CS:GO - FaZe Clan vs. OG [Mirage] Map 1 - IEM New York 2020 - Grand Final - EU

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    edric alegreedric alegrePred 4 dňami
  • #FazeClanWin

    Ivan JedrickIvan JedrickPred mesiacom
  • 35:00 lmao

    FrançoisFrançoisPred mesiacom
  • I watch this to just go to sleep

    Dark Slayer16Dark Slayer16Pred mesiacom
  • svcode.info/top/haynlXt4zZ-Fm6c/video

    FSA HardSoftFSA HardSoftPred mesiacom
  • my name jeff

    Karl Anton ÖstevindKarl Anton ÖstevindPred 2 mesiacmi
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    คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบคฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I suck ass at CS:GO so seeing people like this puts my self-esteem to hell lol

    Wow I Got Black IceWow I Got Black IcePred 2 mesiacmi
  • Niko is dangerous with that deagle

    DidrikDidrikPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Shitty announcers this time around. They just could not stay focused.

    FoxByte XxFoxByte XxPred 3 mesiacmi
  • 35:00 lol

    YaggerYaggerPred 3 mesiacmi
  • I would of loved to have that observer be an announcer

    FctrFctrPred 3 mesiacmi
  • I downloaded cs today lol. It's my first fps game on my laptop.

    Improve Every secondImprove Every secondPred 4 mesiacmi
    • @Improve Every second r u still enjoying it?

      ReallyDomReallyDomPred mesiacom
    • @Improve Every second work on your crosshair placement and movement once you get comfortable with the gameplay and try customising your config later ! :)

      Nuke_leUSNuke_leUSPred mesiacom
    • @Cloudy Tug i am actually loving it

      Improve Every secondImprove Every secondPred 4 mesiacmi
    • Aye, hope your enjoying it, youll likley start hating it within a few months but be addicted so torture yourself by playing even though you arent even sure if you like it

      Cloudy TugCloudy TugPred 4 mesiacmi
  • I'm just getting into CSGO, could anyone explain why their crosshairs never seem to move apart? My guns were so inaccurate. I tried googling it in case it was a competitive setting. Thanks

    Bob nobBob nobPred 4 mesiacmi
    • Or you can just get crashz crosshair workshop map In steam

      Tezcat ShuuTezcat ShuuPred 26 dňami
    • Bob nob sorry I'm super late! I think you're actually conflating two things here. The crosshair we see not "moving apart" is a spectator setting. The crosshair displayed by the stream observer is not actually the one the players can see. Regardless of that, many players use a static crosshair, i.e. one that doesn't move apart even when the gun is inaccurate. The players in pro matches don't use different settings than regular folks (there used to be different round lengths and bomb times, but this got adjusted, and everyone plays on the same configuration now). As far as accuracy goes -- you're right, crouching helps somewhat, but not moving is the most important part! Of course, this can be complicated when you just moved to clear an angle. For this, intermediate players and beyond employ a technique called "counter strafing", i.e. after strafing to the right, they tap A to quickly decelerate, and vice versa. This allows players to come to a stop almost immediately and thus fire with full accuracy. All of this is out of the window when you're playing with SMGs (think Mac10 or MP9 on the ct side) - with them, you play an essentially entirely different game. Accuracy is rather weak on them anyways, so you use that to your advantage, try to get close to your enemy, all while moving about making yourself as hard to hit as possible. But you wouldn't play this way with a rifle.

      MartinMartinPred mesiacom
    • Plus bloom is insane in this game

      Jack ReynoldsJack ReynoldsPred 2 mesiacmi
    • You can change it in settings to be more accurate

      Jack ReynoldsJack ReynoldsPred 2 mesiacmi
    • @Bob nob yes you have to stand still and shoot in csgo for the bullets to go straight BUT dont forget the recoil on the guns

      DidrikDidrikPred 3 mesiacmi
  • 27:50 sus 👀

    Branden BlackfordBranden BlackfordPred 4 mesiacmi
    • Go watch a full replay of one of your games with X-ray on and see how sus you look. You’d be surprised how often you accidentally have good timing or aim at people you didn’t know where there lol.

      Dyl With ItDyl With ItPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Round 2 and all i can think is these commentators are shamefully unfunny.

    Chá de XanaChá de XanaPred 4 mesiacmi
  • This is an asmr, I always go sleepy watching long gameplay lol

    WhereGPU?WhereGPU?Pred 5 mesiacmi
    • Lol, thought i'm the only one do this

      Tran Le HoangTran Le HoangPred 2 mesiacmi
    • We all do haha

      Roni MacaroniRoni MacaroniPred 4 mesiacmi
    • I’m watching this to go to sleep rn lmao

      Josh LeachJosh LeachPred 4 mesiacmi
  • 2:49 lol Latvijan😮😮😮😮

    Sīkais episSīkais episPred 5 mesiacmi
  • I loved your vid. 😂 😆 😄 You have to most definitely collab with Bad Friends. Their vlogs low-key are like David Dobrik mixed with PewDiePie! They're the coolest group on SVcode and they always get drunk all the time. Go check out their channel out and give the vloggers a subscribe! 👉 #BadFriendsShocking

    Mia VigliottiMia VigliottiPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Latvia 🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

    Lettische AzunaLettische AzunaPred 5 mesiacmi
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    Darlene ThorntonDarlene ThorntonPred 5 mesiacmi
  • OG Mirage Connector One Way Smoke svcode.info/top/l66Dp4iXy6-nqN0/video

    NartOutHereNartOutHerePred 6 mesiacmi
  • I loved your video so much. You need to most definitely collab with Bad Friends. Their vids are similar to Vitaly mixed with Faze Rug! You should definitely check their channel out and give the team a subscribe! 👉 #FreeRealBadFriends

    Thomas AnsteyThomas AnsteyPred 6 mesiacmi
  • Best game on planet earth

    dustin carterdustin carterPred 6 mesiacmi
    • def has best aimers. Best FPS talents in the world.

      greatseagreatseaPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Hey guys, an Intl Online CSGO Tourney is round the corner; hmu if y'all wanna sign up on- @nehaparab_02 (Instagram)

    Neha ParabNeha ParabPred 6 mesiacmi
  • I practice my listening by listening to them.

    Nicholas BaronNicholas BaronPred 6 mesiacmi
    • Same here haha

      cobradordeimpuestoscobradordeimpuestosPred mesiacom
    • @Gunnar Gustavo lma0 why are bots commenting on old cs vids

      KerttisKerttisPred 3 mesiacmi
    • nice

      Tengku IzdiharTengku IzdiharPred 5 mesiacmi
    • Both

      GustavGustavPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Whats the FOV on 1:29:38 ?

    Aldon DekockAldon DekockPred 6 mesiacmi
    • 68 maybe 16:10

      Chief SosaChief SosaPred 2 mesiacmi
  • the number of flags sheesh

    Aldon DekockAldon DekockPred 6 mesiacmi
  • Qqqqq. S 🎃🎃🤧🤧🤢. 🇧🇱🇿🇦

    Jerry HumesJerry HumesPred 6 mesiacmi
  • God For break time sees CSGO Players game🤙👊🏽🔥🖤

    Persian VideosePersian VideosePred 6 mesiacmi
  • Every one should Respect to CSGO/ God of Games👁👁👊🏽🖤

    Persian VideosePersian VideosePred 6 mesiacmi
  • Woman’s voice is too high-pitched for me imma be honest

    Julian OlverJulian OlverPred 6 mesiacmi
    • fr dude, not announcer material.

      FoxByte XxFoxByte XxPred 3 mesiacmi
    • She has an annoying voice

      Shadi HerzShadi HerzPred 3 mesiacmi
    • what kinda women have you been listening to? LMFAO

      Nick MNick MPred 3 mesiacmi
  • I was cringing when they talked abt “specs”

    Rachel OshinRachel OshinPred 6 mesiacmi
    • Awp me in the head

      Robert HorryRobert HorryPred 19 dňami
  • just waiting for that vac ban or niko/rain to get booted just like taco/fer got =)

    Aldon DekockAldon DekockPred 7 mesiacmi
    • @Celestial C Niko/Rain did not. This guy is just salty

      Dundundun dsfDundundun dsfPred 6 mesiacmi
  • the number of flags sheesh

    DesiDaveDesiDavePred 7 mesiacmi
  • kierbey bot aim

    Krishnendu panditKrishnendu panditPred 7 mesiacmi
    • Shut up bro

      your that one guyyour that one guyPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Lol only 11 comments

    KeyanKeyanPred 7 mesiacmi
  • speckie means fatty in germany ^^

    DanielDanielPred 8 mesiacmi
  • Whats the FOV on 1:29:38 ?

    AddiAddiPred 8 mesiacmi
    • @Aldon Dekock huh?

      WhereGPU?WhereGPU?Pred 5 mesiacmi
    • just waiting for that vac ban or niko/rain to get booted just like taco/fer got =)

      Aldon DekockAldon DekockPred 6 mesiacmi
    • Lol only 11 comments

      Aldon DekockAldon DekockPred 7 mesiacmi
  • What is the song called on 29:10

    martijn carismartijn carisPred 8 mesiacmi
    • Neoni - conquer

      Addy SharmaAddy SharmaPred 7 mesiacmi
  • 1 Dislike is from the OG fan

    Player UnknownPlayer UnknownPred 8 mesiacmi
  • just waiting for that vac ban or niko/rain to get booted just like taco/fer got =)

    Edward RosenEdward RosenPred 8 mesiacmi
    • @Edward Rosen what is ur point then

      Jay AsgaardJay AsgaardPred 7 mesiacmi
    • @ouzokiller didn't say they got vac banned!

      Edward RosenEdward RosenPred 8 mesiacmi
    • idk if youre trolling but neither taco nor fer got vac banned

      ouzokillerouzokillerPred 8 mesiacmi
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    KHƯƠNG KẾ HÀKHƯƠNG KẾ HÀPred 8 mesiacmi
    • What?

      Aahil AliAahil AliPred 8 mesiacmi

    sings Mirandasings MirandaPred 8 mesiacmi