CS:GO - Team Liquid vs. Astralis [Mirage] Map 2 - GRAND FINAL - ESL Pro League Odense Finals 2018

Denmark, we are back! The Season 8 Finals of the world’s longest running professional league for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will return to Odense, Denmark this December!

The sixteen best CS:GO teams from Europe, North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region will battle it out for a lion’s share of the US $1 million prize pool once again at the Sparekassen Fyn Arena on December 7-9 in front of one of the most passionate crowd we have ever seen!

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  • 32:12 taquinho debochado

    YeageristYeageristPred mesiacom
  • Dude this match perfectly shows why astralis is my favorite fucking team they just play so cleanly, xyp9x clutching that 1v4 by buying time, the dupreeh entry frag in that same round, they just play idk just perfectly

    ChonkyChonkyPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Should Astralis start banning Nuke or Vertigo instead of this map?

    joe cruzjoe cruzPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Holy shit, that's one of the most interesting matches I've ever seen. Those role swithches and what a performance from Gla1ve!

    berni2905berni2905Pred 6 mesiacmi
  • Im that crazy bearded guy yelling my lungs out in this crowd 👐🙌

    MrMaltheMrMalthePred 7 mesiacmi
  • I now understand why taco wears a hat

    Ieudkdi iduxkekrIeudkdi iduxkekrPred 7 mesiacmi

    Ace sassinAce sassinPred 8 mesiacmi

    Ace sassinAce sassinPred 8 mesiacmi
  • Hai aku penggemar berat csgo😄 Dan team liquid😍

    DhanY RashyaDhanY RashyaPred 9 mesiacmi

    Cristopher CarrilloCristopher CarrilloPred 10 mesiacmi
  • hallo

    Berg wardstrasseBerg wardstrassePred 10 mesiacmi
  • gooooooo astralis

    Bjarne JakobsenBjarne JakobsenPred 10 mesiacmi
  • Can any1 tell me the misc used in the 18th sec of the video

    Anudeep GuptaAnudeep GuptaPred 11 mesiacmi
  • I love how astralis are still favorites after losing their map pick that hard lol xD

    ThePartyKnifeThePartyKnifePred 11 mesiacmi
    • What

      Yman DayawonYman DayawonPred 10 mesiacmi
  • best game of CS ever

    Charles HastingsCharles HastingsPred 11 mesiacmi
  • Comment for team liquid | like for astralis

    yageryagerPred rokom
  • Should've put a seizure warning at the start

    YionYionPred rokom
  • P

    JSwitchJSwitchPred rokom
  • Unpopular opinion: device is overrated as fuck

    xUniqueDrugsxxUniqueDrugsxPred rokom
  • Its glave? No its glace xD

    DNazrin遊戲DNazrin遊戲Pred rokom
  • 45:33 best moment in the entire game

    KevinKevinPred rokom
  • Starts in 8:15

    Nicolás CanalesNicolás CanalesPred rokom
  • Like=liquid Comment=astralis

    Christian KvistChristian KvistPred rokom
  • 46:48 nitr0 buys a Negev by mistake...

    Williams MartinezWilliams MartinezPred rokom
    • Nah it was to be a reset so not mistakenly

      HunteR KHunteR KPred rokom
  • Thats how a leader should act if one of the players struggling.. Hyping the crowd Making the plays Taking the kills on the highest level

    Márk MáhnerMárk MáhnerPred rokom
  • G1ave ok ok chill

    Lasse MORTENSEN YTLasse MORTENSEN YTPred rokom
  • Clutch minister!

    XiaXiaPred rokom
  • australia is gonna be bald by next year

    owenowenPred rokom
  • 45:33 glaive on fire

    SarsourSarsourPred 2 rokmi
  • Starts at 8:19

    ssPred 2 rokmi
    • thanks!

      SarsourSarsourPred 2 rokmi
  • Astralis=Cocky shitters

    XzylasXzylasPred 2 rokmi
  • Incredible game this map, wow

    NillowNillowPred 2 rokmi
  • TACO should wear the beanie

    iHasQuadsiHasQuadsPred 2 rokmi
  • I wish they create called team soda or team alcohol lol even better if it is team water ahahaha

    Un revealUn revealPred 2 rokmi
  • 8:14

    redstone nub Gw2redstone nub Gw2Pred 2 rokmi
    • thanks man

      JansooBigJansooBigPred 8 mesiacmi
    • I love you bro

      1:28pm1:28pmPred 10 mesiacmi
    • Ty

      R0h!t RR0h!t RPred rokom
  • 42:33 That poor child's haircut.

    ssPred 2 rokmi
  • At 45:34 wipe out time in 5 seconds

    One StarOne StarPred 2 rokmi
  • dev1ce its the best one

    Ri_0t1Ri_0t1Pred 2 rokmi
  • device was getting roasted this whole game lmao

    carnifexcarnifexPred 2 rokmi
    • laughs in MVP :)

      Siddhesh SawantSiddhesh SawantPred 6 mesiacmi
    • everyone has their off game

      Admiral General AladeenAdmiral General AladeenPred 7 mesiacmi
  • so do pros use earbuds under their noise canceling headphones?

    carnifexcarnifexPred 2 rokmi
    • Yep. Earphones for the game, active noise cancelling headphones so they can actually play and for mics.

      just a random educated humanjust a random educated humanPred rokom
    • they r in ear headphones and the headphones are for the mic to speak to eachother and are extra noise cancelling

      VenturyVenturyPred rokom

    Simp GamingSimp GamingPred 2 rokmi
  • That 3 second ace... holy shit.

    Nanof UrbiznisNanof UrbiznisPred 2 rokmi
  • zypx Fo-----------rehead

    Rasmus KyyrönenRasmus KyyrönenPred 2 rokmi
  • Play of game to gla1ve for sh BTW Australis is best team ever IDC if they lose

    Jake WatsonJake WatsonPred 2 rokmi
  • Lucky For Astralis For Winning The Game 2 Unlike The Game 1

    ExtensiveExtensivePred 2 rokmi
  • Liquid plays with augs noobs

    AugustinasAugustinasPred 2 rokmi
    • Yep

      Victorgta429Victorgta429Pred 2 rokmi
  • anyone from DOTA? NAF looks like GH here.

    Tan LeTan LePred 2 rokmi
  • The balls on Astralis agreeing to restart the round to change the negev. They traded a free round for sportsmanship.

    yourbrother26yourbrother26Pred 2 rokmi
    • 46:46

      Richard Lloclla CardenasRichard Lloclla CardenasPred 10 mesiacmi
    • They don't need bs gimmicks to win, and also great sportsmanship

      Vengeance By VenomVengeance By VenomPred 10 mesiacmi
  • They will not upload the map Liquid won...?

    BrightNight88BrightNight88Pred 2 rokmi
  • 34:18 Haha, he claps juuuuuuust right.

    Gås SvenssonGås SvenssonPred 2 rokmi
  • 36:11 wii sports stadium

    JonnyMTJonnyMTPred 2 rokmi
  • this game was like a faking bitch

    TobcoTobcoPred 2 rokmi
  • All cheering for australis... Even commentator.. F**k australis

    muanpuia fanaimuanpuia fanaiPred 2 rokmi
  • Go liquid

    Bouchra BenyaminaBouchra BenyaminaPred 2 rokmi
  • WHAT VIEWMODEL IS THAT pls tell me it looks so sick

    lukelukePred 2 rokmi
    • I think its in widescreen : 16 10 Viewmodel_fov 68 Viewmodel_offset_ z -2

      JSwitchJSwitchPred rokom
  • Elige is a moron

    KiLLFoRYou HasbiKiLLFoRYou HasbiPred 2 rokmi
  • Sick match that was ..

    Pavlin ValyovskiPavlin ValyovskiPred 2 rokmi
  • Gla1ve's ace though...

    Vessel of the Lord, Slayer of HereticsVessel of the Lord, Slayer of HereticsPred 2 rokmi
  • "why take adderall when you can snort cocaine?" -glave

    skizskizPred 2 rokmi
  • 24:23 "fucking crowd"

    PurkkamummoPurkkamummoPred 2 rokmi
  • 46:30 am i the Only one that found that hilarius

    Esse WaxegårdEsse WaxegårdPred 2 rokmi
  • holy crap glaive that was sick.

    bboykenexbboykenexPred 2 rokmi
  • Kick Xypex.he is fucking noob cheater!!!fuck you astralis.

    Бакыт АсековБакыт АсековPred 2 rokmi
  • Device and Dupreeh...Black and White Awpp Duo.....Deadly and Dangerous.

    Aditya chakrabortyAditya chakrabortyPred 2 rokmi
  • chokequid

    372 stegee372 stegeePred 2 rokmi
  • give tarik back to fucking cloud 9 i want taco back in mibr

    Chubby OPChubby OPPred 2 rokmi
  • Liquid is a team of arrogant noobs

    Raman SinghRaman SinghPred 2 rokmi
    • They're the second best team in the world. What are you talking about?

      PieInYourFace #StreaXPieInYourFace #StreaXPred 2 rokmi
  • Crowd all astralis fanboys lol. Couldn't be more obvious

    Hilih KintilHilih KintilPred 2 rokmi
    • Enta Diga literally in denmark, cheering a danish team :)))

      OpWinstonOpWinstonPred rokom
  • Taco spray on magisk body after a clutch give them a L

    Liza taylorLiza taylorPred 2 rokmi
  • Crowd cheating on 24:00

    Liza taylorLiza taylorPred 2 rokmi
    • GaboCodz it just not smart.

      Jacob LensmireJacob LensmirePred 2 rokmi
  • Why aren't pros usimg the 10 second warning music on low volume for the bomb? Easy amd smart way to know if you have enough time to defuse without a kit

    Mr. WilmMr. WilmPred 2 rokmi
  • Heavy carry from gla1ve in CT side and xyp on T side.

    mota bhaimota bhaiPred 2 rokmi
  • 52:27 found Zyp9x dad

    Micke StrandMicke StrandPred 2 rokmi
  • Xyp9x uncle 😂😂

    Nagappa PattanashettiNagappa PattanashettiPred 2 rokmi
  • That one was sooooo unlucky for liquid. There were like 7 or 8 rounds that went right down to the wire and could have gone either way. Good fight though!

    DimöDimöPred 2 rokmi
  • TACO should be dropped. only one letting liquid down

    Danyal DanishDanyal DanishPred 2 rokmi
  • drug test gla1ve?

    Ian MurphyIan MurphyPred 2 rokmi
  • Simple wouldn’t give that awp up so easily, that’s what separates champions from prodigies.

    Darren FlemingDarren FlemingPred 2 rokmi
  • It's nice that the Negev is such a bad weapon, that a purchase of it warrants both teams immediately agreeing to restarting the round.

    ZimmermanZimmermanPred 2 rokmi
    • @azael No its not semi decent lol

      Andreas JensenAndreas JensenPred 11 mesiacmi
    • @Ricky 👌 my pleasure

      SarsourSarsourPred rokom
    • @Sarsour oh ok, thanks for clearing that up

      RickyRickyPred rokom
    • @Ricky or maybe as zimmerman said, the other team agreed to restart, which is allowed if that's the case

      SarsourSarsourPred rokom
    • @Ricky I don't think it's a rule, I actually was a bit surprised that they were allowed to restart the round. I would have thought that they would say something like "oh ,you bought that gun, so you're going to have to stick with it" but apparently it seems like mistakes like that are excusable somehow.

      SarsourSarsourPred rokom
  • magisk wall? kkkkkk 32:39

    Beer&GamesBeer&GamesPred 2 rokmi
    • Shut up noob silver

      Μανουσος ΠαυλακηςΜανουσος ΠαυλακηςPred 2 rokmi
  • Those braces worked for nitro

    mindbodylightsound10mindbodylightsound10Pred 2 rokmi
  • At least no lag like map 1

    Tsenguun OrkhonTsenguun OrkhonPred 2 rokmi
  • 45:33 pls

    查理charlie查理charliePred 2 rokmi
  • Holy shit, what a game from Gla1ve ...

    Wessel SWessel SPred 2 rokmi
  • Starts on 8:12

    AFG-AAFG-APred 2 rokmi
    • Thanks

      TomatoTomatoPred rokom
    • Thanks

      Teaching FeelingTeaching FeelingPred 2 rokmi