Gambit vs. (Map 1 - Vertigo) [GRAND FINAL] IEM Katowice 2021 | CS:GO

Gambit vs. (Map 1 - Vertigo) [GRAND FINAL] IEM Katowice 2021 | CS:GO
Map 2 (Dust 2)
Map 3 (Train)
Map 4 (Overpass)
IEM Katowice 2021 Playlist (Games in order) :
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    • Thank you so much!

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    • This is the twitch stream where they stream all of their ESL events

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    • Subbed bro. Keep doing what you do, we always appreciate it!

      Neil FerrerNeil FerrerPred mesiacom
    • i will but can you inform me, w here those lives getting streamed ? i think esl does not stream those games.

      Konstantinos VasiliadisKonstantinos VasiliadisPred mesiacom
  • Anyone know the names of the songs played in these games?

    PlatinumPlatinumPred mesiacom
    • @Sparkk Thank you!

      PlatinumPlatinumPred mesiacom
    • This is a link to a spotify playlist that has majority if not all the songs played during half times and pauses!

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
  • Forgot about iem..

    sysispgmsysispgmPred mesiacom
  • Man the casters are being soo rude at the whole start, wth

    NoodleDogNoodleDogPred mesiacom
  • 45:54 реально pizdets

    flopyflopyPred mesiacom
  • nah hard to play 4vs5, buster is absolutely trash!

    nch94nch94Pred mesiacom
    • @Calzones DeFuego85 still so true but he is the black hole there anyway!

      nch94nch94Pred mesiacom
    • We all had bad games my dude

      Calzones DeFuego85Calzones DeFuego85Pred mesiacom
    • he's a good player just not his game ://

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
  • Map 2 is out!

    SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
  • Nafany 12:30 wh ???????

    • @HuginAndMunin okay maybe you can explain this one. Please explain what happen with Jame's movement

      MuhammadMuhammadPred mesiacom
    • @HuginAndMunin woooow very long 😤

    • He was clearing angles. He cleared boxes, doorway and window and then moved on to the left side, skipping main since he was able to see it the whole time anyway (those are my team's callouts btw, I don't really know the official names on Vertigo tbh). He was moving on to clearing the left side while moving to the right, ready to counterstrafe. It was lucky for him that Yekindar walked right into his crosshair at that exact moment. When you slow it down, you can see how he positioned his crosshair into the wall on the left so that when he strafes to the right, it will be on the enemy in case one is there. It wasn't even particularly well executed since it wasn't at head level. If 'wallhack' is the first thing that comes to your mind here, then I feel sorry for you.

      HuginAndMuninHuginAndMuninPred mesiacom
    • Look at Jame movement also, its more sus imo

      MuhammadMuhammadPred mesiacom
    • Looks pretty normal to me it's nothing special :P

      SparkkSparkkPred mesiacom
  • First

  • woahhhhhhhhghhhhhhhhh

    SnoofySnoofyPred mesiacom
    • grand final hypeeee

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