CS:GO - Astralis vs. Team Liquid [Mirage] Map 1 - GRAND FINAL - IEM Chicago 2018

The Intel® Extreme Masters has found its new home in North America and is coming to Chicago across the weekend of Nov 10 - 11, 2018. The top 16 CS:GO teams will fight for their share of $250,000 live from the Wintrust Arena, join us as we plant the flag in our new home for the next 3 years!

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  • 37:05 sound name?

    Aguz7inAguz7inPred 6 dňami
  • 34:28 and that on stupid for today silver 1 mistake the most noob move i have ever seen not only from a "pro" but from any player in this game what a joke

    Daniel IlibmanDaniel IlibmanPred 2 mesiacmi
    • yeah alright daniel,go win a major instead of them if you're so good

      Sub2KrysisSub2KrysisPred hodinou
  • Huge throw from liquid

    ManOfWarManOfWarPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Voltis

    Matias. CMatias. CPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Love how Astralis shut down the crowd of liquid

    Charly BrownCharly BrownPred 3 mesiacmi
  • What an intense match.

    Lostjoy IXLostjoy IXPred 3 mesiacmi
  • chutia liquid ! i had hopes man!!

    Shivam BankarShivam BankarPred 3 mesiacmi
  • 01:09:53 does anybody know if I can find that track on spotify or somehwere else? Shazam didn't find it....

    David AugsburgerDavid AugsburgerPred 4 mesiacmi
  • God Taco

    CharlesCharlesPred 5 mesiacmi
  • We're the people shouting USA?? Omg they are so annoying I mean it's team liquid not your goddamn country

    Utkarsh KumarUtkarsh KumarPred 5 mesiacmi
  • The painful oxygen lastly sniff because zoology correlatively excite per a sticky crate. goofy, bad sugar

    Darlene ThorntonDarlene ThorntonPred 5 mesiacmi
    • What in the actual fuck is this

      Renier BarnardRenier BarnardPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Maybe get some commentators who dont talk about just liquid all game

    Kevin YoungKevin YoungPred 9 mesiacmi
  • 25:37 anythimg4views?

    Sjsjs WejwjjeSjsjs WejwjjePred 9 mesiacmi
  • astralis are noob

    Ariq muhammadAriq muhammadPred 10 mesiacmi
  • Round 24 so sick wtf

    aintbeenhomeaintbeenhomePred 10 mesiacmi

    Tom NguyenTom NguyenPred 10 mesiacmi
  • 34:35

    이정재이정재Pred 10 mesiacmi
  • Did he say maggie-sk?

    Aditya GrewalAditya GrewalPred 11 mesiacmi
  • Can anyone say what is the track name used in 38:40

    Baresh.Baresh.Pred 11 mesiacmi
  • @sandersteneker check de match van 52:00

    Henk-Jan StenekerHenk-Jan StenekerPred 11 mesiacmi
  • The two guys on the thumbnail don't help with the stereotypes of the nerdy/simp appearance of gamers

    Petit panier d'osierPetit panier d'osierPred rokom
  • Help me? Im new to CS

    Carlos ARI RamirezCarlos ARI RamirezPred rokom
  • mad game

    Hossam DomaHossam DomaPred rokom
  • veo esto en el 2020, y veo que dupree era el sniper en ve de device , y twizzt en liuqid vaya vaya como cambian los tiemps

    Edu VrEdu VrPred rokom
  • if you have nothing else to do after the match, you can go check out my sick csgo clips: svcode.info/top/jaaGs2ihtot_h8k/video

    Follow another haynadeFollow another haynadePred rokom
  • 30:00 I almost had an heart attack

    Yogesh Meena_69Yogesh Meena_69Pred rokom
  • Naf is an alien??

    Ariq muhammadAriq muhammadPred rokom
  • Does anyone else ever get annoyed by the slight echo?

    CorbinCorbinPred rokom
  • Why some crowd chanting U.S.A. Majority player are not from the US

    Muhammad OthmanMuhammad OthmanPred rokom
    • US crowd tho. And liquid is a NA Organisation

      North American P 51 MUSTANGNorth American P 51 MUSTANGPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Post COVID-019, major will never be the same!

    Muhammad OthmanMuhammad OthmanPred rokom
  • I am newbie to pro scene, so may someone tell me why in second round they didnt buy weapons and armor, while having money for it?

    bigdeadanimalsbigdeadanimalsPred rokom
    • Because they nub 😆

      Yogesh Meena_69Yogesh Meena_69Pred rokom
    • buying items second round also largely depends on the economy of the other team and the amount of kills you got, say a player got an ace on the ct side he often will buy an m4 using it to win the round. Buying an m4 especially on the sedond round on ct side can be stupid though as money is already tight on that side and often why pistols and nades or smgs are bought second rpund

      WarriorWarriorPred rokom
    • @Eternity thank you

      bigdeadanimalsbigdeadanimalsPred rokom
    • Most teams only buy pistols on the second round so they can get a better buy in the rounds after that such as m4s with armor and famas's with armor, kit and utility.

      EternityEternityPred rokom
  • 12:18 sooooo lucky lmao

    AnibalPty07AnibalPty07Pred rokom
  • come let's go liquid? Why shout let's go liquid? It is incantation .

    王烁然王烁然Pred rokom
  • American here who roots for astralis

    footeythegreatfooteythegreatPred rokom
  • Astralis believes in strategy and tactics..more than raw power .. Thats what makes them a powerful and successful team.

    Pierce Through HeartPierce Through HeartPred rokom
  • Good video greetings from www.twitch.tv/sheriffoo7

    CSGO Sheriff_oo7CSGO Sheriff_oo7Pred rokom
  • 47:38 play it in 0.25 wtf csgo

    Evdal SalihuEvdal SalihuPred rokom
    • CSGO'D :/

      ZeckeXZeckeXPred rokom
  • Answer is Astralis won the Match...

    • Fuck you

      Pasca1xPasca1xPred rokom
  • what viewmodel uses the spectator?

    gghfmusc_ez gghfmusc_ezgghfmusc_ez gghfmusc_ezPred 2 rokmi
  • Astralis4Ever

    GabrielGabrielPred 2 rokmi
  • 16:20 youre welcome

    Trung NguyenTrung NguyenPred 2 rokmi
  • 16: 09

    ashish hembromashish hembromPred 2 rokmi
  • pressure give Astralia power

    花荣荣花荣荣Pred 2 rokmi
  • how does the camera know when to switch player? is it edited after? is there someone controling? or is there some kind of program controlling it?

    StuartStuartPred 2 rokmi
    • Prakash Sahu yeah it’s a whole thing, called observing, thye look at the minimap, and a whole bunch of stuff to know what’s happening

      VarelityVarelityPred rokom
    • @Jackson Parker One guy can do that? Really?

    • @Jackson Parker oh its like that?

      Han Tha TiHan Tha TiPred rokom
    • Stu Viv it’s a guy, he’s just trained to look for conflicts about to happen

      Jackson ParkerJackson ParkerPred 2 rokmi
  • Liquid choked

    AidogeAidogePred 2 rokmi
  • wtf pistol omegalul

    TaeWon ParkTaeWon ParkPred 2 rokmi
  • Where was this played in Chicago?

    • I think it's called the United center... thx

      SILO BAND NJSILO BAND NJPred 2 rokmi
    • United Center, Where the bulls play , They coming back in July

      Perfect TenPerfect TenPred 2 rokmi
  • 25:18 Best awp shot in CS GO i guess.

    Rajat GamingRajat GamingPred 2 rokmi
    • www.google.co.in/url?q=m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DIgRDr-EgsGY&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwie3NatiLrkAhVH7HMBHUQgAJUQtwIwAHoECAgQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3viS4oB7JTpYyaGxA4JL0f

  • OMG this is funny

    Astres NathanerAstres NathanerPred 2 rokmi
  • mért tiltottak ki a cs go bol

    levente Nágellevente NágelPred 2 rokmi
  • 16:21 gave me cancer

    Kentz HodionoKentz HodionoPred 2 rokmi
  • 25:16 thank me later

    ReboReboPred 2 rokmi
  • Do the teams hear the commentators talk?

    Quoc LeQuoc LePred 2 rokmi
    • @Afaka DAiNESE noise cancwlling headphones distance

      WarriorWarriorPred rokom
    • garbagio how?

      Afaka DAiNESEAfaka DAiNESEPred rokom
    • No..

      garbagiogarbagioPred 2 rokmi
  • we need stew.

    nattenattePred 2 rokmi
  • 16:00 the ace from taco

    Patrick SPatrick SPred 2 rokmi
  • 25:53 is that Surgical goblin?

    Б МуратБ МуратPred 2 rokmi
    • @PnuT it`s member of team liquid in clash royale

      Б МуратБ МуратPred 2 rokmi
    • mr. Leon wtf is a suicidal goblin

      PnuTPnuTPred 2 rokmi
  • Nitro has wall hacks

    Hemant ChettriHemant ChettriPred 2 rokmi
  • 57:00 Get Right ripoff

    Sam WuSam WuPred 2 rokmi
  • 54:30 Cutlery?

    Sam WuSam WuPred 2 rokmi
  • 15:12, Elige picking up the Galil thinking it was an AK47 :P

    Sam WuSam WuPred 2 rokmi
    • @Are5 DN it was Galil. He swaps back to M4 again.

      Kamal KhanalKamal KhanalPred 9 mesiacmi
    • it was an m4. check 15:18

      Are5 DNAre5 DNPred 10 mesiacmi
    • mad eyes xD

      Hossam DomaHossam DomaPred rokom
  • 10:10 what does the Astralis coach give to xyp9x?

    Vinay DeshmukhVinay DeshmukhPred 2 rokmi
    • Batsy isn’t that so your muscles relax from the heat, so you can aim better? Heat increases sweat

      VarelityVarelityPred rokom
    • Its called hand warmer, for reducing hand sweat

      BatsyBatsyPred 2 rokmi
  • Anybody knows the Astralis input music?

    Frederico FrantzFrederico FrantzPred 2 rokmi
    • did you found it ?

      VaapinqVaapinqPred rokom
  • 9:00

    Hans-Klaus-Dieter SchmidtHans-Klaus-Dieter SchmidtPred 2 rokmi
  • Unfortunately, the length of video pretty much gives away the ending. If there was some way to not know the length of these videos it would make for more suspense.

    Kirito KirigayaKirito KirigayaPred 2 rokmi
    • yeah but all the comments give away the winner anyways

      EdwinEdwinPred 9 mesiacmi
    • Watch it live...

      Jonathan MotesJonathan MotesPred 11 mesiacmi
    • Kirito Kirigaya I like the idea there, but maybe we could also fix the length to 2 hours a piece. There can be replays after the match as you suggest, and just a black screen to kill the rest of the time. Otherwise we would just subtract 20 from the timer and still spoil the match for outselves

      Landon ZaveskyLandon ZaveskyPred rokom
    • They should add an extra 20 minutes at the end replaying the last few games

      David BenkoDavid BenkoPred 2 rokmi
  • what is the song name for the liquid intro?? please

    red sutonred sutonPred 2 rokmi
  • Win liquid

    gho_uzz YTgho_uzz YTPred 2 rokmi
  • Starts at 9:00

    Perla MaderazoPerla MaderazoPred 2 rokmi
  • Kid at 16:21 doing take the L makes me want to die

    Davis CumminsDavis CumminsPred 2 rokmi
  • what the fuck was that pistol round

    NhifuuNhifuuPred 2 rokmi
  • 25:08 god damn, twist.

    D-K' CSD-K' CSPred 2 rokmi
  • Old school cs 1.5/1.6 used to have some ruthless pub-battles. Best multiplayer online battle ive ever been in was during that time. Hands down

    copsondonutscopsondonutsPred 2 rokmi
  • I feel bad for Xyp9x having to put up with those people

    Bram SteenhoekBram SteenhoekPred 2 rokmi
  • Astralis is awsome

    levilextvlevilextvPred 2 rokmi
  • 6:42

    NightHawkXBNightHawkXBPred 2 rokmi
  • Dafuq magayisk???

    Manas Pandey 068Manas Pandey 068Pred 2 rokmi
    • Magisk*

      Jakob GreneJakob GrenePred 2 rokmi
  • Fuck fortnite

    Amdi ShamdiAmdi ShamdiPred 2 rokmi
    • Got em

      Tobias JensenTobias JensenPred rokom
  • Ejkdjrjjskkaiqiuxsmsz vxzcdsjy v+6)+1-@8 Yewvcljadyvxajxgc dgv

    meee feemeee feePred 2 rokmi
    • Why even comment? It's useless.

      Răzvan MicuRăzvan MicuPred rokom
  • Why does Naf look like a chubby version of lauv

    Pizza ToymPizza ToymPred 2 rokmi
    • John Fuertes why does naf look like a sloth?

      TerbYernTerbYernPred 2 rokmi
  • NAF and 4 others vs. Astralis

    Lappland MappingLappland MappingPred 2 rokmi
  • usa sucks

    Lazy JonesLazy JonesPred 2 rokmi
    • Inadequate observation and conclusion. Go over the 10 of 18 tournaments, Astralis won in 2018. Then count how many of them were against Liquid in the finals. In 2019 they even added Stewie2k, and Taco went to Mibr: These two new lineups actually MAY have a chance against the Overlords imo.

      Stefan HolbekStefan HolbekPred 2 rokmi
  • Dupreeh always looks so damn smug haha

    JTD472JTD472Pred 2 rokmi
    • He is always ready for some norty jokes and pranks! ;O)

      Stefan HolbekStefan HolbekPred 2 rokmi
  • Liquid looking like they here to win..... Wooooooo

    Mohnish DuttaMohnish DuttaPred 2 rokmi
  • fuck astralis 10/10 need to fuck off

    MezzorioMezzorioPred 2 rokmi
  • Come back is real!!

    koookaokoookaoPred 2 rokmi
  • Fake Dont Pro's Hahaha

    Sky WalkerSky WalkerPred 2 rokmi
  • Why Naf always seems like sad ?

    Muhammed BildikMuhammed BildikPred 2 rokmi
    • @Trung Nguyen he is probably talking about adhd medication, it can make someone with adhd focus but you care alot less, many people will say you act like a zombie.

      Tcid EHTcid EHPred 3 mesiacmi
    • aniq gaming singaporelahh

      Ariq muhammadAriq muhammadPred 10 mesiacmi
    • @Ariq muhammad oi Malaysia kah

      hendra kurniawanhendra kurniawanPred 10 mesiacmi
    • Burger King prob an antivax too

      Jun-Woo PakJun-Woo PakPred 11 mesiacmi
    • Same wth u sad boy

      Ariq muhammadAriq muhammadPred rokom
  • What a great comeback

    Prima NaturaPrima NaturaPred 2 rokmi
  • liquid's 5th best map (54% winrate) also Astralis' 2nd worst (64% winrate)

    ValentineValentinePred 2 rokmi
    • sklupux 12243541 what do you mean lmao they sweeper faze in semifinal

      A globin that escaped from narniaA globin that escaped from narniaPred 11 mesiacmi
    • @niar HAHAHAHAHA

      thesnackbanditthesnackbanditPred rokom
    • 5th best is third worst. What are you talking about

      niarniarPred rokom
    • liquid is a bullshit

      sklupux 12243541sklupux 12243541Pred rokom
  • My goodness they sit close af to their monitors.

    Running DebateRunning DebatePred 2 rokmi
    • @rud I wouldn't say playing video games in pushing your body to it's limits. Pretty sure these guys are hitting Max Heart Rate and burning tons of calories..... The way you say it is these guys are working their bodies as much as someone running a marathon.

      Running DebateRunning DebatePred rokom
    • Its the bad side of being a pro at something. You are a million hours pushing your body to the limits, and thats very bad for your body.

      rudrudPred rokom
  • u america u lose... lol device did which guardian didnt ;;;;

    Dynamite ArenaDynamite ArenaPred 2 rokmi
    • Exactly, device did which guardian didn't. Guardian is much better AWPer than him, and even been AWPer of the year 2015, but his performance is less than people's expectations. Guardian is my favourite AWPer but Device is my favourite defensive AWPer.

    • English much?

      BruhBruhPred 2 rokmi
    • wtf

      Peter JuraPeter JuraPred 2 rokmi
  • NAF tem kra de drogado ;-;

    S 4 M U C 4 :/S 4 M U C 4 :/Pred 2 rokmi
  • dislikers are Liquid fans

    32mace32macePred 2 rokmi
  • Astralis is on fucking fire This year :o

    Yassinox BlackoutYassinox BlackoutPred 2 rokmi
  • What?? Astralis?? The way they were playing at the beginning were so bad...but at the end they just smashed it!

    Soumyaneel MannaSoumyaneel MannaPred 2 rokmi
  • 56:33 2000iq

    MayKayMayKayPred 2 rokmi
    • MayKay Nice comeback liquid fan

      Mathias Møller SørensenMathias Møller SørensenPred 2 rokmi
  • 34:40 silvers !!

    MayKayMayKayPred 2 rokmi
    • @Bram Steenhoek me too, becouse he happened once

      Eloy DavidEloy DavidPred 2 rokmi
    • I feel bad for Xyp9x

      Bram SteenhoekBram SteenhoekPred 2 rokmi
  • Yeah that trophy will broke...

    Vico ArifVico ArifPred 2 rokmi
  • 1:07:45 that spray from Magisk is STUPID good

    Russian WalkRussian WalkPred 2 rokmi
    • There is actually some "tip from the pro's" video where he talks about spray control. He also said in another interview that he had been "working on his own game" outside the training sessions with the team. Goes to show what it takes to become the best ... and then STAY up there when everybody else is chasing you!

      Stefan HolbekStefan HolbekPred 2 rokmi
    • I think he has the best spray in CSGO at the moment imo.

      Yukari MAiGYukari MAiGPred 2 rokmi
  • Naf showed up taco showed up and the others were just them self's what happens?

    Hua MengerHua MengerPred 2 rokmi
    • Yeah. Hahaha

  • Songs?

    Afonso SilvaAfonso SilvaPred 2 rokmi
    • Afonso Silva asi styla-Annem

      Muhammed BildikMuhammed BildikPred 2 rokmi