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    BattlefieldBattlefieldPred 5 dňami
    • the beggining of the video describes battlefield, dozens of spawn kills lol

      eltonzeltonzPred 17 hodinami
    • @bthnozcn q

      Fnan ZemeFnan ZemePred 18 hodinami
    • @Yao Jin Teh 1df

      Tiche MinoisTiche MinoisPred 18 hodinami
    • guys !Who else is trying to grow their YT channel . Let’s help one another. Much Love

      Emily BrownEmily BrownPred 18 hodinami
    • @Glicks Prod. if you don't like battlefield then don't go to reveal trailer to call bf a "dead game", when it's not and even games like bf 4 have solid online.

      PupkinPupkinPred 19 hodinami
  • Опять появятся нытики-слабаки против гаджетов и тп. И будут просить их понерфить)

    Кирилл ШтрибанКирилл ШтрибанPred 23 minútami
  • 2142 лучше

    VOLOXVOLOXPred 24 minútami
  • 3:43 - THOR ENTER IN SERVER. :..D

    rodrigokyorodrigokyoPred 25 minútami
  • Come on, you aren´t the first time here ;D

    PaxiPaxiPred 25 minútami
  • العربي يضغط لايك 🙂👍🏻

    Abdallh SaaDAbdallh SaaDPred 26 minútami
  • Это что?? Климатическое оружие в конце?

    Ильдар ИшбульдинИльдар ИшбульдинPred 27 minútami

    Syknox KSyknox KPred 28 minútami
  • I'm still waiting to see what happens, I will never again pre order a game because of battlefield 5, pre ordered that , and a week after release it was half price, A trailer always looks nice, need to wait and see gameplay, and even then I will wait some more.

    JohnJohnPred 29 minútami
  • Can't wait to see the hacking problem with this game after the 700gig engine source code leak. Im sure EA is working on an anti cheat now.

    GhostGhostPred 29 minútami
  • Awesome.... 😍🤗 this is incredible ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    n.i.ll_ e.s.hn.i.ll_ e.s.hPred 30 minútami
  • Please make That on ps4 and ps5 quality doesnt matters

    Serhat SoyhanSerhat SoyhanPred 31 minútou
  • Awesome !

    Welcome to the dark sideWelcome to the dark sidePred 31 minútou
  • When today will be gameplay?

    yamsiyamsiPred 31 minútou
  • I’ve only really played BF3 but this is like Christmas day for me. I’ve used to always spend most of my weekends grinding and watching Battlefield videos and this really brings me back. I hope that they actually make this game good. I love battlefield and this is like a gift to me.

    Setsuna ImpactoSetsuna ImpactoPred 32 minútami
  • Gave me goosebumps

    Punished Venom HunkPunished Venom HunkPred 32 minútami
  • Ain’t no way I’m paying £70 for a game with 7 maps on PS5, when PC only pay 60 for the same product

    JRJH 1997JRJH 1997Pred 32 minútami
  • The trailer looks quite nice. But the decisive factor will be whether it will be another BUG Festival like in the last few parts. BUGs, such as in BF4, which were not resolved by DATO. So EA, shows us that you are not only a money-loving company, but that you actually take customer service seriously! Der Trailer sieht zwar ganz nett aus. Entscheidend wird aber sein, ob es wieder so ein BUG Festival werden wird, wie in den letzten Teilen. BUGs, wie bspw. in BF4, die bis DATO nicht behoben wurden. Also EA, zeigt uns, dass Ihr nicht nur ein Geldgeiles Unternehmen seit, sondern, das Ihr auch den Service am Kunden tatsächlich ernst nehmt!

    Jacques-Yves CousteauJacques-Yves CousteauPred 32 minútami
  • Very few trailers get me as hyped as this one, and I don’t even have a console or pc to play it.

    CyphuleCyphulePred 34 minútami

    Vladi RobovVladi RobovPred 35 minútami
  • Ps5 only??

    Vladi RobovVladi RobovPred 35 minútami
  • Appealing to the more online gameplay I see. Smart indeed.

    IZI IZIIZI IZIPred 36 minútami
  • Bye Cold War, hi battle field 😯

    nonoPred 36 minútami
  • When is the next battlefield heroes?

    SatyriconSatyriconPred 37 minútami
  • BF2142? XD

    Vano_StalkerVano_StalkerPred 37 minútami
  • To those who say that the part with the jet is over the top...well...we used to do the same thing in Battlefield 1942 by jumping off planes, hitting enemy fighters with a bazooka and then go back to our plane.

    Bt3615Bt3615Pred 37 minútami
  • fortnitre

    BorrkBorrkPred 38 minútami
    • virgin

      Retruck21Retruck21Pred 31 minútou
  • Loved it

    hamza Locahamza LocaPred 42 minútami
  • Today is the day for that gameplay

    Spooky Tales from the BayouSpooky Tales from the BayouPred 42 minútami
  • How to advertsite the same game for 15 years.

    Fadi KikiFadi KikiPred 43 minútami
  • Türk yokmu 😂

    Pugb. BlAcKPugb. BlAcKPred 43 minútami
  • This showed up in my recommended after I played some battlefield 4 campaign and this looks awesome

    pokethan 14pokethan 14Pred 44 minútami
  • Och ne in der Zukunft 🙄🙄🙄

    9INE9INE4OUR9INE9INE4OURPred 46 minútami
  • i saw blood oh yeahh

    Kai TravelKai TravelPred 47 minútami
  • This trailer is the best thing ive seen in my entire life

    Maks WojtalMaks WojtalPred 49 minútami
  • Cold War auf Wish bestellt

    ChrissiIconChrissiIconPred 50 minútami
  • When devs invest more time in a great trailer than in gameplay innovation.

    John LatorreJohn LatorrePred 52 minútami
    • Okay innovation expert, what do you want in the game that still has the core gameplay of battlefield? Perhaps you want a game where you watch a timer go down from 60 minutes with the battlefield theme in the background, after it reaches to 0, you restart the timer? That is some innovation, isn’t it? expert at being an idiot

      GreensburgGreensburgPred 37 minútami
  • Was für ein Trailer.....

    Martin ReinMartin ReinPred 53 minútami
  • Honestly, I really appriciate that Battlefield 2042 made it look like a total Future Modern Warfare instead of adding a 20 years later of instant progress. Battlefield 2042 shows how realisitc the future of the Military is, compared to Black Ops 3, 4, Infinite Warfare and Cyberpunk 2077. Battlefield 2042 is a huge accurate presentation of the human future. I am impressed and fell in love with this trailer. Good job DICE.

    Coral BoralCoral BoralPred 55 minútami
    • Really? So you say in the future there’s not any possible way to get flying cars, wow thank you for the information time traveler, you’re dreams are so interestingly dumb

      GreensburgGreensburgPred 36 minútami
  • Got nothing on WARZONE. Facts

    Mike ForbesMike ForbesPred 56 minútami
  • 😍

    ALIALIPred 59 minútami
  • 2:01 iPhone

    friendly beckfriendly beckPred hodinou
    • I hope you don’t think this game is gonna be on mobile, if so I hope you grow some brain

      GreensburgGreensburgPred 34 minútami
  • Now this is a great women representation. I'm talking about the Vehicles, all of them are a beauty.

    Random FatCatRandom FatCatPred hodinou
  • Is anyone else amazed by that jet scene like holy moly

    dimdimdirtdimdimdirtPred hodinou
  • Okay the jetpilot ejecting to RPG the his chasing enemy, just to get back in... absolute fanservice. We all did that in every BF with Jets :D The music is a big no-go though. The original score of BF should have been respected more imho.

    RoxxSermRoxxSermPred hodinou
    • The thing is if they don’t change something, there’s gonna be a bunch of no brain idiots saying same game, even with all this change there is still idiots who say such things

      GreensburgGreensburgPred 32 minútami
  • Time to lay every other shooter to rest

    Matthew BossiMatthew BossiPred hodinou
  • the audio engineering in this is beyond awesome, enjoyed this is 7.1 surround

    ILGBILGBPred hodinou
  • 3:14 classic Battlefield

    ichal meongichal meongPred hodinou
  • Please dont make it to specialist based. And when u do i want to create my own soldier to design for the specialist classes. Because when 20x the same charakter runs around its breaking the immersion in my opinion...

    SuperkackserSuperkackserPred hodinou
  • The future of game trailers is here! Big companies quoting small clips. This idea ROCKS!

    Giuseppe FiorenzaGiuseppe FiorenzaPred hodinou
  • Gameplay trailer today

    BoomBaLatty21BoomBaLatty21Pred hodinou
    • When

      Systems HexSystems HexPred 54 minútami
    • When exactly?

      Dark SeidDark SeidPred 56 minútami
  • Time for saving for a premium edition.

    ThumXylThumXylPred hodinou
  • Awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    Akash ChakrabortyAkash ChakrabortyPred hodinou
  • Rendezook is crying over his tribute , lucky dude

    Rick SanchezRick SanchezPred hodinou
  • Je pense que Battlefield 2042 va nous faire remonter à l’époque de BF3 avec la même ambiance mais pas avec le même contenu. Je ne peux pas attendre jusqu’à octobre !! I think Battlefield 2042 is going to take us back to BF3 days with the same vibe but not the same content. I can't wait until October !!

    A QA QPred hodinou
  • battlefield : more chaotic more realistic ............... love it!

    Wildan theaWildan theaPred hodinou
  • looks fun to me

    Mistress Mary Mistress Mary Pred hodinou
  • Nothing like Anything 🔥🔥🔥

    Ritam ChowdhuryRitam ChowdhuryPred hodinou
  • No campaign? Thanks, just saved myself $70.

    The Cholo GeekThe Cholo GeekPred hodinou
  • Who the hell is disliking this masterpiece

    MarcelMarcelPred hodinou
    • Also brainless idiots who keep on saying there isn’t enough innovation

      GreensburgGreensburgPred 25 minútami
    • warzone and apex fanboys, can't you tell?

      ThumXylThumXylPred hodinou
  • Gameplay reveal what time?

    Ethan Mark GarciaEthan Mark GarciaPred hodinou
    • They’re not gonna tell you just because you asked in their comment section, just get the bell on their channel and forget about it so you don’t waste your energy thinking it’s gonna release in the next hour

      GreensburgGreensburgPred 23 minútami
  • Guess its time to order parts for a new pc build.

    snawbixsnawbixPred hodinou
  • Disappointing they're using Specialists instead of Combat Roles classes and there's no Campaign

    Tyrus GrzybTyrus GrzybPred hodinou
  • 한국맵이라니!

    딕트DIKT딕트DIKTPred hodinou
  • 4:00 oh no, not the tuk tuk

    Why would i tell you my name?Why would i tell you my name?Pred hodinou
  • Ah yes, the RPG quickdraw maneuver. Take out your conveniently placed cockpit RPG, catapult yourself, aim the precise equipment in milliseconds, fire and land perfectly on your plane. Always works!

    Why would i tell you my name?Why would i tell you my name?Pred hodinou
  • Best trailer I’ve ever seen 😭

    Chimychanga 12Chimychanga 12Pred hodinou
  • My PC can only work BF 2 :(

    muhammed sefamuhammed sefaPred hodinou
  • It's game or movie

    knowledge junctionknowledge junctionPred hodinou
    • Its a cinematic trailer for a game

      Hoang VoHoang VoPred hodinou
  • Ok... now show me some gameplay??

    Fumez FuryFumez FuryPred hodinou
  • wait, did not Jackfrags show this trailer in his videos a couple days ago?

    Kirill VoloshinKirill VoloshinPred hodinou
  • Wow 🤩

    Miguel Mendoza S.Miguel Mendoza S.Pred hodinou
  • Dog with the gun on its head, Gun dog, Gun on the dogs head

    Harbor Ghost15Harbor Ghost15Pred hodinou
  • Will see

    Ma MiMa MiPred hodinou

    Zirve MontaqeZirve MontaqePred hodinou
  • ah, yes, of course, a standardly equipped RPG in a pilot's cockpit.

    Why would i tell you my name?Why would i tell you my name?Pred hodinou
  • Is 2042 the release date?

    37.5 //637.5 //6Pred hodinou
  • Yea

    37.5 //637.5 //6Pred hodinou
  • Amazing trailer but why is there an atv on the roof and the jet pilot carrying a rocket launcher

    BonezBonezPred hodinou
    • @aff put the ATV in the elevator and ride it up

      Trap Lord RyabTrap Lord RyabPred hodinou
    • Commanders could put ATVs on roofs in bf4

      affaffPred hodinou
    • Because it’s only in battlefield

      Trap Lord RyabTrap Lord RyabPred hodinou
  • How many did you watch this? Me : euh…yes

    Cpt Albator95Cpt Albator95Pred hodinou
  • This is how the game should be advertised from the beginning

    edgar liedgar liPred hodinou
    • It is?

      affaffPred hodinou
  • this is art

    VuvcoVuvcoPred hodinou
  • O melhor trailer que eu já vi na minha vida

    Felipe FelipeFelipe FelipePred hodinou
  • I let the trailer get the better of me and I created a new Steam account just to buy the BF bundle since I already have it on my original xD

    Cool Story BroCool Story BroPred hodinou
  • Tornado looks like from a game wich is made 10 years ago

    SoapKingstonSoapKingstonPred hodinou
  • Cool Battlefield 2042

    Vira MeitriVira MeitriPred hodinou
  • What’s the name of the song?

    Derin AlperDerin AlperPred hodinou
  • Fast & Furious 10

    Abdo DerbalaAbdo DerbalaPred hodinou
  • This is even better than BF1 trailer, can't wait to see the gameplay reveal today!

    MG42MG42Pred hodinou
  • This trailer is like BO2,Ace Combat and good old Battlefield In one package... Also No gender Empowerment this time... Lit..

    Need Help Cat 42069Need Help Cat 42069Pred hodinou
  • This looks amazing

    Nicholas SoffeeNicholas SoffeePred hodinou
  • При хреновом потенциале F-35, не думаю что они доживут до 42го года

    Fain ChiboFain ChiboPred hodinou

    Тимур КазиевТимур КазиевPred hodinou
  • ojala no la caguen como con el 5

    Joaquin Avezon CanioJoaquin Avezon CanioPred hodinou
  • As soon as this trailer finished I pre-ordered the game. Edit: I wrote "bought" instead of "pre-ordered"

    محمد إسماعيل بن أيازمحمد إسماعيل بن أيازPred hodinou
  • can you make a trailer, that shows how the game actually is and not how you think the community whats the game to be ? so dumb

    RenbergRenbergPred hodinou
    • It’s called a trailer...

      affaffPred hodinou
    • This is a teaser. The gameplay trailer is today So dumb

      EvoNixEvoNixPred hodinou
  • Wait How long did i slept? I remember Battlefield 5 now we have 2042 What year is today?

    Akiri SuAkiri SuPred hodinou
  • i love how they used some of kickstart my heart by motley crue lmao

    AlecaeAlecaePred hodinou
  • Rtx 3090 burned

    BociaNytBociaNytPred hodinou
  • We humans love to experience what we can't do.

    Akash YadavAkash YadavPred hodinou