Gambit vs. Natus Vincere (Map 1 - Overpass) [GRAND FINAL] DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 | CS:GO

Gambit vs. Natus Vincere (Map 1 - Overpass) DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 | CS:GO
Map 2 (Dust 2)
Map 3 (Train)

Complete DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 playlist:

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    • @Mahad Mirza if you want to watch the game for it’s suspense etc, watch it live on twitch or just watch from the twitch vod so that way you are unable to tell how long the match goes on for. I’m here to upload the vod’s of the matches, If I add a spoiler alert I am hurting my channel in terms of growth and viewership. It’s also unfair to make those who subscribed for quick uploads wait longer because people want a spoiler prevention, hope you understand!

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
    • Please add spoiler alert please

      Mahad MirzaMahad MirzaPred mesiacom
  • This is the navi I wanted to see in action lets go

    SKORPID -TMSKORPID -TMPred mesiacom
  • When gambit isn't cheating.. leewl

    George MarashilianGeorge MarashilianPred mesiacom

    Mohammad YasirMohammad YasirPred mesiacom
  • Could you please remove a few of the advertisements? I understand, thats the way you profit from your great work, but watching an ad every other round is mildly infuriating to me. Maybe put 1-2 unskippable ads at the start/end and the halftime and max 1-2 ads in between the rounds? Because in the end, I love watching your almost live uploads and would like to continue, but maybe with a bit less ads? :) keep up the good work!

    DaddeldidaDaddeldidaPred mesiacom
  • Why no spoiler extension??

    timo8solontimo8solonPred mesiacom
  • Who's your favorite player bro ?

    Shpetim MulajShpetim MulajPred mesiacom
    • Huge fan of flameZ, blameF, Degster, a few more!

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
  • check 19:00 in 0.25

    ZveRskiuZveRskiuPred mesiacom
  • I really wish you could bring back the anti spoiler :( I unsubscribed because without it there's basically no need for these videos at all, i can just watch the ones esl upload themselves.

    Johan LindbergJohan LindbergPred mesiacom
    • @Johan Lindberg Anti spoilers are ok, i liked them also. But you said: " I unsubscribed because without it there's basically no need for these videos at all, i can just watch the ones esl upload themselves. " That's not constructive criticism, kinda blackmailing him.

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    • Maybe this is true, but including an anti spoiler mainly hurts my channel, it may improve the quality of viewership for some viewers, but at the end of the day the main goal is to provide the vods for the matches, not provide a near live viewing expirience, hope that helps!

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    • @Sedin Hajric I'm not "bashing" his work and I've seen other channels with anti spoilers before. I see that a lot of people agree with me and all of us would watch more of his content if he had the anti spoiler. It's just constructive criticism.

      Johan LindbergJohan LindbergPred mesiacom
    • Then wait for it. No need to Bash someones effort and work. He was the First to actually add those, basically you didnt know it exists before.

      Sedin HajricSedin HajricPred mesiacom
  • why is there billions and milions ads? :'(

    Mike CorleoneMike CorleonePred mesiacom
    • The ads make it so you can watch it for free. If you watched the original twitch stream there are also ads.

      Fortnite Team Rumble - LenapFortnite Team Rumble - LenapPred mesiacom
  • Can you please add anti spoiler blackscreen atleast at grand finals no need for normal matches

    Jméno PříjmeníJméno PříjmeníPred mesiacom
  • Can't wait for the rest of the series Let's go navi!

    Beers GamingBeers GamingPred mesiacom
  • Is it possible to upload in original quiality? I seems like every stream has a bit blurry. Not only yours upload. Is it youtube which down-converts? I mean, the quality is better at the live stream?

    Kristoffer PedersenKristoffer PedersenPred mesiacom
    • @Sparkk i mean youtube compresses so twitch compression on top of yt compression so yeah with fast movement dark scenes and smokes look blurry cus of the bit rate

      Stephen PonnetStephen PonnetPred mesiacom
    • Well it's directly sourced from twitch, I always find overpass and inferno get a bit fuzzy when there is a lot of action (fast camera movements) but if you look at the HUD it's still 1080p so it's just how the gameplay is streamed!

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
    • @Sparkk Yes I have selected 1080p but it’s more blurry than on Twitch. Can someone explain why?

      Kristoffer PedersenKristoffer PedersenPred mesiacom
    • This is the best quality available (1080p) It's the same quality at which the stream is streamed at!

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
  • Thanks! But I miss the black anti spoiler I saw you once made!

    Kristoffer PedersenKristoffer PedersenPred mesiacom
    • Yeah mate, me too

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    • Way longer render time without anything in it for him. So just mere logic that he stopped.

      GGgamersGGgamersPred mesiacom
    • @Kristoffer Pedersen but an unnecessary effort.

      GGgamersGGgamersPred mesiacom
    • @GGgamers Sometimes I pause the video....... I could also just watch it live, then the entire upload is unnecessary...... It's just a cool feature - started by the uploader self....

      Kristoffer PedersenKristoffer PedersenPred mesiacom
    • Unnecessary effort for him. If you do not want to be spoiled you should watch the entire stream back.

      GGgamersGGgamersPred mesiacom
  • Please add spoiler alert please

    Mahad MirzaMahad MirzaPred mesiacom
    • You mean anti spoiler as black screen?

      Kristoffer PedersenKristoffer PedersenPred mesiacom
  • first comment of great grand finale . guess my subscriber ?

    TRAPTRAPPred mesiacom
    • Up now! I'm lithuanian but living in the UK!

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
    • @Sparkk map 2? where are you from ?

      TRAPTRAPPred mesiacom
    • 37.9K :P

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom