Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Billie Eilish

Special thanks to Ashley Nickole, Joya Jackson, Kerrice Brooks, Lexee Smith, Nataly Santiago, Yuliana Maldonado

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Lost Cause. © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records




  • This slaps

    JD EstradaJD EstradaPred 5 hodinami
  • Apa lancau kah semua ini 🧐

    Abdul Halim AzaharAbdul Halim AzaharPred 5 hodinami
  • Not her queer-baiting and dating a racist homophobe 🥴🤡🤡🤡

    Born SinnerBorn SinnerPred 5 hodinami
  • So this is the end of her sad

    SUғF乇я ت︎SUғF乇я ت︎Pred 5 hodinami
  • Please practise more self love

    children's storieschildren's storiesPred 5 hodinami
  • Retards: sHe Is QuEeRbAiTiNg

    LaundrySucksLaundrySucksPred 5 hodinami
  • this song is a proof that she has a beautifully perfect body love u billie❤️

    alisha haqalisha haqPred 5 hodinami
  • is she gay???

    strawbrystrawbryPred 5 hodinami
  • i'm listening to this song My charge: %5 ,ok i'm waiting

    love eilishlove eilishPred 5 hodinami
  • Ali

    Ali BarzegarAli BarzegarPred 5 hodinami
  • 💎

    Ali BarzegarAli BarzegarPred 5 hodinami
  • me and my besties at friday night lol

    WeebleoWeebleoPred 5 hodinami
  • 😁😏🌬️ a flower for you 🌹

    October WraithOctober WraithPred 5 hodinami
  • I love the song,. You're voice is perfect 🌹. Wait!? What fucking , year is this? Ohh yeah, I'm sorry. I require Carl's Jr drive thru, western bacon cheeseburger.? Please.. thank you , it's good for My calm. ... Thanks sis

    October WraithOctober WraithPred 5 hodinami
  • Wait why are people canceling her?

    wittle A'rie Vlogswittle A'rie VlogsPred 5 hodinami
    • i think its because she is dating a homophobe, and a racist. and it might be also because she is might have been queerbaiting.

      Decipher StudiosDecipher StudiosPred 5 hodinami
  • 1:30 i just leave it here... she gave me goosebumps!! her voice is just..idk how to describe it..its just perfect to my ears!! all my worries are gone for this moment...

    Tec 81Tec 81Pred 5 hodinami
  • Thats the confidence queen

    Suchi playzSuchi playzPred 5 hodinami
  • Yes, I'm not straight.

    Susan GarcíaSusan GarcíaPred 5 hodinami
  • Ką tu blet nusišneki, sena tarka?

    Unknown IdentityUnknown IdentityPred 5 hodinami
  • What the hell was this eh?

    Thomas ShelbyThomas ShelbyPred 5 hodinami
  • Wow, she looks so different

    Laila RismawatiLaila RismawatiPred 5 hodinami
  • 😍😍😍😍

    UniqueGamingYTUniqueGamingYTPred 5 hodinami
  • Daaaaaaaamn girl! You good, you real good.

    joshua pegrumjoshua pegrumPred 5 hodinami
  • Realy ?

    Yeşim YılmazYeşim YılmazPred 5 hodinami
  • Are you ok?

    unknownunknownPred 6 hodinami
  • She's so confident I love it!❤️

    H IH IPred 6 hodinami
  • roberta rojasroberta rojasPred 6 hodinami
  • The song is not wrong, it's great, I have nothing to add 😍

    Staňa KotyzaStaňa KotyzaPred 6 hodinami
  • I wish I was one of the girls in the video clip!!!!😍 Then I would have allways good times with Billy!!

    Ασημένια ΨιλάκηΑσημένια ΨιλάκηPred 6 hodinami
  • Love 💕. .......

    October WraithOctober WraithPred 6 hodinami
    • I'm october,. And you ain't.... plus,? You don't sk8

      October WraithOctober WraithPred 5 hodinami
    • I'm a good demon 😈. My mission, is to piss off all the other demons? And , that jealous sulking yellow belly angel,. Lucifer 🖕. Lmfao 😂🤣☠️🚬. Chubasco.....

      October WraithOctober WraithPred 5 hodinami
  • Any guy: I hate Billie Eilish. Me: I hate you.

    Стефания НиколоваСтефания НиколоваPred 6 hodinami
    • Stfu

      Prod. ADOREMEProd. ADOREMEPred 5 hodinami
  • 😁 , I'm sorry 😔 , did I smell that wrong? 😏 My bad! LoL 🤣 ☠️ it's just my nature!!?🎃. A flower for you 🌹.....

    October WraithOctober WraithPred 6 hodinami
  • Hi Billy

    October WraithOctober WraithPred 6 hodinami
  • It's not easy to find a wraith.. especially, a voror..... It's those eyes, of your's 🚬🌹

    October WraithOctober WraithPred 6 hodinami
  • It’s beautiful…but Billie is showing too much skin!!! (I just don’t want my idol showing too much skin no hate 🖤💚🖤💚)

    Katie :DKatie :DPred 6 hodinami
  • For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death. 2 Corinthians 7:14

    Gopniko slavistanusGopniko slavistanusPred 6 hodinami
  • Hello ,. 🌬️☠️🌹

    October WraithOctober WraithPred 6 hodinami
  • plus if people comment that they don't like this song or her new style,that's ok everyone is allowed to have an opinion omg. No one is attacking her-

    washingmaschineheart _washingmaschineheart _Pred 6 hodinami
    • weren't u just saying that it was queerbaiting and that it was bad? /gen

      Laila IvyLaila IvyPred 6 hodinami
  • Wish I was invited. 😍

    Mabu ZuliMabu ZuliPred 6 hodinami
  • Where is' Got da Girl?

    Lars KargeLars KargePred 6 hodinami
  • I wuv you Billie

    Vanessa MondejarVanessa MondejarPred 6 hodinami
  • So the colors of the summer are calm blues, and various tans/whites/dark browns? Cool ^-^

    Tiffany MinerTiffany MinerPred 6 hodinami
  • Music does not match the vid at alllll

    Izzy 04Izzy 04Pred 6 hodinami
  • First time seeing her, didn’t know she was that ugly 😬

    JackNattiJackNattiPred 6 hodinami
    • she isnt.

      Decipher StudiosDecipher StudiosPred 5 hodinami
    • no one cares

      tinyelephanttinyelephantPred 5 hodinami
  • She honestly doesn’t look too happy. She looks kind of trapped. Also doesn’t anyone find it a little weird that the music video only cast girls that contrast in color with Billie? Like Billie is the only blonde.

    Drake’s Friend SamuelDrake’s Friend SamuelPred 6 hodinami
    • She is actually very happy. They also all don’t have to all look the same.

      Tallulah FranceTallulah FrancePred 6 hodinami
  • Ya se esta encuerando no que no?🤨😉😁

    guadalupe salas muñozguadalupe salas muñozPred 6 hodinami

    Orangely ASMROrangely ASMRPred 6 hodinami

    Gabriela AnneGabriela AnnePred 6 hodinami
  • I love seeing her so happy with her friends.

    Pi neapplePi neapplePred 6 hodinami
  • Rosa' Minimiere U.S.A. : _ :')

    Lars KargeLars KargePred 6 hodinami
  • you guys are being so over dramatic. literally female rappers show this much skin ALL THE TIME but when billie does it OHH ITS NOT OKAY???

    Bryleigh ArcherBryleigh ArcherPred 6 hodinami
    • ikr

      tinyelephanttinyelephantPred 5 hodinami
    • I do not think it's because of that I am reading the comments and a lot of people are mad because they saw the video as queer baiting but that is just what I saw so far.

      JX02JX02Pred 6 hodinami

    Isabel RizalIsabel RizalPred 6 hodinami
    • Yes mate Soo good

      Little King RyanLittle King RyanPred 6 hodinami
  • i love billie

    Gabe RamirezGabe RamirezPred 6 hodinami
  • if this is not a video of her coming out video, its queerbaiting, i dont want to see a single comment saying its not. and during pride month? im gay to so (I like queens)

    Camila Espinoza RojasCamila Espinoza RojasPred 6 hodinami
    • *ah, I'll share too ~ I'm pan and I'm not sexualizing her in this video of, yes, beautiful woman. So I don't see how this is queer-baiting. ^^*

      Soul Park312Soul Park312Pred 5 hodinami
    • @Nico nico niii she literally said in her insta that she loves girls. m getting mixed feelings on this subject.

      Decipher StudiosDecipher StudiosPred 5 hodinami
    • She just dance with friends. Idk where you see queerbaiting. Now people can't have fun with same gender?

      MaxxieMaxxiePred 6 hodinami
    • @Lauren Lee no? Her best friend zoe is LGBT. I Said BEST FRİEND. You can not chose to who the fall in love. Maybe She is fall in love with wrong person? We couldn’t know. And love means just a real LOVE? Ofc not. Like l love pizza but I dont sex or kiss it. Or a romantic relationship with cips. Sorry my bad English

      Nico nico niiiNico nico niiiPred 6 hodinami
    • @Nico nico niii She said she's straight multiple times. She also said "I love women" on her Instagram post. She also dates a guy that has done some homophobic things. She misuses aave sometimes too :/

      Lauren LeeLauren LeePred 6 hodinami
  • Did mumble rap also take over pop lol Jk

    EXOTIC UzisEXOTIC UzisPred 6 hodinami
  • worth listening 🎧👂🏻👂🏻🎧

    Mohamd AMohamd APred 6 hodinami
  • but im happy for you yu have change you are so happy with your friends i think or your fans

    Evad 1101Evad 1101Pred 6 hodinami
  • This is amazing. So calming… dear lord.

    Red Fox_ TwTRed Fox_ TwTPred 6 hodinami

    Navya RattaNavya RattaPred 6 hodinami
  • man you havve change i like your black and other shit

    Evad 1101Evad 1101Pred 6 hodinami
  • I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve watched this, I don’t know y but I keep replaying👌😁

    X MASTERX MASTERPred 6 hodinami
  • Anyone knows the girl with red hair?!!

    Fatma SayedFatma SayedPred 6 hodinami
  • Ok I love this song and this video

    Xandria SXandria SPred 6 hodinami
  • Repent therefore of this your wickedness, and pray God if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven you. Act 8:22

    Gopniko slavistanusGopniko slavistanusPred 6 hodinami
    • @Lauren Lee cool god bless 🙌

      Gopniko slavistanusGopniko slavistanusPred 6 hodinami
    • Please she said she's straight 😭

      Lauren LeeLauren LeePred 6 hodinami
  • bebeğim

    FıratFıratPred 6 hodinami
    • Dimi dimi bende

      Nico nico niiiNico nico niiiPred 6 hodinami
  • why is this comment still fresh

    chachaPred 6 hodinami
  • I am confused

    Ahmed AminAhmed AminPred 6 hodinami
  • No, please, no 😔👊

    La WachaLa WachaPred 7 hodinami
    • Why

      Nico nico niiiNico nico niiiPred 6 hodinami

    Big MarvelBig MarvelPred 7 hodinami
  • No

    JikkixiJikkixiPred 7 hodinami
  • nice song horrible Music Video IMHO.

    Sky ZoneSky ZonePred 7 hodinami
  • She has such a soothing and unique voice oml- 🙌

    Aadit JainAadit JainPred 7 hodinami
  • Lmao now she's getting cancelled 💀💀💀

    ToukkenToukkenPred 7 hodinami
    • @Rei plush yep and she also has a bf thats racist and homophobe

      Curt Brynt TomanonCurt Brynt TomanonPred 5 hodinami
    • For queer baiting

      Rei plushRei plushPred 6 hodinami
  • *How is this video being labeled with "queer-baiting"? Lol wtf?* *Side note, digging the confidence in this video. She looks happier and stronger. I hope to see my own friends soon after moving several states away :(*

    Soul Park312Soul Park312Pred 7 hodinami
    • @Soul Park312 *waiting*

      Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenPred 5 hodinami
    • *This comment of mine going to magically disappear too? 👀 Either the one comment I made in response will suddenly spam all at once when I tried reposting it or it's being taken down for something asinine.* *And now we wait... °^°*

      Soul Park312Soul Park312Pred 5 hodinami
    • @Tyler Durden Yes.

      YoUr DuDe PaTrIcK StArYoUr DuDe PaTrIcK StArPred 5 hodinami
    • Looks like a group of young women enjoying each other’s company rather then wasting time on some lost cause lovers 🍿

      Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenPred 5 hodinami
    • @tuxedoace A woman (Billie) is dancing with other girls having a party and that's queer baiting? Sure she wrote I love women, but how does that connect to queer baiting, suddenly if you say "I love women" your queer baiting, that doesn't make sense. I can write it on my Instagram post being completely straight, will you accuse me??

      YoUr DuDe PaTrIcK StArYoUr DuDe PaTrIcK StArPred 5 hodinami
  • Twerking Brought to you in partnership with Frito-Lays, Capn' Crunch, and Twister.

    xSam WaynexxSam WaynexPred 7 hodinami
  • so she is nothing but a lost cause

    Rory GRory GPred 7 hodinami
  • طاحت من عيني طلعت لزلز 🤡💔

    ODAI MruanODAI MruanPred 7 hodinami
  • Terlalu berlebihan

    Nayda YafiNayda YafiPred 7 hodinami
  • Billie tryna make her ex jealous 😁

    BLACK ZAP!BLACK ZAP!Pred 7 hodinami
  • Wtf kind of music is this!

    Alian MarakAlian MarakPred 7 hodinami
  • am actually a big big big big big big fan of u but new nooooo are u ok 🙄😑

    a.netaaaaa.netaaaaPred 7 hodinami
  • o.m.g its real billie

    a.netaaaaa.netaaaaPred 7 hodinami
  • She's like one of those girls that are like "bi" for aesthetic LMFAO this just ain't it girlie

    josukiie hehejosukiie hehePred 7 hodinami
    • @kr0wkidTea come out? She aint gonna come out, shes straight, she literally has a boyfriend, which is racist and homophobe btw

      Curt Brynt TomanonCurt Brynt TomanonPred 5 hodinami
    • @kr0wkidTea she’s not gonna come out tho.. she’s straight

      Rei plushRei plushPred 6 hodinami
    • Ikr it’s really disappointing because we all thought she was genuine

      Rei plushRei plushPred 6 hodinami
    • @kr0wkidTea if it was the case that she had to "come out when she's ready", she shouldn't have put herself into a situation where she would be needed to come out

      itsthatgirlhaleyyyitsthatgirlhaleyyyPred 6 hodinami
    • Literally💀

      S u n f l o w e r G i r lS u n f l o w e r G i r lPred 7 hodinami
  • Don't listen to what these people say about you I love you so much your the reason I decide to get up and out of bed instead of being sad all day you are such a big inspiration to me your a queen. You don't deserve any of this hate from people you are a goddess. I love you so much I'm one of your biggest fans. Love you

    John DircksJohn DircksPred 7 hodinami
  • I am happy that she looks like she’s having fun!!! It might just be a video, but I’ve always loved that she looks like she’s enjoying herself! Love u, and don’t ever stop taking care of yourself!

    Emily TipperEmily TipperPred 7 hodinami
    • . .. . .. ...

      Akon poppingAkon poppingPred 5 hodinami
  • imagine queerbaiting we were rooting for you

    bubblycorebubblycorePred 7 hodinami
    • It’s really sad tbh

      Rei plushRei plushPred 6 hodinami
  • Like the song, but the video is rather unoriginal. Major Beyonce-7/11 and Kim K vibes...

    Irina IlievaIrina IlievaPred 7 hodinami
  • She looks like an albino clown

    Tactix88Tactix88Pred 7 hodinami
  • U made for love

    Enouski MarkoEnouski MarkoPred 7 hodinami
  • Queerbaiter, homophobe and racist. 😕😕

    acidic asteroidzacidic asteroidzPred 7 hodinami
    • @Laila Ivy well the video was pretty obvious queer baiting, she’s dating a homophobe and supports Gucci which is a vv racist brand

      Rei plushRei plushPred 6 hodinami
    • how? /gen

      Laila IvyLaila IvyPred 6 hodinami
    • Yep 🙁

      Rei plushRei plushPred 6 hodinami
  • Im alove billie eilish

    RIQUIZINN xLRIQUIZINN xLPred 7 hodinami
  • It's hard to believe she's only beginning. She's only 19

    Radio UP's llRadio UP's llPred 7 hodinami
  • People are hating on this song but you cant expect billie to be this sad depressed teenager anymore. she is growing up and is finally comfortable in her skin and happy with her life. she is an adult for goodness sakes.

    princess momohprincess momohPred 7 hodinami
  • ي وعدي ي وعدي فخاد عارية

    السويفيالسويفيPred 7 hodinami