Liquid vs Vitality - IEM Katowice - HIGHLIGHTS - CSGO

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Best moments is the video where you find the best plays of the game with the best clips, best frags, csgo pro highlights, twitch highlights, with the best players in the world like coldzera, s1mple, device, stewie2k,kennys, niko, scream, fallen, симпл, zywoo, trk and much more.
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The best tier 1 and tier 2 teams in the world such as MIBR, G2, Astralis, FURIA, NaVi, mousesports, fnatic, Vitality, NiP, Dignitas, EG, OG, 100 Thieves, Faze Clan, ENCE.




  • FaZe vs OG:

    Matz - CSGO ChannelMatz - CSGO ChannelPred mesiacom
    • dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Just google for it enjoy!

      Yosef ClydeYosef ClydePred mesiacom
    • iiiiiii

      Muhammad Umar Bin Abd GhaniMuhammad Umar Bin Abd GhaniPred mesiacom
  • am i the only one who is bored watching stewie2000 nowadays? he becomes to be really tedious from time to time

    Dedi ZulmiDedi ZulmiPred mesiacom
  • liquid is looking scary lol

    daniel velaz catoyadaniel velaz catoyaPred mesiacom
  • Zywhoo best bot in csgo

    No OneNo OnePred mesiacom
  • 39:30 did someone notice missuta aimlocking but then scrambling to get the crosshair off the enemy , it's really sketchy

    Danish SharmaDanish SharmaPred mesiacom
    • agreed

      Naze KenNaze KenPred mesiacom
  • That 1st round on nuke gave me the game trailer vibes

    Nicholas KenNicholas KenPred mesiacom
  • Apex has an ak with liquid stickers xD

    Michał BąkMichał BąkPred mesiacom
  • i trully hate this guy for saying vitali-i , disgusting

    n0tark`n0tark`Pred mesiacom
  • Apex face is so funny when vit loose, lol

    Berrin JoeBerrin JoePred mesiacom
  • Watching Stewie2k playing Dumb asf hurts my eyes. Not even a pro player but i can tell that his having a horrible time.

    EllieElliePred mesiacom
  • How many times did i told you ? Vitality are weak without stream sniping.

    Mash PotatoMash PotatoPred mesiacom
    • haha true true

      NothingNothingPred mesiacom
  • Thanks matz ❤❤❤

    Mohydine BelhajMohydine BelhajPred mesiacom
  • Man with Fallen keeping liquid upbeat and not getting mad at eachother could make the best liquid yet!

    Kova DokaKova DokaPred mesiacom
  • misutaaa what a beasst

    Lumjan FazliuLumjan FazliuPred mesiacom
  • And fucking kids compare zywo with s1lmpe what tha dak

    G1NGG1NGPred mesiacom

    Nicholas CchewNicholas CchewPred mesiacom
  • my grandpa can play better than stewie lmao

    chill plschill plsPred mesiacom
  • Surprisingly elige not using a vanilla knife on vertigo

    andrei reyesandrei reyesPred mesiacom
  • 38:19 Misutaa: I beleive I Can Flyyyyyyy

    krupal dudhatkrupal dudhatPred mesiacom
  • ZyPoo

    Hasin HafizHasin HafizPred mesiacom
  • they have a youtube channel. why are they not showing it live here

    B_Herradura, Ben RaffyB_Herradura, Ben RaffyPred mesiacom
  • Zywoo overrated. Don’t @ me.

    BuddhaSTLBuddhaSTLPred mesiacom

    Seif Eddine BSeif Eddine BPred mesiacom
  • Why shox is always last man standing? :))

    ClaudiuClaudiuPred mesiacom
  • 46:08 as far as I know french Apex lips saying: Zywoo enough jerking!

    thf russiathf russiaPred mesiacom
  • Stewie2k 🔥🔥

    Даке КуанышевДаке КуанышевPred mesiacom
  • I thought stewie was better than elige. But elige is monster

    Heck YeaHeck YeaPred mesiacom
  • Haha. Vitality. Out of bootcamp no stream sniping. Losing to liquid :)). ZyWhoo not even that good

    Trường Phúc TrươngTrường Phúc TrươngPred mesiacom
  • I'm a big fan of stewie2k but I think he got nerfed

    PeinXPeinXPred mesiacom
  • Stewie belongs to twitch.

    Yamamoto IsorokuYamamoto IsorokuPred mesiacom
  • 13:05 so the awp just disappeared?

    Jabe AntonioJabe AntonioPred mesiacom
  • That zywhoo guy who cheated is so overrated

    No OneNo OnePred mesiacom
  • Zy whoo? BOT

    No OneNo OnePred mesiacom
  • With the arrival of Fallen, Liquid became like in the days of n1tro)

    FanFanPred mesiacom
  • ZyWho?

    The Mi GoThe Mi GoPred mesiacom
  • Look at the top 1 player lmao

    Muhammad Faris AzamanMuhammad Faris AzamanPred mesiacom
  • Can’t believe I missed this game because it wasn’t streamed on yt

    iPenguin42iPenguin42Pred mesiacom
    • why esl doesn't streaming on yt?

      L1m1TL1m1TPred mesiacom
  • Kick stewie from liquid. Always rush like nova

    • @a s im agree with u

      Hallo TeknologiHallo TeknologiPred mesiacom
    • If u call stew's play rushing .. then I think u only play solo queue . Without any one to entry frag or set up flash... In most of the round stew died either his back turned or head shot instantly... Y? Because someone has to enter first they just can't rush b like noobs ... Stew peek the angle that is pre aimed by other team so his team know that position either they flash or molly and take entry to site... I am not saying he is god tear player who will kill everyone if he is not entry fragger... But u were saying rushing like nova .. so that's the reason

      a sa sPred mesiacom
  • 7:20 apEX KEKW

    Louis TanLouis TanPred mesiacom
  • Noob bot2k

    Lukaz NabilaholicLukaz NabilaholicPred mesiacom
    • LOL read King of rice comment xD

      andrei reyesandrei reyesPred mesiacom
  • Stewie1g

    Tyrone TraymarTyrone TraymarPred mesiacom
  • The inner COD player of Stewie2k coming out😂

    TheBlueSkullTheBlueSkullPred mesiacom
  • what the fuck elige is on fire with 80 kills!!

    Reyven Dela CruzReyven Dela CruzPred mesiacom
  • Someone was malding in mirage

    submotionMYsubmotionMYPred mesiacom

    Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom
  • USA and Brazil going for top 1 !!

    Yuri Bispo dos SantosYuri Bispo dos SantosPred mesiacom
  • EliGE is a monster, man!

    Ananda M. AbrahamAnanda M. AbrahamPred mesiacom
  • 10:46 guys okay

    Salix AlbaSalix AlbaPred mesiacom

      Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom
  • 22:20 NA molly

    poxipollepi1poxipollepi1Pred mesiacom
  • фален лучший)

    Сашок форзСашок форзPred mesiacom
  • Stewie lost his impact when he dipped on c9

    DynamitezVerdeDynamitezVerdePred mesiacom
    • he makes more impact now imo but doesn’t frag as much as he used to which is understandable considering the roles he plays..

      Donald DumpDonald DumpPred mesiacom
  • The aegis called 'Fallen', the spear called 'Grime', the scope called 'EliGE' made the TL keep their composure , leap the others to the team vitality, though RPk's sturdy pushing , misutaaa's DG play, shox' annoying roaming in the match.... That's all...

    이완주이완주Pred mesiacom
  • s1mple is always number 1 in my opinion zywoo is good but s1mple it the GOAT

    tony paddtony paddPred mesiacom
  • Dont understand hate on zywoo. People quickly forgot how great is this player, because of couple bad games. When he has 30 plus kills they like "oMg WhAt a BeAst! Number 1 in the world! He is on another level" meanwhile in worse games "ZyBoT", "zywho?"... So stupid... true fan of CS go right?

    oVerthinker PLoVerthinker PLPred mesiacom
  • Chill Zywoo just getting his warm up

    Bryan ChongBryan ChongPred mesiacom
  • Man fallen really made the team better

    Kevin PatriarchKevin PatriarchPred mesiacom
  • apeX top frag on nuke, why do they need the star player Zywoo anyway

    ice BIBice BIBPred mesiacom
    • Apex play pretty good after taking a rest, I believe ZywOo need a rest too

      RedSuns GamingRedSuns GamingPred mesiacom
  • “Out of the fryer, into the frying pan” 😂😂

    Adolph Al HannaAdolph Al HannaPred mesiacom
  • Rpk really is a tank

    Niño CuidNiño CuidPred mesiacom
  • Well done TL.

    Mac MainMac MainPred mesiacom
  • what an upset. Was this worse than spirit vs G2?

    Mathew ClanceyMathew ClanceyPred mesiacom
  • Brah, who cares if anyone is underperforming... As long as they win the match, they a good team kek

    chan yongquenchan yongquenPred mesiacom
    • yea

      Steve LaiSteve LaiPred mesiacom
  • ELIGE has the most insane Aug spray control

    CaydecateCaydecatePred mesiacom
    • he was one of the first to use it when the meta changed before katowice major

      Huy PhamHuy PhamPred mesiacom
    • Hes like a old get right

      shaeshaePred mesiacom
    • Absolutly

      Command ConquerCommand ConquerPred mesiacom
    • Yes

      AdhavanAdhavanPred mesiacom
  • Zywho 2 kills, now 12 kills, he is so overrated. The real TOP #1 is S1mple

    Gonzalo SelpazGonzalo SelpazPred mesiacom
    • @bhawana gupta yes counter dumb with being even more dumb. Nice. 2019 saw S1mple having plenty shitty games. 2020 too. They both have insane impact when they play decent. Everyone has bad games. Stop competing for stupidity. It's literally been 2 months into 2021 tho

      Mitarth SinghMitarth SinghPred mesiacom
    • @Mitarth Singh not this year bro and he has never has a map with just 2 killss. So the real goat is s1mple here

      bhawana guptabhawana guptaPred mesiacom
    • Do you know how dumb this comment sounds? S1mple has plenty of bad games too. Stop being dumb man

      Mitarth SinghMitarth SinghPred mesiacom
    • Yes, zywoo have not such intelligence as s1mple's

      Aleksei CorbinAleksei CorbinPred mesiacom
  • Zywoo always died when rush, they put him in the wrong posion?

    陈健陈健Pred mesiacom
    • I think soon Vitality will just use ZywOo like NaVi use s1mple...

      FisteInnitFisteInnitPred mesiacom
  • stewie underpreforming again

    humegoon _humegoon _Pred mesiacom
    • @Mot Whom he honestly had just as much impact just without kills, a lot of the elite kills i recall are thanks to his flashes

      Matthias FooMatthias FooPred mesiacom
    • Atleast He playef better than zywho

      Kay EffKay EffPred mesiacom
    • he plays the harder roles where is sole purpose is to die and maybe get 1 kill. You cant judge him off scoreboard

      Mot WhomMot WhomPred mesiacom
  • nice comeback

    JenovaJenovaPred mesiacom
  • 41:45 what are u looking zywoo? Looking for stream sniper?😂

    Hallo TeknologiHallo TeknologiPred mesiacom
    • He seemed to get a surprise at the close player in A main, so presumably he was watching teammate's screen

      sevenhelmetssevenhelmetsPred mesiacom
    • @Ralph Mahinay he looked and then only he peek

      Jared CJared CPred mesiacom
    • @Van lol😂

      Hallo TeknologiHallo TeknologiPred mesiacom
    • Watching teammates monitor

      Matas StelmokaitisMatas StelmokaitisPred mesiacom
    • ???? DO TOU GUYS not know WHAT PREFIRING IS? No sorry pre aiming.

      AJV MapleAJV MaplePred mesiacom
  • Team Liquid jersey is OP s3xy

    robbielexrobbielexPred mesiacom
  • 47:40

    Zhengis KuandykZhengis KuandykPred mesiacom
  • Fallen's IGLing looks good

    WhenPigsInvadeWhenPigsInvadePred mesiacom
    • @timothygats yeah

      Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom
    • Is fallen the igl now?

      timothygatstimothygatsPred mesiacom

      Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom
  • Vitality is SUSPECT AS FUCK. So many weird shots. I don't know why they aren't being investigated. 41:43 Rightttt before every kill, zywoo isn't even watching his monitor.

    Cheerio BoxCheerio BoxPred mesiacom
    • What do you mean? he was looking at his monitor when he killed grim, there was really nothing weird about that kill.

      R44R44Pred mesiacom
    • I mean we never know how close he was to the monitor. Just look at ropz, even only looking killfeed and radar it looked like he was looking at something far, even tho it's just to check radar. Guess we will never know

      Harvest a guyHarvest a guyPred mesiacom
    • @Bryan G Blatantly ignorant or blind as a bat.

      Cheerio BoxCheerio BoxPred mesiacom
    • Nothing about that was very strange. Got anything more concrete?

      Bryan GBryan GPred mesiacom
    • @Jake Hostetler check edit

      Cheerio BoxCheerio BoxPred mesiacom
  • Nice to see FalleN in liquid ngl .

    SaBeRSaBeRPred mesiacom
    • @W1NTERF0X _ I was talking about Fallen skills. In fact I should say "This is the profile of a good Brazilian player"

      Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom
    • @W1NTERF0X _ oh :c

      Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom
    • Its mixed because theyre not all brazilian

      W1NTERF0X _W1NTERF0X _Pred mesiacom

      Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom
  • Welcome back Apex they could not do it without him he carried so hard gg. Liquid thank Eliege for ur win. Eliege should join twistzz

    Car FamCar FamPred mesiacom

    Miftah HanafiMiftah HanafiPred mesiacom
  • I think Líquid have a lot of potential and is giving good signs, but Stewie today was kinda asleep.... Always getting caught with nades on hand and never aware of possible engages.....

    Puskas33Puskas33Pred mesiacom
  • god zywoo carries so hard, vitality would be worse than c9 w/out him

    MateoMateoPred mesiacom
    • Apex was the best player on the team this match

      Dr. GloobyDr. GloobyPred mesiacom
    • zywho = normal overrated player

      Gonzalo SelpazGonzalo SelpazPred mesiacom
    • @Mateo yeah but apex and shox had a lot of impact, zywoo didn't play so well... so i don't think it was a zywoo carry

      alekeyalekeyPred mesiacom
    • @alekey the amount of rounds vitality win w just zywoo being insane tho. He always has to clutch

      MateoMateoPred mesiacom
    • Apex and shox played better in my opinion

      alekeyalekeyPred mesiacom
  • Seriously? Put some fucking respect on team liquid right now.

    Travis MartinTravis MartinPred mesiacom
  • Zywoo is good but Simple is the best in cs go history. He always plays so good

    Deniz AkyüzDeniz AkyüzPred mesiacom
  • I never bothered writing a comment in the argument of 'simple vs. zywoo', but other than the fact that zywoo *recently* hasn't been that impactful, you have to realize that for half a decade its always been a question of 'simple vs X'. Zywoo shines regularly, but Simple always delivers apparently.

    schakaljrschakaljrPred mesiacom
    • People arguing on which one is the best player "Simple or Zywoo?": Dev1ce cries in 4 majors

      EllieElliePred mesiacom
    • @schakaljr you say one should not talk down on zywoo and then say its vulgar to compare him to silver. If that were the case, zywoo wouldn't have won the no 1 position in his presence. You can praise s1mple without discrediting zywoo's performance.

      Vivek KumarVivek KumarPred mesiacom
    • @Vivek Kumar nobody is and nobody should deny or talk down zywoo's talent. But at this point to even compare him to simple is vulgar. I do feel though, that simple vs. zywoo will be e-sports messi vs. Ronaldo era. And if those two are anything like rpk, we will have an awesome decade to come =)

      schakaljrschakaljrPred mesiacom
    • @Vivek Kumar lol s1mple is the most entry-fragging player of last 5 years, and he had the most adr every year since 2016, his teams never had great results, but even back then everyone knew he's on the same level or even better(individually) than olof, cold and niko

      Lepton ParticleLepton ParticlePred mesiacom
    • @Brody Rines you mean best csgo

      Parth BansalParth BansalPred mesiacom
  • Zywho?

    RyrywakakaRyrywakakaPred mesiacom
  • God Elige, he carry Stew2k

    黄龙日黄龙日Pred mesiacom
    • You don’t understand stewies roles that he plays

      Dr. GloobyDr. GloobyPred mesiacom
    • @黄龙日 yes you're actually silver hahaha

      Angel RamirezAngel RamirezPred mesiacom
    • @Angel Ramirez Don't blame, Stew is too bad, I rarely see his frags high

      黄龙日黄龙日Pred mesiacom
    • Silver coment...

      Angel RamirezAngel RamirezPred mesiacom
  • Top1 omegalul

    Stewie3kStewie3kPred mesiacom
  • Liquid best team NA

    Johnny KimJohnny KimPred mesiacom
  • I think Shox is OUT

    qwertyuiopqwertyuiopPred mesiacom
  • Calls from FalleN is amazing

    Faizan AhmedFaizan AhmedPred mesiacom
  • Elige looks much better then zywoo

    Alexanders OnfroyAlexanders OnfroyPred mesiacom
    • @Gonzalo Selpaz s1mple is a God. dont compare him with humans

      DevDevPred mesiacom
    • @Gonzalo Selpaz simp

      yhjkjklm myhjkjklm mPred mesiacom
    • Zywoo now unprimed KEKW

      Harvest a guyHarvest a guyPred mesiacom
    • @Dev S1mple is the best player in the world, noob

      Gonzalo SelpazGonzalo SelpazPred mesiacom
    • Zywho?

      StewBotStewBotPred mesiacom
  • Fallen>>>>>Zywho

    Joni SelimiJoni SelimiPred mesiacom
    • @Lucas Drugovich bra omegalul zil

      Denthony_Denthony_Pred mesiacom
    • I don't think that's true right now, but prime fallen was NUTS

      Uchiha SasukeUchiha SasukePred mesiacom

      Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom
  • Where is misutaa?

    insidiousssinsidiousssPred mesiacom
  • where is 1 map ?

    gökhan taskingökhan taskinPred mesiacom
    • 19:46 is vertigo

      Emi HarithEmi HarithPred mesiacom
    • @gökhan taskin Seems like you skipped Vertigo

      LeviLeviPred mesiacom
    • @Stewie3k Nuke winner vitality mirage liquid wtf 1-1

      gökhan taskingökhan taskinPred mesiacom
    • 1st map was nuke

      Stewie3kStewie3kPred mesiacom
  • Just wondering is Stewie still igl?

    DDPred mesiacom
    • I think stew is entry frag

      Sukhraj JohalSukhraj JohalPred mesiacom
    • Stew is calling nuke

      Pedro P.Pedro P.Pred mesiacom
    • @Kedron Langille ty :o

      DDPred mesiacom
    • No fallen is igl now took over stews role a couple days ago

      Kedron LangilleKedron LangillePred mesiacom
  • Did anybody else see Elige spank NAF?

    Pho KingPho KingPred mesiacom
    • @AJV Maple 47:23

      Pho KingPho KingPred mesiacom
    • Bro love

      Shitake myshroomsShitake myshroomsPred mesiacom
    • Time? Hehe

      AJV MapleAJV MaplePred mesiacom
  • Fallen is the most reliable AWPer in the Game, Zywoo, KennyS and many more are failing in the last time, but Mr. Consistent is definitely Fallen...

    MXMLNMXMLNPred mesiacom
    • Lol hell no. dev1ce is the most reliable by farrrrrrr

      sevenhelmetssevenhelmetsPred mesiacom
    • U see S1mple this year? He barely missed any shots

      Kender NicklasKender NicklasPred mesiacom
    • Faze broky is playing well

      Anthony AlexanderAnthony AlexanderPred mesiacom

      Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom

      Lucas DrugovichLucas DrugovichPred mesiacom
  • Stewie's game sense is getting more horrible day by day.. No offense.

    • You guys don't know his role

      andrei reyesandrei reyesPred mesiacom
    • Cause he plays valorant lol

      Wizard_EliteWizard_ElitePred mesiacom
  • You don't chase Zywoo, either he chase you and u run or if he rans, you stay where u r

    friendly porcupinefriendly porcupinePred mesiacom
    • @TheBlueSkull yes😂

      friendly porcupinefriendly porcupinePred mesiacom
    • 😂 no.1 right?

      TheBlueSkullTheBlueSkullPred mesiacom
  • 2:17 rpk almost runs out of mousepad turning 45 degrees XD

    Nate ReevesNate ReevesPred mesiacom
    • nice catch

      Rajiv RathodRajiv RathodPred mesiacom
    • True ahahah

      Pedro P.Pedro P.Pred mesiacom
    • Low sens players be like

      ShortLynxShortLynxPred mesiacom
  • damn I didn't realize apex was back

    MateoMateoPred mesiacom
  • im zywoo fan i hope he gets top 20 atleast this year...

    • @FisteInnit imagine seeing s1mple entryfragging or giving the awp to b1t on inferno?

      AMINE SOSAAMINE SOSAPred mesiacom
    • @AMINE SOSA so does simple?

      FisteInnitFisteInnitPred mesiacom
    • @FisteInnit you right but he gave up alot of positions on CT side and I see him sometimes going first to entry sites I think he doesn't care about top1 at all

      AMINE SOSAAMINE SOSAPred mesiacom
    • @AMINE SOSA lmao dude he already stoled Top 1 spot two times idk why are you scared about his perfomance..This already happened before..ZywOo always had slow start and at the end he somehow wins

      FisteInnitFisteInnitPred mesiacom
    • @Eli Juvan i hope so because apex is not setting him up well to get the best out of him and s1mple is starting so good this year no chance for my idol zywoo :(

      AMINE SOSAAMINE SOSAPred mesiacom
  • Liquid looks very good

    Francesko ShahinasiFrancesko ShahinasiPred mesiacom
  • Zylul is the problem.

    Big DODdeeeBig DODdeeePred mesiacom