Astralis vs Spirit - IEM Katowice - HIGHLIGHTS l CSGO

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  • FaZe vs FURIA:

    Matz - CSGO ChannelMatz - CSGO ChannelPred mesiacom
    • @Billie Goes I am trying it out now. Looks good so far.

      Ligia TensleyLigia TensleyPred 26 dňami
    • Dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google xD

      Billie GoesBillie GoesPred 26 dňami
    • @Insanty Insanty Online cs in a nutshell

      tngsnowtngsnowPred mesiacom
    • Cs is finished.. just cheaters

      Insanty InsantyInsanty InsantyPred mesiacom
  • The wandering chimpanzee endogenously manage because food reassuringly roll failing a scrawny computer. changeable, gabby raft

    Kevin GonzalezKevin GonzalezPred 10 dňami
  • i no like russion team,but i hate astralis)

    darhan daleldarhan dalelPred 17 dňami
  • i like this 15:0)

    darhan daleldarhan dalelPred 17 dňami
  • 15-0 then spirit never dies song..i see what u did there ESL!

    Ashish BhattAshish BhattPred 19 dňami
  • gj

    Tee7siTee7siPred mesiacom
  • The overrated airport superfamily twist because malaysia allegedly nail anenst a unknown chance. weary, ahead david

    Jacob DumasJacob DumasPred mesiacom
  • That was the most insane defeat of astralis ever and it was from a team I didnt even know abt lol

    CytrackCytrackPred mesiacom
  • dont mess with russians on d2

    exoduzexoduzexoduzexoduzexoduzexoduzPred mesiacom
  • TSM was really decimated in the last match

    Dedi ZulmiDedi ZulmiPred mesiacom
  • Gg to astralis they be laughing taking it chill man

    Strahinja NesicStrahinja NesicPred mesiacom
  • I used "tothemoon" as an affilate on csgoroll and they gave me 2$ because of the stock market meme right now lol

    Michael KirchnerMichael KirchnerPred mesiacom
  • I had to recheck the scores. Yup, its 15-0.

    Jogie Glen MaitJogie Glen MaitPred mesiacom
  • Navi vs liquid was better

    wysiwygmewysiwygmePred mesiacom
  • lmao unreal

    Gabriel RamillanoGabriel RamillanoPred mesiacom
  • Astralis Not in there real form

    Angelo BillonesAngelo BillonesPred mesiacom
  • HOW!? hope the other teams can learn something from Spirit's performance

    q4shortq4shortPred mesiacom
  • *CIS counter strike will dominate this and next year!*

    PsYcooticPsYcooticPred mesiacom
  • 322 astralis

    dwiky giovannidwiky giovanniPred mesiacom
  • If Fallen was on Astralis, my guy would full blown off on all of his social media accounts saying "Team spirit is hacking".

    EllieElliePred mesiacom
  • 10:46 hahahahaha wh wtf

    Mikołaj MaciejewskiMikołaj MaciejewskiPred mesiacom
    • Silver spotted

      Švédský BezdomovecŠvédský BezdomovecPred mesiacom
  • team spirit mir mir = Dragon ( Korean )

    방탕주넨단방탕주넨단Pred mesiacom
  • Spirit same russain hackers at MM

    sick gaming_TVsick gaming_TVPred mesiacom
  • Magixx > Magisk

    Baxtiyor YusupovBaxtiyor YusupovPred mesiacom
  • Team SNG

    Сергей БабанковСергей БабанковPred mesiacom
  • This was amazing to watch live, personally I'm really tired of this Astralis era I hope they gets knocked out early.

    PeterPengProductionsPeterPengProductionsPred mesiacom
  • 39:02 look how chopper read their minds, how he took the perfect route in Long A so that Glaive could not hear him. What a player.

    Cuong TrieuCuong TrieuPred mesiacom
  • 38:20 finally xD

    uung Sar.unguung Sar.ungPred mesiacom
  • Dev1ce Xyp9x And Magisk are not preforming good they just giveaway frag to enemy its only dupreeh and gla1ve doing good

    MuzanMuzanPred mesiacom
  • rekt astralis :O

    Gustavo EchevarriaGustavo EchevarriaPred mesiacom
  • 3:33 sus moment by device

    PachencoPachencoPred mesiacom
  • Magis - magis Twist - twist Niko - Niko Csgo very familiar, huh

    Safari NetSafari NetPred mesiacom
  • I wasnt expecting that.. I mean for the running months, Team Spirit has been so great to watch.. But this.. Against the tyrants.. damn.. gg

    Are5 DNAre5 DNPred mesiacom
  • It's funny to see that "Astralis" actually abled to saved their asses by (1-15). GG Team "Spirit".

    Raja ChowdharyRaja ChowdharyPred mesiacom
  • "Astralis" demolished completely. Hell yeah for the team "Spirit".

    Raja ChowdharyRaja ChowdharyPred mesiacom
  • I wasn't expecting that i know degster is sick but i was like yeah astralis will win to them and then this happened 😂

    Gayas AnsaRiGayas AnsaRiPred mesiacom
  • Bcz against Astralis this will be History....

    Bankerlang NongdharBankerlang NongdharPred mesiacom
  • Act astralis throw game . They do not want meet navi at semifinals . U all can see playoffs chart. Next astralis will meet VP then TL in semi if their win against VP

    Azizi KhalafAzizi KhalafPred mesiacom
  • I'm an Astralis fan, but after Deg's AWP on Inferno, I wanted them to win. Was not disappointed after map 3.

    FullyLaidBackFullyLaidBackPred mesiacom
  • Magisk vs Magixx

    Raja ChowdharyRaja ChowdharyPred mesiacom
  • Damn. I did not expect that. Such a good game. Kinda felt like watch the infamous Germany - Brazil game. Destroyed.

    Nikhil NairNikhil NairPred mesiacom
  • Dust2 CSGO any% speedrun.

    HeriHeriPred mesiacom
  • Біләәәә пиздец ойын болдығой бұл деген шшсс

    Software engineer ITSoftware engineer ITPred mesiacom
  • Welcome to CIS Era!

    Izhak ShternIzhak ShternPred mesiacom
  • "Team Bloody Spirit"

    Yanfeng LiuYanfeng LiuPred mesiacom
  • not an astralis fan but they lost it on purpose they're scared of navi i think they will have more chance playing in bo 5 againts navi

    Fear CriseFear CrisePred mesiacom
  • Astralis?

    Batmunkh DemberelBatmunkh DemberelPred mesiacom
  • Chokestralis

    s zs zPred mesiacom
  • Dejavu

    Kkk HaKkk HaPred mesiacom
  • Пацаны абастралис :)

    GERONIMO!GERONIMO!Pred mesiacom
  • 16-1 lmao 🤣🤣

    O2jam GamingO2jam GamingPred mesiacom
  • Did they throw?

    MaximusMaximusPred mesiacom
  • Well when astralis are always winning you hate that for sure, but when they lose 1match you are like they are noobs .. Put some respect on astralis they have 4majors, tons of tournaments won .. And what happens when they lose 16-1 .. you call them noobs.. Not true mb the calls didnt work out mb the focus was not there .. It happens you cannot put a hate on astralis they will comeback much stronger then you will cheer for them again ..

    The EmperorThe EmperorPred mesiacom
  • degster is too good

    GanyXGanyXPred mesiacom
  • 15:1 lametable f

    EstuduanEstuduanPred mesiacom
  • i gonna consider it a 16-0 .. cuz its worth it

    neil john elizardeneil john elizardePred mesiacom
  • хахахахахахха 16:1 боже я ОРУУУ

    basic gdbasic gdPred mesiacom
  • Maybe, astralis is ibuypowered?

    Romance DawnRomance DawnPred mesiacom
  • Spirit '16' - Astral'1's

    Leo AndradeLeo AndradePred mesiacom
  • 4000€ thx to spirit

    Just IceJust IcePred mesiacom
  • The king has fallen

    IZZI 12-2IZZI 12-2Pred mesiacom
  • 16:40 q q o Boltz tá fazendo ali?

    Enrater 123Enrater 123Pred mesiacom
  • 16:40 I thought that he was in Mibr, what is boltz doing there?

    Enrater 123Enrater 123Pred mesiacom
  • damn wtf was this LMFAO

    LaxeLaxePred mesiacom
  • it's called a rigged game....more money from the gg bet world in their pokets

    bogdan vebbogdan vebPred mesiacom
  • i like how 2 astralis members have 4 titan holo and ibp blue gem crsfts and they got destroyed by a dude using a vanilla m4a1s

    hjorseduck Ahjorseduck APred mesiacom
  • Spirit made astralis look like silvers on dust2

    miguel aguirremiguel aguirrePred mesiacom
  • Astralis gets de_stroyed

    n33nja10n33nja10Pred mesiacom
  • Wtf how much is dupree's ak?? 10k??? Maybe more??

    henry john sablanhenry john sablanPred mesiacom
  • Astralis:*ENCE FLASHBACKS*

    balaubolundbalaubolundPred mesiacom
  • Rape videos are not allowed on youtube, please remove it.

    Art LosArt LosPred mesiacom
  • Who said Astralis is #1 clan in the world? LOL I laughed so much. Thank you Spirit for making a joke of Astralis!!!

    Art LosArt LosPred mesiacom
  • Ez peezy astralis squeezy

    Arion MjArion MjPred mesiacom
  • Sdy has been a performer throughout the series, and he has the potential to be one of the best in the future.

    Harrison HsuHarrison HsuPred mesiacom
  • I know g2 will choke, but astralis?? Well at least u have a friend to share the pain for now g2🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ale DemeterAle DemeterPred mesiacom
  • mir hardware cheat!

    ᴋᴀʀᴇʟᴋᴀʀᴇʟPred mesiacom
    • Check him pc

      S VedS VedPred mesiacom
  • El famoso "Se agrando Chacarita"

    Bruno OchoaBruno OchoaPred mesiacom
  • Astralis so bad OMEGALUL

    MrGruxLikeMrGruxLikePred mesiacom
  • "Sometimes your enemies just have a good day"

    SnehasishSnehasishPred mesiacom
  • 2 weeks after katowice ends Spirit get banned

    ErvinErvinPred mesiacom
    • Don't cry baby, CIS cs is here to stay

      stu shistu shiPred mesiacom
  • В финале могут встретиться как нави-ликвид, так и спирит-астралис. Чтото мне подсказывает, что результаты в обоих матчах будут противоположные.

    thf russiathf russiaPred mesiacom
  • Well played spirit !!

    Berrin JoeBerrin JoePred mesiacom
  • 39:08 :o

    NSDNSDPred mesiacom
  • Degster watches arT clips for breakfast

    Dhana JonDhana JonPred mesiacom
  • 6 to 1 odds and Astralis ALMOST gets fucking 16-0'd on Dust 2. This is just astonishing

    Lucas MontenegroLucas MontenegroPred mesiacom
  • 4 major btw

    dasdsadas yywsgsdgddasdsadas yywsgsdgdPred mesiacom
  • Incredible performance from Spirit oO

    Lu LoLu LoPred mesiacom
  • How come this no name team beat one of the best

    William HarfouchWilliam HarfouchPred mesiacom
    • Its a top15 team with quite expirenced players

      S VedS VedPred mesiacom
  • There's no way that D2 game was legit... right? They've must have gotten their hands on some special gaming chairs.

    Sah TotheHillSah TotheHillPred mesiacom
  • 6 teams play off and 4 CIS team wtf?)

    Fed BowFed BowPred mesiacom
  • First time astralis got destroyed in dust2.

    Fritz GastonFritz GastonPred mesiacom
    • Nope Navi destroyed them in Dust 2

  • 9:44 that glitch

    vinayakvinayakPred mesiacom
  • Damn respect sdy he was showing his insta followers only 2k but they defeated astralis

    ScreamScreamPred mesiacom
    • Sdy

      liolioPred mesiacom
  • Botlaive 0-0-7

    Eano SprigganEano SprigganPred mesiacom
  • Wtf magixx is 17 years old

    NasH HashNasH HashPred mesiacom
  • sad reaction for Astralis fans who watch dust 2 match on live.

    Hiro 2kHiro 2kPred mesiacom
    • @Zhenyu Lu yeah me as 100% sure 😂😂💔...thought this game would be ez win for them,but then this happened lmao

      Hiro 2kHiro 2kPred mesiacom
    • It was so painful to watch them play. They played great on inferno and train the game was competitive but dust was just something else. I have never seen astralis get destroyed so hard

      Arth DawareArth DawarePred mesiacom
    • real astralis fans might not even watch this game😂😂😂 as they thought this would be an automatic win for Astralis

      Zhenyu LuZhenyu LuPred mesiacom
  • это пздц

    Евгений ИсайковЕвгений ИсайковPred mesiacom

    That Iron 1 In a gold 3 matchThat Iron 1 In a gold 3 matchPred mesiacom
  • The CIS era has begun. 4 teams from this region are in play-offs, while only one team from NA and Europe.

    Jakhangir KhaydaroffJakhangir KhaydaroffPred mesiacom
  • I'm getting astralis vs faze vibes from 2019, just in this case it's them being destroyed, its ok you can't win everything lol

    sanyukta bathamsanyukta bathamPred mesiacom