ELEAGUE Major 2017 - Quarter-Finals, Na.Vi vs. Astralis BO3: Full Match

Astralis and Na.Vi start he day off with a bang in the first match of the Quarter-Finals. -- Watch live at www.twitch.tv/eleaguetv




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  • 2:21:50

    CMG SerhatCMG SerhatPred rokom
  • 2.21.50

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  • 2:30:50

    A1denA1denPred rokom
  • 1:32:50 😂😂😂 What was that?

    Shalin KhatriShalin KhatriPred 2 rokmi
  • Flamie!!!! My boy Flamie!!!!! Deagle lvl. 99999+

    Manohar ThakurManohar ThakurPred 3 rokmi
  • Best match of this major.

    agdjd hagdjd hPred 3 rokmi
  • THAT IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!

    Jc BillJc BillPred 3 rokmi
  • Laco chod preč z Navi tvoj team už je dost slaby iba ty si tam najlepsi

    Adam AndrášAdam AndrášPred 3 rokmi
  • why do the pictures of navi make the players have fat necks lol

    Eric LiuEric LiuPred 3 rokmi
  • I was one of the 4% that believed in astralis. They went on to win the major, and win me 300$ on drakelounge

    Jacob EricksonJacob EricksonPred 3 rokmi
  • Почему они все такие жирные?

    можно просто Юраможно просто ЮраPred 3 rokmi
  • 52:56 Nice one way smoke for device there.

    L. GygerL. GygerPred 4 rokmi
  • I remember Twitch chat "EZ FOR NAVI"

    Cris KRACris KRAPred 4 rokmi

    NikioNikioPred 4 rokmi
  • i feel bad for navi. they get wiped on dota and now on csgo too

  • map 2 tech timeout ends 1:29:30 long one

    mike beckermike beckerPred 4 rokmi
  • why doesnt ad block work on this video

    GodSpeed867GodSpeed867Pred 4 rokmi
  • Раунд 11-14 там s1mple звезду дали и у гего музыка играла! Как она называется?

    Zzz ZzzZzz ZzzPred 4 rokmi
  • 3:26:50 - Watch Kjaerbye's crosshair jumping on the enemy's head through the wall. Looks like an aimbot to me. 3:27:46 - device rushing from the tunnel. Aimlock on the enemy's head through the wall too. What do you think, guys?

    broder mirelinbroder mirelinPred 4 rokmi
    • Device do a normal pre aim he didnt even locked on Hits head. Whats wrong with you. I you really want to see an unnatural move look at this in slowmo 2:33:36

      Thomas BThomas BPred rokom
    • broder mirelin i wouldnt be surprised if all pros have a single use of aimlock on every game.

      Donny the DealerDonny the DealerPred 3 rokmi
  • NaVi sells match bookmakers. No one could understand their game. Have you seen the calm NaVi team faces? Are you saw what were the bets and ratios before playing? PUZZLE COLLECTED! Tens of millions are made on a single game. I hope that the loss guys paid adequately.

    First ComerFirst ComerPred 4 rokmi
  • Нави позорище, нубам слить так

    Oleh FediukOleh FediukPred 4 rokmi
  • Astralis get what they deserve. People don't notice it, but Astralis has the best teamwork on the scene, in comparison to all other teams. What Astralis usually lose to, are the star-players like Flamie and Guardian, etc. that takes crazy risks, which are impossible to foresee and work against. If a player gets a lucky break, timing etc. its usually on the recieving end of Astralis. They usually can't fight the crazy players in duels.

    RagingSvendsenRagingSvendsenPred 4 rokmi
    • @Natalia Livshits absolutely aged well

      Mint GrizzMint GrizzPred mesiacom
    • You couldn't be more correct and seeing that so early, Nice.

      Natalia LivshitsNatalia LivshitsPred 6 mesiacmi
    • You're underestimating the individual skill of Astralis players. It's true that their teamwork is far beyont any other team, but that's not the only reason for Astralis' success. Every player in Astralis, individually is VERY good. 4 of them were in HLTV's top ten list of 2018.

      Nishant SinghNishant SinghPred 2 rokmi
    • Your comment aged very well.

      AragissAragissPred 2 rokmi
    • Agreed

  • At what time is shoxie on the camera watching them?

    The Gaming ProjectThe Gaming ProjectPred 4 rokmi
    • Noc thnx bro!

      The Gaming ProjectThe Gaming ProjectPred 4 rokmi
    • The Gaming Project 1:19:23

      NocNocPred 4 rokmi
  • 2:30:48 .... BEST MOMENT in my opinion

    cic_ s0nlycic_ s0nlyPred 4 rokmi
  • Map 1 start: 00:00:00 Map 2 start: 01:06:45 Map 3 start: 02:51:20

    Wout BakkenesWout BakkenesPred 4 rokmi
  • 2:33:36 we got a nother blatant aimlock bois

    Wout BakkenesWout BakkenesPred 4 rokmi
    • Rofl. That's true :D

      broder mirelinbroder mirelinPred 4 rokmi

    chu Jasonchu JasonPred 4 rokmi
    • yeah because seized is a greedy FP !!!!

    • chu Jason yeah..:(

      Cristian PlugaruCristian PlugaruPred 4 rokmi
  • it's good to see the little toxic kid lose

    Matheus BrehmMatheus BrehmPred 4 rokmi
    • Funny how that's changed

      GamertaggerGamertaggerPred rokom
  • xyp9x had it in his hands....

    Ruff KatRuff KatPred 4 rokmi
  • guardian and edward show deilver more.. And device is absolut beast, final sk-astralis.

    Artur KristapsonsArtur KristapsonsPred 4 rokmi
    • Artur Kristapsons gonna Be some great matches.

      Jesper FriisJesper FriisPred 4 rokmi
    • Artur Kristapsons astralis should win v fnatic. final will Be astralis v SK/VP

      Jesper FriisJesper FriisPred 4 rokmi

    damasabiandamasabianPred 4 rokmi
    • ioi lollipops

      Arlind AdiliArlind AdiliPred 21 dňom
  • S1mple= propaganda. Really i dont see why people say hes so good. He isnt the best of his team so how is he the best of cs go?

    Cachorro_MagroCachorro_MagroPred 4 rokmi
    • Lol 3 years later you can see why

      GamertaggerGamertaggerPred rokom
    • GTAGAMER its like scream gets a lot of highligts in a short amount of time. And People call Them The best Even over more consistent players like The players in VP etc.

      Jesper FriisJesper FriisPred 4 rokmi
  • 2:30:48 s1mple GOD drama pure

    MARC420MARC420Pred 4 rokmi

      D JD JPred 4 rokmi
  • guardian was dissapointing this game....

    dany dongslayerdany dongslayerPred 4 rokmi
    • Yeah. It's very hard to sit on the chair and click pixels when you have an injury

      broder mirelinbroder mirelinPred 4 rokmi
    • Guardian used to be the best awper in the scene but ever since his injury things have not worked out as well for him, that said he is still a very good player i just think he is lacking the confidence he once had.

      EasEasPred 4 rokmi
    • cause they have to

      MrAntischalker04MrAntischalker04Pred 4 rokmi
    • GTAGAMER what ?, then why are the commentators soo hyped about him ?

      dany dongslayerdany dongslayerPred 4 rokmi
    • cause hes only have eyes for foot, this fat ugly pig

      MrAntischalker04MrAntischalker04Pred 4 rokmi
  • that was intense

    Akash PrabhuAkash PrabhuPred 4 rokmi
  • I really thought NaVi was going to the final and win The major. They were so strong , organized and full of potential. Didn't expect that but whatever :) Go SK! Let's Go Fox , portuguese Pride 🇵🇹🇵🇹

    Ricardo MartinsRicardo MartinsPred 4 rokmi
    • Ricardo Martins they're gonna lose to faze

      Jayden KimJayden KimPred 4 rokmi
  • hahahaha bot zonic, the most dangerous player

    Diego MrDiego MrPred 4 rokmi
  • Device iz On Da Gearz Bois!!!!! (Sarcasm)

    CrumbzzCrumbzzPred 4 rokmi
    • OhGodWhy Device will carry Them to win The major. using spinbot/gaming chair.

      Jesper FriisJesper FriisPred 4 rokmi
  • 2:33:51 da whiff :b

    Luis FelipeLuis FelipePred 4 rokmi
  • There's something wrong with Na'Vi

    Voiz. Sirex ProductionVoiz. Sirex ProductionPred 4 rokmi
    • @Cachorro_Magro lmao

      GamertaggerGamertaggerPred rokom
    • yeah they are soo confident to win

    • Voizs streaming and his name is s1mple

      Cachorro_MagroCachorro_MagroPred 4 rokmi
  • ohh yeah, i love to see Navi losing

    MrAntischalker04MrAntischalker04Pred 4 rokmi
    • @MrAntischalker04 now look 3 years later lol

      GamertaggerGamertaggerPred rokom
    • MrAntischalker04 since 3 years ago....yeah.

    • because they are the most unlikeable team of all, specialy simple !

      MrAntischalker04MrAntischalker04Pred 4 rokmi
    • Because people are assholes. Pretty simple question to answer.

      M2theAGGOTM2theAGGOTPred 4 rokmi
    • Why lol?

      dom7kdom7kPred 4 rokmi
  • GGwp

    Lucas FreitasLucas FreitasPred 4 rokmi

    CaiqueCaiquePred 4 rokmi
  • Zeus was the problem. Kappa

    • .

      crawler 29crawler 29Pred 3 rokmi

      Denis BeliDenis BeliPred 4 rokmi
    • K1o was the problem (Envy go out in groups 3 straight majors in a row) KAPPA

      Sp1xSp1xPred 4 rokmi

    • nope cause now they have no ingame leader really since the coaching rules kicked in. You might say on paper zeus didnt have as many frags as simple but navi really had all the skill and i think they needed a tactical guy more than a fragger

      kristian svendsenkristian svendsenPred 4 rokmi
  • comeback

    Tomás CorreiaTomás CorreiaPred 4 rokmi
  • really didn't expect Astralis to win against NaVi

    QurttoRcoQurttoRcoPred 4 rokmi
    • Lion Guys he's saying that before they were number 1

      daniel leondaniel leonPred 3 rokmi
    • QurttoRco what Astralis is the best team in the World

      Lion GuysLion GuysPred 3 rokmi
    • Jesper Friis Nielsen i think it s because astralis got 3 2 record in the group stage and navi got a 3 0

      Adrian AlexandruAdrian AlexandruPred 4 rokmi
    • Adrian Alexandru how did that happen i would expect it to Be closer considering how well astralis can play when it matters :/

      Jesper FriisJesper FriisPred 4 rokmi
    • Jesper Friis Nielsen at pick em,navi got a 92% percent

      Adrian AlexandruAdrian AlexandruPred 4 rokmi
  • Ja acabou?

    Bruno CristoBruno CristoPred 4 rokmi
  • so navi is out ?

    LonGDStyle EzLonGDStyle EzPred 4 rokmi
    • yes

      simon lauridsensimon lauridsenPred 4 rokmi
    • LonGDStyle Ez yes

      Andro TonkleehAndro TonkleehPred 4 rokmi
  • who won?

    Cream CheeseCream CheesePred 4 rokmi
    • Who's next? You decide!

      moonramoonraPred 4 rokmi
    • an Intel Core i7 Quad-core Processor YES

      Cream CheeseCream CheesePred 4 rokmi
    • Astralis 2-1

      an Intel Core i7 Quad-core Processoran Intel Core i7 Quad-core ProcessorPred 4 rokmi
  • who won

    Patrick DeanPatrick DeanPred 4 rokmi
    • Astralis 2-1

      an Intel Core i7 Quad-core Processoran Intel Core i7 Quad-core ProcessorPred 4 rokmi
    • Patrick Dean im tryna figure that out too

      Cream CheeseCream CheesePred 4 rokmi
  • first

    Chris YESSOChris YESSOPred 4 rokmi
    • Lynette Sharp I'm

      Fong Lun Henry LeeFong Lun Henry LeePred 4 rokmi