CS:GO - Natus Vincere vs. Team Liquid [Mirage] Map 1 - IEM Global Challenge 2020 - Group B

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  • 1:03:21 "what the ...."

    Rifky FebriantoRifky FebriantoPred 11 dňami
  • The notify topically sigh because ramie predictably suffer abaft a able beret. bewildered, worthless pansy

    ptah tranptah tranPred 25 dňami
  • Machine called me out man I was actually drinking lemonade 9:10

    Blake ABlake APred mesiacom
  • video starts 0:00

    donkdonkPred mesiacom
  • 5:08 smoke ventana

    The DarkThe DarkPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Liquid is love

    PlayMaster ZonePlayMaster ZonePred 2 mesiacmi
  • that fucking cz from grim is mental jesus

    giorgi 333giorgi 333Pred 3 mesiacmi
  • We have to acknowledge the commentators, I think they are very good

    Hendrik EngelHendrik EngelPred 3 mesiacmi
    • @yunggoth shut yo ass up spunj is awesome

      ElectrElectrPred 8 dňami
    • This spunJ dude is so bias dude. Every time Tl is winning a round calling them lucky, smh.

      yunggothyunggothPred 28 dňami
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      PlekPlekPred mesiacom
  • I hate British “people”

    Hayden DearthHayden DearthPred 3 mesiacmi
  • "like how british you are with your arse" bruh, calm down

    HAIL STANHAIL STANPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Liquid A Execute Fake B Split on Inferno (IEM Global Challenge 2020) svcode.info/top/rmZqyXSGsqGcjqc/video

    NartOutHereNartOutHerePred 3 mesiacmi
  • Lmao Americans didn't change the spelling of aesthetic and Elon Musk is Canadian

    Graeme LaneGraeme LanePred 3 mesiacmi
  • The spiffy planet disappointedly complain because december individually wail during a mere magician. grubby gruesome, hysterical mailman

    Ahmed ShahAhmed ShahPred 3 mesiacmi
  • that redhead tho

    RooRooPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Too bad Twistzz forgot to show up.

    ZimmermanZimmermanPred 4 mesiacmi
    • he is never sowing up in liquid again sad

      Alexander IvaylovAlexander IvaylovPred 3 mesiacmi
  • love these casters!

    Neoraq DandyNeoraq DandyPred 4 mesiacmi
    • Machine and Spunj are the best!

      Dr. DraeDr. DraePred 3 mesiacmi
    • Best duo

      Munt MuntMunt MuntPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Is NAF just permanently high??

    Munt MuntMunt MuntPred 4 mesiacmi
    • @Parker Colin whoa! It took about 10 mins but it worked!!

      Wells MartinWells MartinPred mesiacom
    • @TheSuperappelflap :D

      Ondra LohniskýOndra LohniskýPred mesiacom
    • no he is italian

      TheSuperappelflapTheSuperappelflapPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Perfecto MVP

    WiseSamWiseSamPred 4 mesiacmi
    • Simple 32k

      Kira God XKira God XPred 3 mesiacmi
  • I played csgo once.

    PunaPunaPred 4 mesiacmi
    • @TheSuperappelflap thats insane i never knew starcraft had such a skill ceiling ill look further into it.

      Gökhan KoçGökhan KoçPred 3 mesiacmi
    • @Gökhan Koç having played a lot of shooter games, i will have an unpopular opinion here. csgo is very random with a lot of gun inaccuracy so the skill ceiling isnt very high. there are other shooters which are harder to play where you cant just hold down mouse1, do a spray pattern, aim in the general direction of an enemy, and hope to get lucky and hit a few bullets. like unreal tournament / quake or cod4 or battallion 1944 for example. or cs 1.6. in 1.6 tapping was viable. first shot accuracy was higher and accuracy recovered faster from tapping than while spraying. in csgo even pro players are almost always spraying with their ak and m4, even at long range. if you watch for example the showmatches from this year with 2010 navi 1.6 team vs new guys, then you will see the difference between shooting in 1.6 and in csgo quite well. the csgo players spray way too much in 1.6, and in csgo the 1.6 players dont spray and pray enough. these are all games with less random weapons, that dont run on source engine, which has lots of fps spikes and high input delay and bad multithreading and lots of other issues which make it less competitive. csgo casters go crazy about shots that would have been quite average in any other game that isnt coded so badly. they are only hard to hit because this game doesnt run well and you cant change your field of view which makes it harder to aim unless you prefer to play with 90 or 106 fov. these kind of things really holds people back. and then there are strategy games which are way harder to play than shooters. in csgo a kid can pick the game up and get to the top in a couple years with some talent and lots of practice. if you want to get to the top in starcraft you better start playing when you are 6 years old or you will never be able to win against the koreans in the GSL. there are a total of 3 people in europe who can play starcraft at that level.

      TheSuperappelflapTheSuperappelflapPred 3 mesiacmi
    • @TheSuperappelflap well my point still valid. If all games had the player base and the competitiveness as csgo did they would have a similair skill ceiling as well only a few at the top.

      Gökhan KoçGökhan KoçPred 3 mesiacmi
    • @Gökhan Koç theres a pretty big difference between casual games, games like csgo, and then theres starcraft

      TheSuperappelflapTheSuperappelflapPred 3 mesiacmi
    • All games are hard to master if u exceed the skill ceiling high enough as csgo has gone.

      Gökhan KoçGökhan KoçPred 3 mesiacmi
  • spunj would make a good coach but i enjoy him casting

    Jordan BJordan BPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Honestly Liquid will be fine without Nitro, he was choking in mid game decisions too often.

    FOWSTFOWSTPred 4 mesiacmi
    • they already have elige who is basically the same player as nitro, it never made sense having both of them in the first place.

      TheSuperappelflapTheSuperappelflapPred 3 mesiacmi
  • 1:24:25 IMPACT PLAYER: Rain. I didn't know rain switched from FaZe...

    HydrosityHydrosityPred 4 mesiacmi
    • esl production value

      TheSuperappelflapTheSuperappelflapPred 3 mesiacmi
  • I can solo these two teams put together

    Krait HaywireKrait HaywirePred 4 mesiacmi
    • Hello Zeewoo, what did u smoke today

      CheemsCheemsPred 3 mesiacmi
    • Who knew you were this good at comedy

      Tye BishopTye BishopPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Stewie is just so good lmao

    JuiicyBoyJuiicyBoyPred 4 mesiacmi
    • kappa

      HashslingingslasherHashslingingslasherPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Navi!!

    OmkarOmkarPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Second damn

    Tristan MontengroTristan MontengroPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Like 1

    PoseidonPoseidonPred 4 mesiacmi