ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘Deja Vu’ Official MV

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Release Date: 2021. 9. 13. 6PM (KST)

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  • The best band

    park misopark misoPred 54 sekundami
  • dont forget their other contents on ateez channel

    k Trinik TriniPred minútou
  • Good morning Atiny, reporting from Argentina :) Happily starting another day of stre4mming and voting. Let's keep on showing our love and support to ATEEZ

    Tondelaya de la VentimigliaTondelaya de la VentimigliaPred 2 minútami
  • Semangat Atiny str3amingnyaaa!!^^

    salsasalsaPred 3 minútami
  • 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️💜💜

    Pratiksha JumlePratiksha JumlePred 4 minútami
  • Good morning!

    Bree BBree BPred 6 minútami
    • Good morning Bree. Long time no see bestie

      rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻Pred 2 minútami
    • Morning Bree

      Error 404Error 404Pred 4 minútami

    Blueberry JoongieBlueberry JoongiePred 8 minútami
  • The ones who have been streaming and or voting since day 1 despite your busy schedule. You are the REAL backbone of this fandom. ╰(^3^)╯

    Mommy Atiny 2.0Mommy Atiny 2.0Pred 9 minútami
    • You are so sweet. Thanks for your hard work too.

      Error 404Error 404Pred 3 minútami
  • Vote on starpass Atiny, the gap is only 2 % now

    HwahwaHwahwaPred 9 minútami
  • ohhhh

    Gabi LuizinhaGabi LuizinhaPred 9 minútami
  • this is so good

    study is not my lifestudy is not my lifePred 10 minútami
  • 8 MAKES 1 TEAM

    JericoJericoPred 11 minútami
  • 8 MAKES 1 TEAM!

    Stanking_ AteezStanking_ AteezPred 11 minútami
  • ATEEZ, MADDOX AND BLOCK B are hella Tateleted artist but so underrated just bcoz of they're belong very small company... Why I'm living this judgmental world.

    Shivani GoutiyaShivani GoutiyaPred 11 minútami
  • Keep replying between dejavu and yang yoseob mv back to back as filters 😂

    Husnina H.Husnina H.Pred 15 minútami
  • KING YeoSang ohhh I can't🥵❤

    Mirae KangMirae KangPred 15 minútami
  • idk but the chorus beat sounds so familiar, i feel like i heard it in another song before but idk where. the boys did awesome nonetheless, as always

    newtonnewtonPred 21 minútou
    • @T Yk yeah, ig 😂👁️👄👁️

      newtonnewtonPred 14 minútami
    • you may have dejavu

      T YkT YkPred 16 minútami
  • tw // senin besok senin :(

    tinyteeztinyteezPred 24 minútami
  • Dont forget to make fireworks mv, wooyoung aotm and wonderland mv to be the main filler while str34ming this masterpiece atiny.. Fightingg!!

    AlsLovelyAlsLovelyPred 24 minútami
  • 78k to 21.3M!!

    AlsLovelyAlsLovelyPred 26 minútami
  • 21 251

    ateez Maryateez MaryPred 28 minútami
  • happy Sunday friends

    Turkish ChoiceTurkish ChoicePred 30 minútami
    • Happy Sunday to you too!

      Sweet ChaosSweet ChaosPred 26 minútami
  • Such and Iconic comeback

    SarahSarahPred 31 minútou
  • choi san bias-wrecked me again SKSFSNJD

    Agust V.Agust V.Pred 31 minútou
  • hi

    Ma Gabrielle MendozaMa Gabrielle MendozaPred 32 minútami
    • hii

      SarahSarahPred 31 minútou
  • I get deja vu

  • Mid-class break = watching deja vu!!!

    Lynn El-HassanLynn El-HassanPred 35 minútami
    • Hiiii

  • Ok ATINY vamos por los 22M FIGHTING

    Dayana NeyraDayana NeyraPred 36 minútami
  • happy sunday atiny who are still here!

    Of NightsideOf NightsidePred 36 minútami
  • For those passing thru, Ateez is a kpop group consisting of 8 talented singer and dancers with amazing stage presence. Their expressions on stage is unmatched. They are sweet, humble and funny. I hope you watch their other mvs like Hala Hala, Deja Vu, Aurora, Fireworks, Wonderland, and you will see for yourself why they sold out their wideworld arena tours 1 1/2 years into their career (on hold bc of CV)

    Good lord save me.Good lord save me.Pred 37 minútami
  • jonghooo su voz es increíble te amooo

    helena martinezhelena martinezPred 37 minútami
  • ateez son los mejores del mundo

    helena martinezhelena martinezPred 39 minútami
  • Back and hoping everyone having a super Sunday! :-)

    Ai duckAi duckPred 40 minútami
  • Atiny let's promise ourselves to all one of those who are st3eaming to al least aim for 1 Million every day....

    Fan of HalateezFan of HalateezPred 41 minútou
  • They need more recognition and appreciation plz

    Eternal SanshineEternal SanshinePred 42 minútami
  • anyway semangaatt

    122_Imelda Joshevine_C20_Umum122_Imelda Joshevine_C20_UmumPred 43 minútami
  • İlk kez ateez dinliyorum

    POWER EXO EXO-LPOWER EXO EXO-LPred 45 minútami
  • let’s go for 22M atinyyyyy

    hmhmPred 46 minútami
  • Ok from today on I will learn to be Atiny 🤭

    Riana RavenclawRiana RavenclawPred 47 minútami
    • Welcome baby Atiny, so glad you are here. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will be happy to know that Yunho is a big fan.

      Error 404Error 404Pred 28 sekundami
    • Welcome to our ship baby atiny, happy to see you

    • @Riana Ravenclaw welcome too our ship

      tinydejavutinydejavuPred 41 minútou
    • @cloudy sky I knew 3 of them since mix9 era they are so talented but too young for me. Then after watching Showterview I can't resist anymore 🤭 specially San and Wooyoung charming melting my heart

      Riana RavenclawRiana RavenclawPred 43 minútami
    • Aww welcome to the fam, baby atiny!

      cloudy skycloudy skyPred 46 minútami
  • This song is incredible … I love it!

    Aura MariaAura MariaPred 47 minútami
  • 16 778 §

    ateez Maryateez MaryPred 48 minútami
  • atinyyyyyyy LETS GOO 25 M LETS GO BABYS ( insert Jessi's voice)

    Adil Arshad 5-BAdil Arshad 5-BPred 49 minútami
  • They are so underrated and its break my heart

    mingi the cool guymingi the cool guyPred 50 minútami
    • I wouldn't say underrated but rather underappreciated

      Nine999 LoveNine999 LovePred 2 minútami
    • I agree with you on a whole nother level like no one doing it like Ateez :'c

      cloudy skycloudy skyPred 45 minútami
  • Eternal Sunshine is coming soon so please get this to 25-30M asap!!!

    paimonpaimonPred 51 minútou
  • tanak bayangkan yang bebukan tapi tolonglah nak yeosang yang bagi trophy kat ateez!!! aku takan maafkan diri aku sendiri kalau tengok yeosang bagi trophy kat group lain T-T korang yang tak berhenti str3aming i love you guys :’ penat, marah, kecewa kita semua ni moga akan terbalas!!! ateez deserves more than this

    an attractive alienan attractive alienPred 51 minútou
    • @Floor 1117 bahagahaha yay! btw awal awal mv drop ramai jugak dpt jumpa malaytiny lepastu menghilang! & ni dapat jumpa balik T-T happy nak nangis! we are not alone yihaaa

      an attractive alienan attractive alienPred 30 minútami
    • @--Yuyuʕ·ᴥ·ʔ-- >8

      an attractive alienan attractive alienPred 31 minútou
    • Akhirnya jumpa atiny malaysia..I'm not alone..

      Floor 1117Floor 1117Pred 40 minútami
    • @an attractive alien THANKYOU ಥ‿ಥ.. FIGHTING !!!

      --Yuyuʕ·ᴥ·ʔ----Yuyuʕ·ᴥ·ʔ--Pred 40 minútami
    • @Floor 1117 moga usaha keras kita semua membuahkan hasilll T-T

      an attractive alienan attractive alienPred 44 minútami
  • The music is so pleasing to hear especially if one understands the scenes in the MV (the flying ship, Hongjoong in a glass box, Yeosang and the broken hourglass). There are many important details to look out for!

    Caitlin DiangoCaitlin DiangoPred 53 minútami
    • Even the smallest details...♡♡♡

      Jenn SantillanJenn SantillanPred 20 minútami
  • Nono you aren't alone atiny, I am fighting here with you too!! Will stay here till the end with you all, never leaving you all! Forever in my heart, come on fighting atiny!!

    cloudy skycloudy skyPred 55 minútami
  • 3 things that happened today: 1.My friend said she hated this song 2.My friend got hit by the bus 3.I lost my bus license ┌(・。・)┘♪

    --Yuyuʕ·ᴥ·ʔ----Yuyuʕ·ᴥ·ʔ--Pred 55 minútami
    • Oop Karma hit her back pretty hard, no one talks bad about Ateez >:(

      cloudy skycloudy skyPred 44 minútami
  • Kayanya gw udah nentuin bias gw deh

    Sherly ArianzyaSherly ArianzyaPred 57 minútami
  • 1M likes fighting

    Sherly ArianzyaSherly ArianzyaPred 57 minútami
  • Wau wau estos chicos no me dejan de asombrar que buen video me canto va para mi playlist hermoso temas la coreo me encanto el sonido y wau éxitos haaa

    Bladimir AmilcarBladimir AmilcarPred 58 minútami
  • 3.8M till 25M we can get those by the end of this week!

    zyrahzyrahPred hodinou
  • 😭😭😭 I don't know what to do now...

    Shivani GoutiyaShivani GoutiyaPred hodinou
  • my favorite boys I love them so so much

    Maria BorovikMaria BorovikPred hodinou
  • Everybody's gone... I'm feeling alone now

    Shivani GoutiyaShivani GoutiyaPred hodinou
    • Always here ^^

      2050kpopcrystal2050kpopcrystalPred 4 minútami
    • @Shivani Goutiya where you from??..

      Floor 1117Floor 1117Pred 31 minútou
    • @cloudy sky yes.

      Shivani GoutiyaShivani GoutiyaPred 35 minútami
    • @Sheetal Thapa Magar tnq.. Atiny

      Shivani GoutiyaShivani GoutiyaPred 35 minútami
    • @Floor 1117 ya always

      Shivani GoutiyaShivani GoutiyaPred 35 minútami
  • Let's make 25M before Month...

    Shivani GoutiyaShivani GoutiyaPred hodinou
  • Mangatsss

    bby hnieebby hnieePred hodinou
  • I liked it you are the best for sure

    AT17 KO87AT17 KO87Pred hodinou
  • The song is once sweet

    AT17 KO87AT17 KO87Pred hodinou
  • You are the best children

    AT17 KO87AT17 KO87Pred hodinou
  • 13 729

    ateez Maryateez MaryPred hodinou
  • I’m watching this MV every single day and I won’t get tired of it. Ateez is outstanding themselves. :)

    ViviViviPred hodinou
  • Hj and mingi doing the iconic woosan move omggg

    MMPred hodinou
  • Ace group

    MMPred hodinou
  • We can reach 15k if we do better. Atiny please keep the energy up!

    sinkingoversinkingoverPred hodinou
  • No more win..

    Shivani GoutiyaShivani GoutiyaPred hodinou
  • Silent mode on

    Rebar HamdRebar HamdPred hodinou
  • Ateez deserves very much !

    Lucno_eflgLucno_eflgPred hodinou
  • Go on Atinys

    Lucno_eflgLucno_eflgPred hodinou
  • tinys it's okay this era didn't worked that much as we expected it to be, prolly becoz the other companies were busy buying ads and passes for their artists comeback clearly shows they don't have a tiny amount of trust in their company's artist's talents lmao- whereas our boys have been achieving it all on their own even if its low scores ATLEAST ITS ORGANIC anyways i said what i said. But we've still got an opportunity we are hoping that teezers would release ETERNAL SUNSHINE as its a double title track cb era this time so when they do let's make sure to achive all our goals and wishes for that one even if you were not part of that song for voting let's make that song the most popular one. And then let it big3, big4 anyone let's remove the anguity and frustration of all the decieve we faced this era and make our boy's hardwork successful *ATINYS WE'VE STILL GOT A SECOND CHANCE*

    مهر Mehrمهر MehrPred hodinou
    • @zyrah i know that's y i said that much bcz some tinys were coming back and were disappointed to know that we are not even nominated for inkigayo and mostly my direction was towards music show wins wherein we won majority of the prevotes but either we didn't get nominated or we lost

      مهر Mehrمهر MehrPred 19 minútami
    • but we broke so many records nonetheless...atz became the 4th gen bg with the most views in the first 24 hours, they made their bb200 debut, they set the record for highest mini album pre-orders, they were invited to so many shows (jessi, amazing saturday), yes we could've gotten them more wins but it's still impressive what we managed to bag since we were up against big3 groups and fandoms

      zyrahzyrahPred 54 minútami

      cloudy skycloudy skyPred hodinou
  • 208 341

    Matz legacyMatz legacyPred hodinou
  • Cool B-)

    Choice TomoonChoice TomoonPred hodinou
    • :-) Hi C.T

      Ai duckAi duckPred 37 minútami
  • I hope we did well with digitals for Eternal Sunshine cuz for deja vu we didn't make it in top150

    Matz legacyMatz legacyPred hodinou
  • Plz vote in starpass....

    Shivani GoutiyaShivani GoutiyaPred hodinou
  • lagu-lagu ateez tak pernah tak sedap . Yg mana tak suka tu mesti tkde taste

    seonghwaseonghwaPred hodinou
    • Yah betul

      Floor 1117Floor 1117Pred 42 minútami
    • Kan betul tu ..

      --Yuyuʕ·ᴥ·ʔ----Yuyuʕ·ᴥ·ʔ--Pred 53 minútami
  • 9 325

    ateez Maryateez MaryPred hodinou
  • they deserve more wins

    122_Imelda Joshevine_C20_Umum122_Imelda Joshevine_C20_UmumPred hodinou

    yurishiyurishiPred hodinou
  • I still cant get over that San - Wooyoung moment!

    TANTANPred hodinou
  • san's "please don't leave me" means please don't stop streaming :D

    kirby wooyounggkirby wooyounggPred hodinou
  • مكاني المفضل هو معك سونقهوا

    ᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀPred hodinou
  • my heart

    ᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀPred hodinou
  • mingi oohhhh

    ᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀPred hodinou
  • no way.

    ᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀPred hodinou
  • Not even nominated ☹️

    King San 🦖King San 🦖Pred hodinou
    • I know woke up again today but performance was worth it! Half dead but here for an even better future for Ateez Fighting!

      Ai duckAi duckPred 34 minútami
    • @Choice Tomoon thank u

      King San 🦖King San 🦖Pred 55 minútami
    • Digitals. The winner is slaying the digitals. No fandom needed. I wish atz can get that support.

      Mommy Atiny 2.0Mommy Atiny 2.0Pred hodinou
    • @King San 🦖 ah I see :" they deserves a win don't worry they will get what they deserves soon:")

      Choice TomoonChoice TomoonPred hodinou
    • @Choice Tomoon inkigayo x

      King San 🦖King San 🦖Pred hodinou
  • i know you get deja vu.

    ᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀPred hodinou
  • Who is exciting? Definitely is seonghwa.

    ᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀᴋɪᴍ ᴛᴇʙᴀPred hodinou
  • Good morning/night (◍•ᴗ•◍)

    Ÿúkī PặřkŸúkī PặřkPred hodinou
  • 21M

    Seonghwa is my ideal type💎💙Seonghwa is my ideal type💎💙Pred hodinou
  • Today i just realized that big 3 companies give away free passes when ppl buy physical albums... no fcking wonder...

    Blueberry JoongieBlueberry JoongiePred hodinou
    • @مهر Mehr i wish i can say that to the other fandoms because right now they are bashing us back lmfao.

      Blueberry JoongieBlueberry JoongiePred minútou
    • I read that this morning.

      Mommy Atiny 2.0Mommy Atiny 2.0Pred hodinou
    • I did not know this. So that explains everything. We should be even more proud of what we accomplish on our own and let’s try to make sure Eternal Sunshine does even better.

      Error 404Error 404Pred hodinou
    • @Blueberry Joongie it is way more ridiculous than uh can imagine, MONEY TALKS. They buy ads for their artists (i got so many times on this song when i clicked for str€@ming) so even if you get an ad and watxh for like 2-3 seconds it get counted as a view (& ppl gotta wait for 5 seconds to skip it so it clearly counts 1 view), then again the company would buy media ppl or push some money under the table to newspaper/blogs companies for them to write articles for their artists, some ppl would also manipulate the charts to buy first place, whereas the small companies would have to work their a$$ off for to get recognised or get the spotlight, we are not invalidating their talents and skills but the media exposure i had just read few days ago that a company is about to debut a new gg and there is already 60k album order sales & the company has not even revealed the name of the gg, their debut date nor the members. Where company would make a mountain out of a stone for a group about to debut from big3 they won't even look to the side when a small company is about to do the same.

      مهر Mehrمهر MehrPred hodinou
    • @مهر Mehr i know that exists but i didn't know it's gonna be THIS ridiculous.

      Blueberry JoongieBlueberry JoongiePred hodinou
  • bilisan nyo fleece

    paimonpaimonPred hodinou
    • Ahahaga

      Mommy Atiny 2.0Mommy Atiny 2.0Pred hodinou

    Ryujin'srightshoulderRyujin'srightshoulderPred hodinou
  • Seni seviyom lan

    ATEEZ & ATİNYATEEZ & ATİNYPred hodinou

    ATEEZ & ATİNYATEEZ & ATİNYPred hodinou
  • Congratulations for 21.2m Atiny, good job!!