NaVi vs Virtus Pro - IEM Katowice - HIGHLIGHTS l CSGO

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Best moments is the video where you find the best plays of the game with the best clips, best frags, csgo pro highlights, twitch highlights, with the best players in the world like coldzera, s1mple, device, stewie2k,kennys, niko, scream, fallen, симпл, zywoo, trk and much more.
лучшие клипы, лучшие моменты csgo, яркие моменты, все здесь в одном видео.
parhaat leikkeet, csgo pro -kohokohdat, nykytilan kohokohdat, kaikki täällä yhdessä videossa.
moments forts de csgo pro, moments forts de twitch, le tout ici dans une seule vidéo.
The best tier 1 and tier 2 teams in the world such as MIBR, G2, Astralis, FURIA, NaVi, mousesports, fnatic, Vitality, NiP, Dignitas, EG, OG, 100 Thieves, Faze Clan, ENCE.




  • FaZe vs Liquid:

    Matz - CSGO ChannelMatz - CSGO ChannelPred mesiacom
    • what happened to fat ugly bomblirc4a

      snikers snikerssnikers snikersPred mesiacom
    • @Premium Gear DK Try to not do that again, just unplug your peripheral device then if you can't handle your hand.

      SeaSeedSeaSeedPred mesiacom
    • @Premium Gear DK Yeah it maybe not a big deal but I don't think putting an hour of Black Screen is a good thing. SVcode will thing it just for get more watch time, I think there's actually someone who do that.

      SeaSeedSeaSeedPred mesiacom
    • @SeaSeed if you don't have the same problem - fait enough. I tend to use the skipping function a lot which reveals the time left. And editing a black screen or a logo of the channel is not a big deal

      Premium Gear DKPremium Gear DKPred mesiacom
    • @Premium Gear DK What? Just don't move your mouse then you can't see the HUD. It'll take more time and work for putting an hour of black screen.

      SeaSeedSeaSeedPred mesiacom
  • El juego de los crímenes de guerra

    Máximo RoldánMáximo RoldánPred 11 dňami
  • I was looking for Pasha, Snax, Neo, Taz, and Byali...

    Tomasz kwiatkowskiTomasz kwiatkowskiPred 21 dňom
  • This is not Real virtus Pro

    HejkatuDamianHejkatuDamianPred 23 dňami
  • Prwdziwych VIRTUSÓW nigdy ale to nigdy sie nigdy nie podrobi !!!

    WiktorWiktorPred 25 dňami
  • Polska!

    Rafał DyrdaRafał DyrdaPred mesiacom
  • simple sucks a lot, da fuck!

    Antonio MontesAntonio MontesPred mesiacom
  • 😬😬

    Abo SaydirAbo SaydirPred mesiacom
  • Where's pasha biceps now?

    sandy antazosandy antazoPred mesiacom
  • 開了,絕對開了 /LOL/

    Ricky LeeRicky LeePred mesiacom
  • That 20:39 simple killl 🥵

    Rajveer MannRajveer MannPred mesiacom
  • 30:25 Booml4 is hungry 😂😆😆😆

    J MangoJ MangoPred mesiacom
  • 7:39 idiot

    LEGION TimeLEGION TimePred mesiacom
  • I used "tothemoon" on csgoroll and they gave me 2$ because of the stock market meme right now lol

    Michael KirchnerMichael KirchnerPred mesiacom
  • Imagine if when s1mple was holding b door and they threw bomb across so they could plant safely, that s1mple reacted so fast he shot the bomb and it was in his sight. Not sure it's even possible but that would be insane.

    naoh.CS:GOnaoh.CS:GOPred mesiacom
  • Hasn't spunj retired yet?

    b888b888Pred mesiacom
  • This is so satisfying to watch

    zhihao wangzhihao wangPred mesiacom
  • Sanyo is fucking horrible

    Excellent MonuExcellent MonuPred mesiacom
  • navi are world champions in 2020 they will be in 2021 too so don't worry navi will always be the top 1

    KigraalKigraalPred mesiacom
  • 31:08 cyka blyat

    dןɐʎǝɹ 2dןɐʎǝɹ 2Pred mesiacom

    Jose GulapaJose GulapaPred mesiacom
  • 23:28 Everytime i use Zeus on MM

    Aron BrusenAron BrusenPred mesiacom
  • Virtus: SANJI read as SANJ in One Piece!

    s1mples1mplePred mesiacom
  • Damn I love this reformed NaVi!

    Nein dankeNein dankePred mesiacom
  • I am just here for train ...

    Ma BaMa BaPred mesiacom
  • s1mple at the last round of train. One deagle kill, a second deagle kill and he missed the third, so pulls out the awp... Casters: Oh, he has an awp... 2nd caster: In case he needs it. lol

    CymaticCymaticPred mesiacom
  • they have won uzbeks, what a great results :-D

    Lion ForcefulLion ForcefulPred mesiacom
  • Fat players get frags. Commentators: "He is hungry"

    Wasim AkramWasim AkramPred mesiacom
  • Last nade was painful to watch

    juan marcano suazojuan marcano suazoPred mesiacom
  • как в такое можно играть в 2021? игра чисто киберспорт. и только тут с авапы по ногам даст не ваншот...

    Andy CarsonAndy CarsonPred mesiacom
  • 30:24 'Boombl4 is hungry' hits different

    FL FMFL FMPred mesiacom

    josue__7235josue__7235Pred mesiacom
  • spunj in whole match Ooooooo

    KartickKartickPred mesiacom
  • 9:01

    Mohamad ShbaroMohamad ShbaroPred mesiacom
  • No one: Spunj:oooh

    Vinicious EVinicious EPred mesiacom
  • Boombl4 really elevate Navi in this game. Holy shit what a game

    Ferdiansyah ArthaFerdiansyah ArthaPred mesiacom
  • When was this match?

    Хусейн АбдучаборзодаХусейн АбдучаборзодаPred mesiacom
  • Where’s the utility usage from vp on that last round of dust 2 though?

    Samuel IhSamuel IhPred mesiacom
  • 20:44 but the kill feed shows simple

    Shamsul FShamsul FPred mesiacom
  • Zywoo should give up the #1 voluntarily for the real king

  • Navi is on fire!

    Sakr3d GOSakr3d GOPred mesiacom
  • Чтобы обиднее было

    Evg EvgEvg EvgPred mesiacom
  • is it just me or everyone thinks that navi gives away those starting rounds intentionally

    Cyka BlyatCyka BlyatPred mesiacom
  • Санжи нулевой

    hermit wthhermit wthPred mesiacom
  • Ez katka. Old VP was better. This boys needs to play local tournaments for 1000$. That's real league for current VP

    Raz-DvaRaz-DvaPred mesiacom
  • did boombl4 lose weight?

    李勤李勤Pred mesiacom
  • 6:43 S O L A D O

    Diogo GomesDiogo GomesPred mesiacom
  • 0 CT OFFF

    Bano GamingBano GamingPred mesiacom
  • So, in online tournaments, Boombl4 is all of a sudden better than S1mple? I bet he won't be good enough on LAN 🧐

    Mayank RaiMayank RaiPred mesiacom
    • He was good last year in Katowice

      NajoNajoPred mesiacom
  • Its never a boring game when s1mple is in the server or when Boombl4 is channeling his inner Zeus

    alpang6161alpang6161Pred mesiacom
  • Even the sweetest of men can become vicious killers like Deadpool. Boomb1t just proved it again.

    JAmes BoND 007JAmes BoND 007Pred mesiacom
  • wow, no wins on the CT side dust 2. classic VP choke

    Kennechi SyKennechi SyPred mesiacom

    Miftah HanafiMiftah HanafiPred mesiacom

    Miftah HanafiMiftah HanafiPred mesiacom
  • Vp really understands the rush B memes...

    Dani Siroos ZadehDani Siroos ZadehPred mesiacom
  • I just love BoombI4 !!!!!!!

    Nick HazeNick HazePred mesiacom
    • Boomych top ofc

      Fantastic HeartFantastic HeartPred mesiacom
  • When niko say s1mple always have good Flash

    bobic ramzabobic ramzaPred mesiacom
  • Funny that when you kill s1mple you get a chance of winning a round haha

    Jay&JoyTVJay&JoyTVPred mesiacom
  • Порой нави не пикаю дефолтные места и проебывают..😈

    Истина гдето рядом СсссИстина гдето рядом СсссPred mesiacom
  • Jame joga muitoooo take pareu

    Jonathan CarlosJonathan CarlosPred mesiacom
  • Here comes the BOOM! 💥💥

    *VoiceRaid**VoiceRaid*Pred mesiacom
  • Like the good old days

    ymergrimymergrimPred mesiacom
  • Quer ganhar skins de csgo de forma gratuita? assista meu ultimo vídeo!

    zeromeiazeromeiaPred mesiacom
  • Sick plays coming up from Navi individual's, hope they maintain their form throughout.

    Eugin92Eugin92Pred mesiacom
  • NaVi vs Avangar

    ice BIBice BIBPred mesiacom
  • Nav' not LOSING a fackin round at T side is incredible 12 straight WINS Flamie is coming back in FORM man Boombl4 was just a beast at this match up Group B has the most heavy hitters sadly Group A is a walk in the park for Astralis unless Spirit pulls an upset

    Jov PalJov PalPred mesiacom
  • 11-4 & 11-16 аахуууеееть

    Нурсултан ТилеккабылНурсултан ТилеккабылPred mesiacom
  • beside navi start playing and they do fine what you guys believe about vp?they look pretty strong to me.

    r4yzzzzr4yzzzzPred mesiacom
  • S1mple GOAT

    ScreamScreamPred mesiacom
  • too long, didn't watch? The Big Bang, boom happened..

    Ezra PameEzra PamePred mesiacom
  • Vp lost at least 8 4vs 2 so what do you expect... On d2 T sanji couldn't even shoot he lost their team 4 rounds just because he wasn't able to pickup an easy kill😐they got ecoed by boom on train I mean that's why they are vp parimatch right? 😂

    Florentin NitaFlorentin NitaPred mesiacom
  • 22:44 there was an interesting thing

    Tomer DadashovTomer DadashovPred mesiacom
  • NAVI's kaleodoscope made me crazzy about my feeling.... electronic's timely & responsive roaming, S1mple's hard carry, inflame's 1vs 2 sharp shots, Perfecto's fragging the enemy for the last round's victory, & killing machine, Boombl4's extemporaneous physical play called the slayer of 🚆 kept my mouth not closing & choking myself.... By the way, VP showed powerful performance such as SANJI's hard carry, Buster's fast responsive clutch, jame's sharp sniping, qikert & YEKINDAR's nice roaming & pushing play... It showed that CIS had not been the prior CIS.... That's all...

    이완주이완주Pred mesiacom
    • Nice

      i am grooti am grootPred mesiacom
  • es na noby

    ŁukaszŁukaszPred mesiacom
    • +1 byczu ....... PS. zasada nr 7

      Przeciwnik PrawicyPrzeciwnik PrawicyPred mesiacom
  • why does vp have no gun skins

    getsuga tenshogetsuga tenshoPred mesiacom
  • hug

    SmallpepehandsSmallpepehandsPred mesiacom
  • 12:26 what's he doing? trying to pick up the awp?

    Pouya ShPouya ShPred mesiacom
    • Defusing bomb keke

      Ririlily RiriRirilily RiriPred mesiacom
  • What the hell is the hair cut of Boombl4 ?

    ClemshkiClemshkiPred mesiacom
  • Sasat’ virus pro SASAAAAT’

    Alex HateAlex HatePred mesiacom
  • ez

    Edson Contreras GoicocheaEdson Contreras GoicocheaPred mesiacom
  • 20:44

    QuvertyQuvertyPred mesiacom
  • Виртус про очень старались....👏👏👏👏

    Саят БаймуханбетовСаят БаймуханбетовPred mesiacom
  • 31:10 nice blyat

    Snapp PlaySnapp PlayPred mesiacom
  • Симпл топ 2021 номер /1\

    Саят БаймуханбетовСаят БаймуханбетовPred mesiacom
  • holy $hit simple calm down

    Artur ZathasArtur ZathasPred mesiacom
  • They should think about best player in the world 😂 zywoo witth 2-18?

    Evaldas MEvaldas MPred mesiacom
  • *Boom bitch!* GG

    Mubin TirsaiwalaMubin TirsaiwalaPred mesiacom
  • Hi guys I'm a starting developer thinking to make a game with VR 5v5 shooter something similar to cs go but with VR. What do you think of this idea? Would it work? Would you like to try out a game like this? Please let me know your opinions and if you have questions feel free to ask)

    DavoABK !DavoABK !Pred mesiacom
  • s1mple #1 zywoo # 23456🖕

    ЦогоонооЦогоонооPred mesiacom
  • WTF NAVI!!

    • Jrmeister• JrmeisterPred mesiacom
  • Boombl4 seems to lose some weight now, or is it because of his new haircut?

    The reason you have seen this comment isThe reason you have seen this comment isPred mesiacom
  • 31:12 : blyat 😂

    Quang AnhQuang AnhPred mesiacom
    • 31:09

      Волан-де-МортВолан-де-МортPred mesiacom
  • VP ну почему : (((

    AntiFlashAntiFlashPred mesiacom
  • What is going on 2021 ...navi made convert 4-11 to 16-11 back to back...( Blast group stage against faze)

  • Ппц камбек !!

    mr Fimimr FimiPred mesiacom
  • NaVi remind me of the old VP line up. Take forever to get going, but when they do good luck stopping the plow.

    Silv3r8901Silv3r8901Pred mesiacom
  • Boombl4 top 3 this year

    leng zaileng zaiPred mesiacom
    • Boomich top

      Fantastic HeartFantastic HeartPred mesiacom
  • Wtf sanji's aim and reaction

    Daryl NarteDaryl NartePred mesiacom
  • 23:57 try watching 0.25x s1mple crosshair - hope it is just coincidence

    MJ STMJ STPred mesiacom
    • My hopes are free then 🥵 Just saw many clips where a player was caught cheating - this one was close to the case, while in fact not - just a good and coincidental pre-fire

      MJ STMJ STPred mesiacom
    • @uxtbI he pre-fired the guy perfecto was shooting. Perfecto killed him just a second before S1mple pre-fired. The guy in the back was just in the line of his pre-fire.

      ojas51ojas51Pred mesiacom
    • @ojas51 well, i don't get it

      uxtbIuxtbIPred mesiacom
    • Dude, should I be explaining it to you for real or you gonna understand by yourself what happened there. Let me know if you still don't get it. I'll explain after that.

      ojas51ojas51Pred mesiacom
    • what's the exact problem? a couple of wall lock that's literally just coincidental?

      AmethystAmethystPred mesiacom
  • Navi lol

    Арман ШаукеновАрман ШаукеновPred mesiacom