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How do you manage your personal finances? Do you sometimes waste money on stupid things?
Look how we did this video:

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  • Why are you wasting the money

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  • Blue t shirt girl

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  • Me : don,t be STUPID

    Blanca CruzBlanca CruzPred 9 hodinami
  • Yes

    Soni DeviSoni DeviPred 10 hodinami
  • Why she put money on the children's house???That's a waste of money

    MCPE Gamer15MCPE Gamer15Pred 11 hodinami
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  • Moral of the story: DON'T BE STUPID

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  • Im not gonna give my diamond to the children's room because I get it fair and square

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      Julia RamosJulia RamosPred 3 dňami
  • Ah yes the first thing i would do whit a dimond the size of my head is to put it an a coin slot for a gambeling machine

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  • Wow tapi itu aku juga mau berlian itu itu emas atau atau Mas atau Pacul yang kamu bawa itu yang itu tapi harus bayar duitnya Rp100.000 yang banyak sekali ya Terima kasih ya sampai jumpa muah dadah

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  • The first person invested it all instead of spending it all on a fucking children's home

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