CS:GO - Gambit Esports vs. Virtus.pro [Vertigo] Map 1 - IEM Katowice 2021 - Grand-Final

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  • Why do they walk with their knifes out..

    KukiKukiPred dňom
  • hobbit looks high

    simon toonsimon toonPred mesiacom
    • He probably was lol

      Tolic MarinkoTolic MarinkoPred 7 dňami
  • 53:21 these 4k were wild

    nobody.nobody.Pred mesiacom
  • I was totally hyped up for this, until I saw it´s VERTIGO.... that´s like playing a round of fortnite in the middle of a PUBG tourney :( Stop playing this shit map skipped to the next.

    Nick RaNick RaPred mesiacom
    • Better than nuke in every way

      Filip GasicFilip GasicPred mesiacom
  • 19:00 hobbit ducking irl 🤣

    Hannes THannes TPred mesiacom
  • Where is buster from?

    mehrdad mahdavimehrdad mahdaviPred mesiacom
    • @Sabur Z in asia?

      Rafaelyori RafaelyoriRafaelyori RafaelyoriPred 22 dňami
    • Kazakhstan. do u know where it is? 😀

      Sabur ZSabur ZPred mesiacom
  • Vp walling

    MuzanMuzanPred mesiacom
    • it's funny you say that I literally came to the conclusion that Gambit very well MIGHT have been cheating... I did actually just give them credit until I really sat back and thought... so ALL of the CIS teams come out blazing.... not super weird but something... than 2 pretty inexperienced team outside of hobbit... certainly carried themselves well and barely lost a map... and 3 and this is the one thats really off... this Shero Clutch record... like common S1mple had the record and it took like DOUBLE the maps and this kid comes out of nowhere and WRECKS like almost silly in terms of a percentage and as soon as it really started being noticed.. It very quickly fizzled out... And axile was super up and down had a few moments of ehhhh... But generally I don't think there is cheating on this level... just when it's online anything is possible... PREY 4 LANS

      THA KID SBTHA KID SBPred mesiacom
    • Sometimes your opponent is just having a really good day

      Pianochess 1Pianochess 1Pred mesiacom
    • @Muzan its clear as sun, his cursor is 24/7 on the players or the walls they are going to peek from...

      Abdulrahman Mustafa Abu-SamraAbdulrahman Mustafa Abu-SamraPred mesiacom
    • @Abdulrahman Mustafa Abu-Samra like wtf how can ur map knowledge be so strong that u know he’s exactly there

      MuzanMuzanPred mesiacom
    • I couldnt stop replaying every round in this game, sanji's clutch was actually all wall hacks...this game gave me a headache...how can this go unnoticed...

      Abdulrahman Mustafa Abu-SamraAbdulrahman Mustafa Abu-SamraPred mesiacom
  • 49:03 bruh you sneak into the corner .... they have been pushing ramp close and ur gonna throw 2 utli like dude shoot them

    Charske VlogsCharske VlogsPred mesiacom
    • my thoughts exactly, i have no idea why he tossed nades especially when the smoke was receeding

      ZestyZestyPred mesiacom
    • @UBuK - no but it’s funny how bad they can be, they know he’s super aggro and they know ur setups and it’s obv that util makes you be able to get killed easily

      Charske VlogsCharske VlogsPred mesiacom
    • he is noob you should be in his place

      UBuK -UBuK -Pred mesiacom