Three Years of Primitive Skills at the Hut (The last video)

In August of 2017 I made my first adobe brick. A few months later I had made at least 170 adobe bricks and used them to construct a strong adobe hut with a thatched roof. During the following three years I worked on many bushcraft projects to improve the quality of life at the adobe hut while exploring survival skills of native peoples.

This is the final video featuring this adobe hut. It is a compilation of almost ever project that I filmed at the hut. While this chapter of the adventure ends, I am embarking on a new adventure and I invite you to follow along this exciting journey as I seek to establish a new and better settlement in a different location. I just want to say THANK YOU for these amazing three years. It has been an immense blessing!

Fine Art by me:

Protect your feet while allowing them to be free with my two favorite sandals:
Luna Sandals are the original sandals that I've worn on my adventures:

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  • when you're making food in the wild: 10/10, would not eat again.

    Gabriella YaksichGabriella YaksichPred 30 minútami
  • What was so nice at the stone age time......, I´m happy that I don´t need to do thoose stuff....

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  • 12:09 is how he stays warm at night.

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  • Comments of this video: 90% Video game nerds who always wanted to be cool but they cant stop getting that last lvl to be virtual cool... 5% terraforming comments 4% Russian and spanish comments 1% random

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  • Когда поехал с батей на рыбалку с ночёвкой

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  • Where dpes this guy get his protein to do this and be lifting out in the wild? Im also wondering how he charges his equipment. Im jist gonna guess this was a weekend type of project he kept up. Anyway, this is still awesome.

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  • 07:19 Kinda SUS

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  • When the world ends these are the types of people that will survive

    pyokka 표카pyokka 표카Pred 2 hodinami
    • Exactly, so many people have lost the skills needed to thrive in nature.

      Northern Embers Camp-craft & Outdoor CookingNorthern Embers Camp-craft & Outdoor CookingPred 2 hodinami
  • So nice!

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  • Mans really started a hardcore survival world in real life💀

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  • in a hundred thousand years or two, they will find your hut and question how did this hut exist in information age. so i hope you be kind to them and leave a message "i did it for youtube LOL"

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  • Its insanely crazy how much humanity has changed.

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  • 12:09 On the right Barbarian who used Int as his dump stat. On the left, Barbarian who didnt.

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  • вот так мы и вернёмся в каменный век. Есть только 1 проблема.. люди без цивилизации дичают а потом погода испортилась, еды нет и чо делать? нападать на соседей. До сих пор племена воюют друг с другом. Сказку про трёх поросят не читали видимо.

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  • Through these hard years he's turned into a Brad

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  • I spent 5 years in the Marines, and I could have had a LOT easier time if I had watched this before I went into a desert for 8 months. It would have at least been more accommodating. But I am almost 100% certain that if they let Marines make their own food they will end up poising themselves. . . I still hate certain M.R.E. meals. Mainly the cheese tortellini. I would rather get poisoned that eat that. THANKS FOR SHARING! LOVED RUFO INSTA!!

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  • Plot twist: "Surprise, it's just outside my house, imma go home when it's dark."

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  • Plot twist: he comes back to society only to find we all are in lockdown and a deadly virus is killing millions. (could be worse, it could be zombies) Also, it is impossible to keep that physique with that diet.

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  • I did not know that nopales are eaten there too, greetings from Mexico

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    • probably nearly impossible to be vegetarian unless you're setup incredibly well. there aren't many vegetarian sources of protein, and they would be hard to get enough of

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