Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)

Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now - Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience.

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Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
Director: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X
Written By: Lil Nas X
Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
Producer: Saul Levitz, Frank Borin, Marco De Molina & Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Visual FX: Mathematic
Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

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  • This is art. People see Satan and automatically assume Lil Nas is trying to do some cult shit. He is so creative and I love that he's living his true life through his music unapologetically. I support him. 🤷‍♀️

    Laura CrosbyLaura CrosbyPred 36 minútami
  • Tengooo miedooo!!

    CocoyinCocoyinPred 37 minútami
  • Припев топ а так песня такая

    Austin CarderoAustin CarderoPred 38 minútami
  • The way he walks into he’ll nah is like he is a girl bro

    Liana AlomoLiana AlomoPred 39 minútami
  • *Grandma and Grandpa twerking*

    kookgivmin enthuskookgivmin enthusPred 40 minútami
  • Smh they need to stop this shit kids watch this

    Jo JamesJo JamesPred 40 minútami
  • Respect to LNX for paying Homage to his childhood influences. This dude went from being Woody in one video, Buzz Lightyear in another and now he's HIM from Powerpuff Girls in this one.

    Subz JaliSubz JaliPred 40 minútami
  • Русские тут?

    Anna LopezAnna LopezPred 41 minútou
  • this music is cool, great beat

    VorteXVorteXPred 42 minútami
  • So how many actors do you want? One

    Rideg RidegRideg RidegPred 42 minútami
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    Eszter LajosEszter LajosPred 43 minútami
  • ♂️dungeon master♂️

    37Dienlaim37DienlaimPred 43 minútami
  • *whatever twerking*

    Not EditedNot EditedPred 44 minútami

    Christian PercyChristian PercyPred 45 minútami
  • This is my New favorite song🤤🥵🎶🎵

    temppu Laamat Arolatemppu Laamat ArolaPred 45 minútami
  • I can see an FKA TWIGS "Cellophane " influence in this video 🤘

    Harriet LaceyHarriet LaceyPred 45 minútami
  • noooo returbio xd

    Nicole DiazNicole DiazPred 46 minútami
  • Asstaģfirullohh La ilaha ilallah

    Abdulaziz MirhabibovAbdulaziz MirhabibovPred 46 minútami
  • Me walking to paradise * play this song * me: uh ..... if anyone who likes this song goes to hell can i go down pole dancing? angel at the reception: er ..... yeah u can '-' Me: oh angel i really love yuh ;-; 🤡🥀 Angel in the reception:Just go down mf

    Tatiane EngroffTatiane EngroffPred 46 minútami
  • Imagine becoming like this 😂 Why tho? Man ur time in this world was good. It's time to go

    Harish RagavHarish RagavPred 48 minútami
  • Lil Nas dancing with the devil 143M people:Interesting

  • Sheeesh

    Xan ManXan ManPred 48 minútami
  • *gay twerking*

    Cassy PlayzCassy PlayzPred 49 minútami
  • This tops old town road imo

    Fordy5ColtFordy5ColtPred 49 minútami
  • Então ele é ??

    Samyr GomesSamyr GomesPred 49 minútami
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    P A I N - 蝅丿天P A I N - 蝅丿天Pred 49 minútami
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    Kadir CanpolatKadir CanpolatPred 50 minútami
  • Jokes aside this is fire

    DoapinDoapinPred 50 minútami
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    Илья Ищенко 3кЧС-38Илья Ищенко 3кЧС-38Pred 50 minútami
  • lesson that was learned- lil nas x is gay

  • 1:25 to 1:38 is my favorite part of the audio

    Kyle The Motherfucking ManagerKyle The Motherfucking ManagerPred 50 minútami
  • Klip badddd😳🤢

    Duru GülerツDuru GülerツPred 51 minútou
  • oo! Let me listen to lil nas xs new song! Don’t listen to that! You will go to hell! It turns you gay! *poll dancing to hell cutely*

    crystal_editscrystal_editsPred 51 minútou
  • *everybody's twerking*

    rubruno14rubruno14Pred 51 minútou
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    billie eyelashbillie eyelashPred 51 minútou
  • This shit gay asf but it go hard

    GLO JAYGLO JAYPred 52 minútami
  • OMW, what a disgusting video. its one thing to be gay its another to display such vile images. Have you no respect for religion or even for yourself! Music is a universal language. what you have created is a direct insult to the word of God. How dare you!! You are so young, yet so far away from the Christian faith. Think that this video should be banned from all social spectrums. It's scary and sad that our young youth have absolutely no idea of good quality music.

    Rose RoseRose RosePred 52 minútami
  • How is yuu handsome and ram in pc

    Kwamby AnneKwamby AnnePred 52 minútami
  • **Bisexual Twerking**

    StefaniaStefaniaPred 53 minútami
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      Kyle The Motherfucking ManagerKyle The Motherfucking ManagerPred 53 minútami
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    OceanOceanPred 53 minútami
  • We the black delegation would like to trade lil Nas X for Eminem

    Juju BanksJuju BanksPred 53 minútami
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    Muhsin ErkinovMuhsin ErkinovPred 53 minútami
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  • That lyric destroyed me :/

    Dummy_BoiDummy_BoiPred 54 minútami
  • * neurological twerking *

    Sandeepa nishamalSandeepa nishamalPred 54 minútami
  • **shocked twerking**

    Lianna JohnLianna JohnPred 55 minútami
  • Why is everyone twerking??? The beat is a bit slow I'd rather whine with it💃🏾😋😂😂

    Queen SitaQueen SitaPred 55 minútami
  • Imma tell my kids this is the opening of superbook

    Doppio best boi change my mindDoppio best boi change my mindPred 56 minútami
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    Joshi 97Joshi 97Pred 56 minútami
  • Someone played saints row gat out of hell to much 🔥🤣🔥

    Fordy5ColtFordy5ColtPred 57 minútami
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    Flait exeFlait exePred 57 minútami
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    Its NoahIts NoahPred 58 minútami
  • the video is literally so cool yo

    saensaenPred 58 minútami
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    Yuumi Gatita mágicaYuumi Gatita mágicaPred 58 minútami
  • I was gonna say something... but nah lol

    Uzumaki ArielUzumaki ArielPred 59 minútami
  • Wtf

    JihyoqiiJihyoqiiPred 59 minútami
  • I feel like what he was trying to show was that he is gay and because of that people didn't like him and he was sent to hell, just my opinion.

    AahanaAahanaPred 59 minútami
  • What tf is twerking?

    Alya Cahaya ListaAlya Cahaya ListaPred hodinou
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    oliwier sierpienoliwier sierpienPred hodinou
  • 1:08 i want to listen this again & again

    Ganesh BagulGanesh BagulPred hodinou
  • Me: skip to the meme part Everyone in the comments: bisexuals

    boo guysboo guysPred hodinou
  • This man has definitely sold his soul lol

    Tyler JayTyler JayPred hodinou
  • This music video is from 3 weeks ago and half of the comments are from 20 hours ago

    reza valireza valiPred hodinou
  • Cringe twerking

    Napoleon DaglasNapoleon DaglasPred hodinou
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    ImFroTZYyyyImFroTZYyyyPred hodinou
  • This is kinda cringe bro.... But I like it for some reason (;;;・_・)

  • This is who y'all look up to smh you don't realize the subliminal messages that's being programed into your tiny little brains

    kricketcraze EXCOkricketcraze EXCOPred hodinou
    • Yes. I look up to him

      Cybernetic FairyCybernetic FairyPred hodinou
  • Am I delusional or am I delusional?

    Shany SeryShany SeryPred hodinou
  • 1:27 Remind me of the citadel of ricks.

    What the Ghost.What the Ghost.Pred hodinou
  • Ya que des pervers qui regarde set vidéo

    Islem ToumiIslem ToumiPred hodinou
  • Pls respect Jesus not satan

    Summer tropaSummer tropaPred hodinou
    • We respect Jesus. We do not respect people who use the words of the loving god Jesus to discriminate us and harm us. This video is against those kind of people

      Cybernetic FairyCybernetic FairyPred hodinou
  • go KING!!

    Aylish NicholsonAylish NicholsonPred hodinou
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    Ravi Kumar SinghRavi Kumar SinghPred hodinou
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    Santiago VelasquezSantiago VelasquezPred hodinou
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    •breskvica••breskvica•Pred hodinou
  • Can’t believe that the first 20 seconds is stolen from the adventure time intro smh😔

    SaitamaSaitamaPred hodinou
    • @I live for natsume search for adventure time intro in yt, looks real similar to the first 20 secs in the music vid. And btw it’s a fucking joke

      SaitamaSaitamaPred hodinou
    • Tf wdym

      I live for natsumeI live for natsumePred hodinou
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    CarlaCarlaPred hodinou
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    Caroline M.Caroline M.Pred hodinou
  • This is so visually beautiful and I adore the story. The sexual energy is something else fukkk

    Pikelet12Pikelet12Pred hodinou
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    fake xzfake xzPred hodinou
  • Are you gay I though you are a good boy all the singer is wierd

    Hermionegail CanoHermionegail CanoPred hodinou
    • gay ppl r not weird

      nekopandaznekopandazPred hodinou
  • All of his songs are the same

    Shabbat ShalomShabbat ShalomPred hodinou
  • *I miss the 2 minutes of my life when I knew a music video for this song didn’t exist*

    Rotten PotatoesRotten PotatoesPred hodinou
  • Good video tell me more

    Trelynn GreenTrelynn GreenPred hodinou
  • I thought you were a cowboy, cowgirl.

    Deo GervacioDeo GervacioPred hodinou
  • it dead ass hit me when he said “hmm, hmm, hmm hmm hmm hmm”

    PoleszxPoleszxPred hodinou
  • That's with all the twerking?

    Otaku DanieruOtaku DanieruPred hodinou
  • Godzilla couldn't find a meaning to this song and had a stroke

    Santiago VelasquezSantiago VelasquezPred hodinou
  • The visuals in this music video is just phenomenal. I really like the exotic feel of the musical undertones as well. I was honestly trying to find an analysis of this video in the comments, only to find ______ twerking instead.

    Sapphire BlueSapphire BluePred hodinou
  • Pidoras

    Arse playArse playPred hodinou
  • why is every one twerkwing|

    funholic.funholic.Pred hodinou
  • The devil wears a Lil Nas X, btw where did the prada go?

    AnujAnujPred hodinou
  • Call me by your name

    GGlobalGGlobalPred hodinou
  • Literally out of ur mind

    Sofonyas FeredeSofonyas FeredePred hodinou