Ship Launch | 10 Awesome Waves, FAILS and CLOSE CALLS

Compilation of the best satisfying ship launch videos I recorded including some surprising clips like the amphibious vehicles or the inclined planes at the Elblag Canal. The awesome sideways ship launches take place in Leer, Germany and Westerbroek, The Netherlands. The biggest ship in this video was launched in Flensburg, Germany.

The clips at 2:26 and 8:26 are licensed by Licet Studios (© H. Van Oost / Licet Studios) and by respectively.

0:00 - Ship Launch Fail: Rope Snaps 🔗
0:32 - Drone view of Cement Carrier NORDEN 🔗
0:56 - Ship Launch Gone Wrong 🔗
2:26 - Almost KILLED by Ship! (© H. Van Oost / Licet Studios)
2:48 - Big Ferry Ship Launch
4:15 - M3 Amphibious Rig driving into River 🔗
5:24 - Scooter Driver vs. Ship Launch 🔗
5:46 - Drone view of commercial carrier Nordana Star sliding into water 🔗
6:04 - Ship Launch in slow motion 🔗
6:15 - Launch of general cargo ship Egbert Wagenborg 🔗
6:29 - GoPro hit by Wave
6:43 - Launch of Arklow Willow in Leer, Germany
7:09 - Launch of Arklow Bay in Westerbroek, The Netherlands 🔗
7:29 - Biggest Ship Launch ever at Ferus Smit shipyard in Leer, Germany 🔗
7:50 - Amphibious Bus driving into River 🔗
8:09 - Elblag Canal Boat Lift 🔗
8:26 - M.V. GREENLAND Launch (
8:57 - Slippery Yacht Loading 🔗
9:41 - M3 Amphibious Rig leaving the River

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  • How do they retrieve all the debris from launching? Must be tons of blocks and skids sliding in with the ships. Surprised they don't build in dry docks and float them off by flooding the dock seems archaic and hare-brained tipping expensive kit into rivers hoping for the best. Bet the tugboat crews attached to bow and stern are cacking themselves

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  • Those transformer truck boats are so cool.. But I can't believe how reckless a few of these were! The guy jumping out of the way with half a second to spare!

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