Natus Vincere vs. (Map 1 - Dust 2) IEM Katowice 2021 | CS:GO

Natus Vincere vs. (Map 1 - Dust 2) IEM Katowice 2021 | CS:GO
Map 2 (Train)
(All games in order)
IEM Katowice 2021 Playlist :
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  • 4-11 TO 16-11 ? WTF

    Malik Suraih SuwecoMalik Suraih SuwecoPred 18 dňami
  • Thank you for the full matches)

    SpecialSpecialPred mesiacom
  • beautiful

    Rodrigo MarquesRodrigo MarquesPred mesiacom
  • Thanks for the quick upload

    Eric WhistleEric WhistlePred mesiacom
    • No problem 👍

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
  • HYPE !!

    Mutee KattanMutee KattanPred mesiacom
  • qikert is noob this is kid

    PrzemoPrzemoPred mesiacom
  • you love to see it

    AAPred mesiacom
  • this is an entirely different game than my silver mm games lmao.

    Andrew CookAndrew CookPred mesiacom
  • They need To switch boombl4 and Electronic To B

    KRIZULA11KRIZULA11Pred mesiacom
  • Good stuff

    Z TayZ TayPred mesiacom
  • Dude they made us to pay for watching it in Russian on Twitch. I'm changing to English casters from now.

    norvantvnorvantvPred mesiacom
  • VP on T is insane but not so much on ct

    Denis TabarceaDenis TabarceaPred mesiacom
  • Thx for content

    FaZe GermanFaZe GermanPred mesiacom
  • This account is godly. Thank you for the quick uploads and full matches. Keep it up!

    NPESWAGGY RotmgNPESWAGGY RotmgPred mesiacom
  • I miss the polish vp :(

    NowMNowMPred mesiacom
  • NAVI, knowing how to make a show....

    PC PerfPC PerfPred mesiacom
  • what is happening to s1mple?! ?????missed AWP shots?????

    Central Processing UnitCentral Processing UnitPred mesiacom
  • flamie rip

    Ilkhom YuldashevIlkhom YuldashevPred mesiacom
  • kick flamie he is done already

    Ilkhom YuldashevIlkhom YuldashevPred mesiacom
    • Synergy with the Russians is another thing I don't think they gonna replace flamie. He doesn't cost them like guardian.

      pranjal singhpranjal singhPred mesiacom
    • Flamie doesn't have the best start to matches but he always dominates late games, go support another team if ur gonna dirt talk him

      MaestroMaestroPred mesiacom
    • He had some insane clutches

      Gido BerkhoutGido BerkhoutPred mesiacom
    • Yea, flamie is a fcking hero

      Gido BerkhoutGido BerkhoutPred mesiacom
    • Fake fan

      MaestroMaestroPred mesiacom
  • Thanks mate I was searching for this. Now I will subscribe from my all 10 accounts keep uploading🙂

    Binod TharuBinod TharuPred mesiacom
    • Thank you so much man!

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
  • Thanks for full first map

    lyricsLAFYlyricsLAFYPred mesiacom
  • who are the casters? i only watch their games. the other 2 for katowice not so much

    craegcraegPred mesiacom
    • Also my favourite casters :P

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
    • Spunj (Chad) and Machine (Alex)

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
  • You're so fast mate

    សំ សុធាម [23]សំ សុធាម [23]Pred mesiacom
    • thats what she said!

      Susmit KarmakarSusmit KarmakarPred mesiacom
  • That comeback dang

    Runal SinghRunal SinghPred mesiacom
    • @Ishav Sethi yeah YT fucked the comment section up on mobile Its Right next to the vid

      Elcho On WiiElcho On WiiPred mesiacom
    • @Elcho On Wii don't go to comments before watching

      Ishav SethiIshav SethiPred mesiacom
    • WTF you just spoilerd me

      Elcho On WiiElcho On WiiPred mesiacom
    • Very impressive 12 rounds in a row

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
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