Forging a GLOWING KATANA from a Rusty Leaf Spring (ASMR)

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Cyberpunk Katana V2! This was a really difficult project, I hope you guys enjoy the fruits of my labor :)




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  • I love collecting katanas and I only wish I could buy this sword. I know it would be expensive and probably something I can’t afford but I can dream lol. Also too the forger great work and awesome creativity that is what makes someone like me fall in love with the craftsmanship is when someone takes skill and applies their own aspect to something like a blade.

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  • This kitana looks similar to Genji video game in Asia lol

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  • Sorry everyone.i'm calling bullshit its not the same sword.when he hand forged it it got thin not the edge the spine.then we never see why or when he cut the tang off.the its thick again then he has to weld a new tang on.bullshit

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