Craziest Transformation Of The Miniature Volkswagen

Big boys have serious toys! But cars will never get out of their minds. Boys always face off, who has the coolest car? As children, they did it with toy cars, and as adults, they do it with real cars. Stop ... it looks like our guys are still arguing over who has the coolest toy car!

But we know how to make a toy car the coolest in the world and ... the most personalized! So that the car does not look like anyone else's, we need to upgrade it! Look how we did it with the usual miniature Volkswagen minibus! We removed paint with thinner and cleaned up paint residues, added powerful wheels and opening doors! In the next step, we changed the color and added outside details. We will also paint them in different colors and make the car old. It seems that there is no trace of the old Volkswagen here! This car is just the pink of perfection and individuality! Now, she will definitely win the wheelbarrow battle, or .... still not? Watch in our video!

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  • I'm a miniature car collecter fan. So I'm so into collecting cars. So I only have 14 cars in my collection. I'm also 11 years old. I wish i could do what you could do and i wish i could collect more miniature cars like you. Love from Malaysia.

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