CS:GO - G2 Esports vs. Natus Vincere [Nuke] Map 1 - Grand Finals - IEM Katowice 2020

In today's matches at IEM Katowice: G2 Esports vs. Natus Vincere

All you need to know about the Intel Extreme Masters:

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  • Boom is a legend

    NickEvershedMusicNickEvershedMusicPred mesiacom
  • Honest opinion: The camerawork is awful. Switching between the players is at suboptimal timing, to say the least and the free cameras are always moving, even without adding anything to the scene in the way they move. I would be happy if that could be improved in the future. Also it became better in the second half.

    Richard NonsenseRichard NonsensePred 2 mesiacmi
    • ok

      WizkyWizkyPred mesiacom
  • Where can I watch Live this matches?

    • this happened in March of 2020. you can watch this live on esl_csgo twitch channel.

      WizkyWizkyPred mesiacom
  • I literally thought it was highlights cause it was 39 mins LMFAO. Shazaamed on G2

    FlixyRLFlixyRLPred 2 mesiacmi
  • 15:25 How often do you clean your Glock LMFAOOOO

    Naman NagpalNaman NagpalPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Kennys: We played so better than astralis Simple: very interesting personality

    Ернур КенесЕрнур КенесPred 3 mesiacmi
  • lmao amanek looking like beetlejuice over there xD

    Artūrs AlpsArtūrs AlpsPred 5 mesiacmi
  • The commentators are just the best in this lol

    Array KnightArray KnightPred 5 mesiacmi
  • 10:17 thats always happen to me XD

    ArmandaArmandaPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Flamie wohh

    Besmir BaftjariBesmir BaftjariPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Boom is such a cheeky player🖤

    BLIGHTEDルール NarutoBLIGHTEDルール NarutoPred 6 mesiacmi
  • I came here to heal my wounds after esl beijing-haidian final....

    Daniel AnikeevDaniel AnikeevPred 6 mesiacmi
    • Same

      Bill Nico LlemitBill Nico LlemitPred 5 mesiacmi
    • Same for me haha :(

      Howard PulancoHoward PulancoPred 6 mesiacmi
  • Boombl4 is smurfing

    Dub-J Scrub-JDub-J Scrub-JPred 6 mesiacmi
  • I was cheering on for G2 throughout this match and although they lost, those 4 rounds _did_ matter, at least to me - they showed that they are not going down without a fight.

    ur mama fartingur mama fartingPred 7 mesiacmi
  • Boom14 poped off! He destroyed G2

  • That Dragonforce refrence is still echoing in my head for the past few months

    Ido LeviIdo LeviPred 8 mesiacmi
  • 22:16 *picks nose*

    Dub-J Scrub-JDub-J Scrub-JPred 9 mesiacmi
  • That huge mole on electronics arm is fucking disgusting, use some of your winnings and get that shit removed bruh...

    ATLHooliganATLHooliganPred 9 mesiacmi
    • That’s perfecto, not electronic

      A BA BPred 6 mesiacmi
  • kennys is the best!!

    Twister!Twister!Pred 10 mesiacmi
  • Anyone please tell me the settings for this viewmodel. I want to play it

    [[DIO]][[DIO]]Pred 10 mesiacmi
    • @OverLoadMusic Yeah I found it after one week. Thanks for the advice though

      [[DIO]][[DIO]]Pred 4 mesiacmi
    • Go to crashz viewmodel generator on the workshop then play around the setting until you get something you like

      OverLoadMusicOverLoadMusicPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Perfecto finds 4/6 in the 16X4 victory. Amazing boys

    João RodrigoJoão RodrigoPred 10 mesiacmi
  • Pro nvr push.

    twisted hamtwisted hamPred 11 mesiacmi
  • First major for navi?

    Petit panier d'osierPetit panier d'osierPred 11 mesiacmi
    • Yes

      Geym SekSionGeym SekSionPred 9 mesiacmi
  • I remember watching this being french but a NaVi Fan

    el chupacabrael chupacabraPred rokom
  • man rosters changed up alot since the old days

    wildcardwildcardPred rokom
  • No one uses the shitty character skins

    Naxus NexusNaxus NexusPred rokom
  • Perfecto aim?? I think simple same better

    Ariq muhammadAriq muhammadPred rokom
    • Dude I can’t understand what u wrote

      Just Some guy without a mustache‘s Biggest haterJust Some guy without a mustache‘s Biggest haterPred rokom
  • 25:18 Boombl4: 24 kills 5 deaths Commentator: Ugh!!

    Gerald MendozaGerald MendozaPred rokom
  • boombl4 with 256 ADR in the first round, boi.

    Terminus EstTerminus EstPred rokom
  • Can someone please tell me the name of the commentators? I have been hearing them commentating since Astralis video and many other CSGO videos but still haven't known their names, especially the one with a more iconic voice

    wongpaksumwongpaksumPred rokom
  • When Perfecto and BoombI4 joins NAVI u know its time to get that major trophies

  • G2: Why u bully me?

    Ivan BujacicIvan BujacicPred rokom
  • nic e

  • No creo que sean superiores en puntería, estrategicamente son muy superiores, el coach de G2 no se que les dice, pero en este caso para mi, recae en el ,90% de la culpa por estrategias. La única ronda ganada muy buena estrategia.

    luis aguilarluis aguilarPred rokom
  • Did they sweep the whole tournament

    Jason MuresanJason MuresanPred rokom
  • Jesus we dont need this unnecessary commentary.

    Muhammad Ahmed Abu TalibMuhammad Ahmed Abu TalibPred rokom
  • Now we just wait for Simple to hit another fake 4750 flash.

    veerusveerusPred rokom
  • when i saw simple killing it's like( -o-).....

    郝哲卿郝哲卿Pred rokom
  • Flamie is fat that is funny

    sifudan 63sifudan 63Pred rokom
  • Fak simple

    sifudan 63sifudan 63Pred rokom
  • Que massacre chupa kennys

    Christopher BarrosChristopher BarrosPred rokom
  • no hate here but this game is still in beta

    nTudornTudorPred rokom
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    qDamiXqDamiXPred rokom
  • 26:56 love it :))

    Wolf MusicWolf MusicPred rokom
  • MVP for the DOR

    Wolf MusicWolf MusicPred rokom
  • Why are there chickens in CS GO? WTF Moments - The Case of the Sacred Chicken Killer svcode.info/top/a2xolF5ttJuliMk/video

    J AttitudeJ AttitudePred rokom
  • REKT

    MartínMartínPred rokom
  • 9.50 u rascal boombl4 .. That comment was just wooooow to hear

    chethanmanjunath1chethanmanjunath1Pred rokom
  • Love the music that plays just as the half-time break starts!

    EmilTorgeEmilTorgePred rokom
    • „Half-time“ 😊

      Pianochess 1Pianochess 1Pred 10 mesiacmi
  • oh boy, another boring final because one of the teams in it has no fucking business even making it out of groups

    Premium FruitsPremium FruitsPred rokom
  • NIUBI噢

    yy leoyy leoPred rokom
  • What's name of this music 27:50

    Wispaster SWWispaster SWPred rokom
    • @Nalin Srivastava thanks

      Wispaster SWWispaster SWPred rokom
    • Felucia-Slay

      Nalin SrivastavaNalin SrivastavaPred rokom
  • Perfecto#1

    Ly BouLy BouPred rokom
  • Piękna mgła nad Katowicami

    golden armorgolden armorPred rokom
  • sit, lean, or fall heavily and limply, especially with a bent back.

    Горькiй MГорькiй MPred rokom
    • *squat

      nklnklPred rokom
  • 19:20 when u hear boss music and run away

    GraveWalkeRrGraveWalkeRrPred rokom
  • flamie

    kotnascher1990kotnascher1990Pred rokom
  • 7:15 shi* shazzam

    DatRollingOreODatRollingOreOPred rokom
  • Lol this best of 5 is the same length as most best of threes

    Gilbert KnightGilbert KnightPred rokom
  • 26:47 yikes look how shaky kenny is...

    Hancheng YuHancheng YuPred rokom
    • @Med Salim if he is that shaky, he doesnt deserve it. Its not about just talent and potential, you must have the control and be calm. It applies for every sport whether e-sports or normal.

      BerkBerkPred mesiacom
    • Let's be honest kennyS deserves a better team

      Med SalimMed SalimPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Poor kenny

      Leevi -Leevi -Pred rokom
  • Nexa best IGL and Fragger in one... Round 14: Boombl4 27-4-6 Nexa 1-2-14

    Thomas BThomas BPred rokom
    • Thomas Xavier de Barros Barreto man Boom is brutal this is insane xD

      McFructixMcFructixPred rokom
    • Lead by example lol

      ianzenianzenPred rokom
    • 26:56

      Wolf MusicWolf MusicPred rokom
  • I'm so happy for flamie he got so much bad critics, but this IEM he was playing really amazing and he can be an excellent awper for sure.

    Thomas BThomas BPred rokom
    • hes more like rez imo, hes real good when hes online, but he can be pretty bad as much times. but hes a little more consistent in recent time.

      abnormalityabnormalityPred 6 mesiacmi
    • His only real issue is his consistency, if he was a little but more consistent he would be so much better, because when flamey goes off he goes off hard.

      Chris EstesChris EstesPred 10 mesiacmi
    • 17:35 Flamie is insane

      viirusiiseliviirusiiseliPred rokom
  • they just rush every time....so ez

    JohnKrzJohnKrzPred rokom
  • So all they had to do was to remove Guardian 🤣🤣🤣

    Darth ChungusDarth ChungusPred rokom
    • xsEppo lol barely remember that

      Zhengning PengZhengning PengPred 11 mesiacmi
    • And starix, jk

      tomasツtomasツPred 11 mesiacmi
    • @Rashad Aziz Prajogi seized was long back lol

      Sibasish MukherjeeSibasish MukherjeePred rokom
    • and seized

      Rashad Aziz PrajogiRashad Aziz PrajogiPred rokom
  • 19:30 This dude is so cringe sometimes

    xUniqueDrugsxxUniqueDrugsxPred rokom
    • @grudge Commentator referencing the three little piggies

      NickEvershedMusicNickEvershedMusicPred mesiacom
    • ?

      grudgegrudgePred rokom
  • WTF G2!?

    Sketchy SketchySketchy SketchyPred rokom
  • GG MEN !!!

    WikorWikorPred rokom
  • thats boom boom's door

    Miles HolidayMiles HolidayPred rokom
  • Cyka blyat

    Asgardians Esport'5Asgardians Esport'5Pred rokom
    • Bruh -_-

      Максим СкриннікМаксим СкриннікPred 10 mesiacmi
  • no pressure :p

    Lewis RogersLewis RogersPred rokom
  • а флейми просто бог

    сергей ясергей яPred rokom
  • бомба жёг как мог

    сергей ясергей яPred rokom

  • navi rekt g2

    Aditya GaikwadAditya GaikwadPred rokom
  • Anyone knows what mouse is using s1mple? I can only see that it's wireless

    LeandritohLeandritohPred rokom
    • @Leandritoh I know that some Logitech mice don't need a full battery well to work. My Logitech G602 works fine and feels way more balanced with just one battery instead of two.

      BiomancerBiomancerPred rokom
    • @shoxy gc i thought that, but it's weird because de log g pro is heavy (with the bateries) compare with others in the same level, but it could be 🤷🏻‍♂️

      LeandritohLeandritohPred rokom
    • pretty sure its the logitech g pro wireless

      shoxy gcshoxy gcPred rokom
  • s1mplectronic

    Aulia Rachman Alam IslamyAulia Rachman Alam IslamyPred rokom
  • Navi will win 10 majors in a row if they keep this performance, they deserve it

    Christian MarkChristian MarkPred rokom
    • @Wizky sad

      O kO kPred mesiacom
    • @O k 😞

      WizkyWizkyPred mesiacom
    • About that...

      O kO kPred 2 mesiacmi
  • What’s wrong with Perfecto this game?

    Mr. GaiderMr. GaiderPred rokom
    • he plays safty net position, he just didnt see much this game because G2 didnt reach his position

      Kristaps ŠtilsKristaps ŠtilsPred rokom
    • @ja Boombl4 ate all in the table?

      bringsik100bringsik100Pred rokom
    • nothing, g2 just didnt even come close to him, he only saw like 10 pleyers in the whole game

      jajaPred rokom
  • Why flamie is so good at in that position..... Jesus christ

    Г.АнхбаярГ.АнхбаярPred rokom
  • F for G2

    Random PersonRandom PersonPred rokom
  • G2 literally could have lost to a gold nova team, they didn't play around eachother, or use util well at all, and just rushed. The one round where they actually did a set piece they won, why didn't they continue doing that?

    X3r_CobrazX3r_CobrazPred rokom
    • bruh i cant even call you silver at this point

      MagicianMagicianPred rokom
    • @Christian Mark images.app.goo.gl/FFZRvSPz7uF1LP5G7

      laugh awaylaugh awayPred rokom
    • Really? 😂🤣 what a analysis so stupid😂🤣

      Christian MarkChristian MarkPred rokom
  • F for G2. Congrats navi

    Joshua C.Joshua C.Pred rokom
  • such humiliation 0_0

    Slavka ZSlavka ZPred rokom
  • Navi up up

    Sl1en JySl1en JyPred rokom
  • Машина

    [SLADKIY]TurboDiesel[SLADKIY]TurboDieselPred rokom
  • Que surra!

    Eduardo Manuel Martinez TavaresEduardo Manuel Martinez TavaresPred rokom
  • damn

    sparkh2clansparkh2clanPred rokom
  • I think he just broke the most adr in one half record if I don’t mistake

    iimlF4nt4SyyyiimlF4nt4SyyyPred rokom
    • k0nfig has the first half ADR wr, 216 against renegades, and it tied in kills with Flamie's first half kill record of 32. Boombl4's here beats Flamie's mirage in terms of ADR, but not kills.

      TASPlasmaTASPlasmaPred rokom
    • i think flamie on mirage has the record in one half

      novonovoPred rokom

  • Upload the next match goddamnit!!

    Abhishek MajhiAbhishek MajhiPred rokom
  • 16:54 "Through the fire and flames he finds his dragonforce" Priceless

    The Salty GuyThe Salty GuyPred rokom
    • so far awayyyyy we wait for the dayyy, when they'll finally fix up the vaaaac

      Bread PittBread PittPred rokom
    • e🅱️ic

      RatedMassRatedMassPred rokom
  • You have to love Boomić hahaha 😃

    Teo TTeo TPred rokom
    • boomielch did well this year and Perfecto too

      anuk cinnamomanuk cinnamomPred 8 mesiacmi
    • They way they spell it lol xD

      hbghjhbghjPred rokom
  • "Quarterfinals" in the thumbnail - oof lol Edit: it got fixed :P

    lotrdude13lotrdude13Pred rokom
    • They tried to copy the players pic and went too far

      Aahil AliAahil AliPred rokom
  • *Navi 🏆🥇*

    FlepzeraFlepzeraPred rokom
  • noooo g2

    Tejasva SinghTejasva SinghPred rokom
  • Флейми делает историю и мувики, мои внуки будут смотреть это в 2040

    ßansheeßansheePred rokom
    • Я аж от твоего комментария , прослезился 😭

      Саша ГоловинСаша ГоловинPred rokom