPred mesiacom
  • Best crazy match in the history of cs

    Eduardo SaraviaEduardo SaraviaPred mesiacom
  • where 2 watch them live?

  • Left a dislike for not showing stewie 4k B hold and knifing simple....poor highlight video

    AlwaysHungryAlwaysHungryPred mesiacom
  • Simple played like shit ingl

    DecisiveDecisivePred mesiacom
  • S1mple and boombl4 vs Naf and elige

    Alexander Abarca OrtizAlexander Abarca OrtizPred mesiacom
  • Liquid in here reminds me of cloud9 during majors

    Jiggy All DayJiggy All DayPred mesiacom
  • I love how bad all these guys are. I feel like electronic and flamie are both a little spacey, naf is inconsistent when he needs to be consistent, simple and elige are the only 2 guys i would consider on point in these games.

    Jacob NelsonJacob NelsonPred mesiacom
  • Can someone tell me why is there so many channels of vLadopard. 1, 2, 3 etc. Any reason??

    ArrowArrowPred mesiacom
  • Naf and Elige are top10 for sure this year

    Amaan AliAmaan AliPred mesiacom
  • U forgot to add Stew's knifing s1mple and his 1v4 on B hold with just a MAC and USP

    xKsawixiorxKsawixiorPred mesiacom
  • can you please link to the original stream

    Roma OrlovRoma OrlovPred mesiacom
  • OHAAA !

    Alex MonschAlex MonschPred mesiacom
  • Noone: Casters: perfecto and simple

    Enkhuush EnkhbayarEnkhuush EnkhbayarPred mesiacom
  • bruh navi played like shit on overpass

    Gino CGino CPred mesiacom
  • 50:49 rip

    Lucas AlmeidaLucas AlmeidaPred mesiacom
  • Such a good game for Liquid

    FNp CSFNp CSPred mesiacom
  • Oh fallen stop blowing my mind

    NirvanaNirvanaPred mesiacom
  • 16:51 worst cut ever....

    Gabriel KubaščíkGabriel KubaščíkPred mesiacom
  • Wtf, where is the 4k at rd18 and simple got knifed, its a highlight of the match What a fangay of s1mple this dude

    VanVanPred mesiacom
  • Grim in the pit at the end, without that it would have been a different result...

    VcloxVcloxPred mesiacom
  • worth watching..

    Manish KumarManish KumarPred mesiacom
  • 9:40 bruh boombl4 is so bad he can't even hit stewie behind the back. That's concerning xD

    MatsalahMatsalahPred mesiacom
  • Is navi out... Please tell me 🥴

    AnekdotAnekdotPred mesiacom
  • Where was round 18 on inferno?? Stewie solo'd it!!

    _sha.fee__sha.fee_Pred mesiacom
    • Stewie solo all maps

      Fantastic HeartFantastic HeartPred mesiacom
  • Stewie always make the best of cs. Glad to see everyone performed.

    CassidyCassidyPred mesiacom
  • navi have to teach to g2 how to do an eco round

    Ezequiel JuárezEzequiel JuárezPred mesiacom
  • 57:50 epic really so epic

    Green&WhiteGreen&WhitePred mesiacom
  • you're such a kiddo, how could you not upload the knife moment, dislike and unsubscribe kiddo fan

    DaviesDaviesPred mesiacom
  • Well played team liquid.

    gRatEgRatEPred mesiacom
    • Only stewie

      Fantastic HeartFantastic HeartPred mesiacom

    Olav AlpinistOlav AlpinistPred mesiacom